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I Love You, Athrun

Chapter 1


It is supposed to be something pure, something innocent, something that called oh-so-romantic.

But mine, it was so sad not mention it was tragic. If you think that sad and tragic is something that oh-so-romantic, I wouldn't mind if you called it that. However, for me, I'd rather called it as tragedy because my love was very sad. No matter how much I love him. He would never return my love or so. So, my love was really devastated. My heart has broken and my love had died before it could even blossom.

The strongest and only reason that he could not return min was because he had given his for someone else. Yup, he already married with the girl that he loved.

I remembered the first time I laid my eyes on him. He was so gorgeous, no he was amazing, no, he was so perfect. His white shirt and black long-sleeves shirt that really fit with that well built and athletic body, his muscular shoulder, those beautiful emerald eyes. His shoulder length blue hair and white smooth skin. I'd like to imagine when he hugged me tightly with those strength hands, whispered my name to my ear, our skin met each other and oh gosh kissed me passionately with that mouth.

"Cagalli." That masculine, velvet, smooth, soft and enrapturing voice was calling my name. Yes, calling my name. Wait? Call my name? I looked up to stare at those beautiful eyes and found out that he was standing right in front of my desk.

"Urrm… Sir?" I asked as I tried to know what he was doing.

"Are you alright? You looked so pale." He said and I could read from his face that he was really worrying about me. Oh, he was worrying about me. I'm so glad, but, of course, he would do that. After all, I was his secretary.

"No, I'm alright, Sir." I said with a weak voice and forced a smile.

"Are you sure?" he asked once more. I nodded. "I see, alright then. But if you didn't feel alright or if you feel any pain just tell me." He winked at me and smiled softly. Oh gosh that smile, I could melt now, I think. I shook my head and looked at him.

"Certainly, Sir. I'd do that. If there's anything I can help?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Of course, there are some little things that I want you to help me."

"What are they, Sir?"

"Well, first, call me Athrun. You know, when you call me Sir, I felt that I'm old."


"Please?" He pleaded me. I didn't have any choice, did I?

"Alright, Si- I mean Athrun."

He put a big smile on his face. I couldn't believe that I just called him by name.

"Anything else?" I asked once more.

"Oh yeah, before I forgot, here." He gave me some documents. I guessed I needed to type again.

"Please type these documents and give them to me after lunch time and before your shift end, Cagalli."

"Yes, Si- I mean Athrun." He smiled playfully to me and then waved his hands and walked back to his office. I could feel that my cheek became so hot and my cheek had turned really red. If only I could turn back time, I'd do my best to make him attract with me. But, everything had happened and I couldn't go back time.

I sighed. I put those documents on my desk and I gave up on my mind. I need to break for a moment, I need to give up with those thoughts and imaginations.

Across from my desk, there was Milly, her long name was Mirrialia Haww, but we all enjoyed to call her Milly. We here, were Mirrialia, Dearkka Elthman, Shiho Hafnenfus and me myself. Because there were just 4 of us in this big room and we were, well you could call the higher rank one.

Dearkka Elthman was located just beside the stairs so whoever came in must pass him first. Shiho was the one who arranged some schedule meeting. Mirriallia or so we called Milly who usually was the person that took the call from other company, who wanted to make a meeting and last but not least me. I was the one they usually called by the private secretary. Well, somehow I felt proud about it, but still it didn't change the fact that I was really devastated.


"Hello." Shiho said as I could see she picked up the phone, which was in front of her. "Oh, Mrs. Zala."

When I heard that name, I quickly glanced to Shiho and my heart felt broken.

"Ah, I see, alright. Just hold on a second." Shiho said. Then she hold the phone and looked at me.

"Cagalli, it's Mrs. Zala, she wanted to talk to her husband."

"I see." I nodded. It was my job. The only phone that could connect to Athrun was towards mine. Milly's line was only for other company, Shiho's was for Athrun's family or relatives and mine was only for me and Athrun. As for Athrun, his line could be used to outside too, but nobody could get to him directly without me.

I pushed some number and after I heard Athrun picked up the phone, I said, "Athrun, there's your wife in line number 2."

"Alright, thanks." With then I closed the phone and I put it back.

Everyone in that room excluded Dearkka, knew my feeling towards Athrun. At first, they thought that it was just a crush feeling, but soon they found out that I really love him. Now, they could see my sad face. If not because I had to do my work, I was so sure that I'd cry. My tears would roll down slowly and I would sob.

Now, you know that my love's journey was really sad not mention that my brokenhearted. Most of all, if I really couldn't forget about my love, then this would be called Forbidden Love for my love was for someone that already married. Though, there's no wrong to feel this love at all, but still, I couldn't bare it.

To be continued…

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