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It was the little things that let Harry know they would be together, always.

The Quidditch final. England had, for the first time in years, made it, and were now once again battling against Bulgaria, who, unsurprisingly, had also wormed their way into the final.

Krum soared through the air, eyes sharp, looking for the snitch. Despite the many women screaming over him from the stands – both England's and Bulgaria's –, Harry's attention wasn't on him, wasn't anywhere near him, in fact.

It was on the other end of the pitch, eyes fixated on England's own seeker.

A bludger soared dangerously close and Harry's breath caught. This was one of the reasons he couldn't stand watching Cedric Diggory play Quidditch. The anticipation, the worry. What if a bludger smacked into the back of his head? What if a deceitful player pushed him from the broom? It wasn't friendly, happy-go-lucky Hogwarts Quidditch. It was the real world, with ten times more danger.

And yet, as Cedric dodged the bludger easily, Harry also remembered why he loved watching the light of his life play Quidditch. The grace on a broom (not usually mirrored on land, by either of them), the exhilaration dusting his cheeks pink. The enormous smile gracing his lips.

Beside him, Ron playfully thwacked him upside the head. Harry scowled, turning to him and rubbing the 'injured' spot. "You were making doe-eyes... again," Ron offered, by way of explanation. Hermione, on Ron's other side, laughed and shook her head, hitting Ron on the arm (no one was able to reach his head these days).

"Right, because you don't do the exact same thing when Hermione gets into one of her speeches about Magical Creature's Rights," Harry mumbled, hoping Hermione didn't hear. She was very sensitive about her job, which Harry and Ron mercilessly took the rip out of. Cedric, of course, offered her encouraging words.

Hermione, unsurprisingly, was half smitten with him. And, despite jealous grumbles, Ron was completely taken in by the Hufflepuff, too.

Harry turned his doe-eyes back to Cedric, just in time to see the seeker make a sudden dive. The crowd quieted for a split second as all eyes zoomed in on the snitch, before voices began screaming. Krum saw where Cedric was heading and dove towards it, but he was too late.

Cedric's gloved hand wrapped around the tiny fluttering ball, and he pulled out of the sharp dive, seconds before hitting the ground nose-first. He soared back up again, grin threatening the split his face, ripping off his goggles and throwing them into the crowd (a thousand females instantly throwing themselves on top of each other to reach them, Ron wanting to join them).

Cedric soared close by as the Bulgarians grumpily flew away and, seeing Harry, his grin managed to grow wider, if possible. He closed in, grabbing Harry's jumper collar and pulling him in for a brief, but intense kiss, before his team assaulted him.

Ron snickered at Harry's dazed look, but Harry didn't care as he watched Cedric being enveloped by his ecstatic team.

Yes, it was the little things that let Harry know they'd be together. Always.


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