Rating: T
Challenge: by Silverlion – first holiday.
Warnings: Underage drinking, sillyness


Cedric and Harry stumbled into Cedric's bedroom after having one too many to drink, laughing hysterically over the image of Amos Diggory falling asleep in the fireplace after attempting (and failing) to floo over to a friend's home. His wife had had to wake him up so they could leave.

It was Christmas day, and Harry was staying at the Diggory's place – Cedric's room, to be exact. Cedric's bed, to be even more exact. After Christmas dinner, Cedric's parents had allowed them some mead to drink, but they had accidently gone a little overboard, not to mention Harry was awful at holding his alcohol.

Not that Cedric was any better.

"You-you're soooo drunk," Cedric slurred as Harry collapsed onto the bed, out of breath and face flushed from the laughing. Harry chuckled again, then groaned and clutched at his aching ribs. The curse of finding something ridiculously amusing.

"So are yoouu," Harry accused right back, even though the room was spinning a little bit and he couldn't exactly see which Cedric it was he was accusing. There were just too many of him. "Hey, I didn't know you were a- a … quad… quadruble? Quadpru-" Cedric's lips on his own silenced Harry's attempt to find the right word through the muddled confusion that was his brain.

Harry didn't mind.

They shared several more sloppy kisses as the temperature in the room heated up considerably. Harry groaned and pulled away to strip off the jumper Mrs Weasley had given him for Christmas. He then decided to take off his shirt underneath. And then his trousers.

"Boxers?" Harry murmured, staring at them in confusion. Those were Cedric's, weren't they?

Cedric broke out into laughter. "Ssso that's where my bochsers went," he said, nuzzling the only clothing on Harry's otherwise bare body. Harry groaned – that felt nice.

"Fancy them being there," Harry mused, and then promptly fell asleep.

Cedric, face still in Harry's crotch, fell asleep seconds later.