The New World

The mission had been a great success, the treaty was signed and they were on their way back to the gate.

They were laughing and joking as they walked back. "Hey Jack, you'll need to come back here, the Chieftain's daughter certainly had her eye on you. Think she'd make a great wife for you," Daniel joked.

"Very funny, Daniel," Jack said.

"I think Daniel Jackson could be right, O'Neill. She certainly liked you."

"Not you too Teal'c. Let's pick up the pace and head for home. I want to be back in time for The Simpsons."

"Sure Jack," Daniel said laughing. "Maybe you could get some tips from Homer on how to court her." Carter snorted.

"Something wrong, Major?" Jack asked.

"No, sir." She tried very hard to control her laughter but it wasn't easy. O'Neill was a very easy going commanding officer but she didn't want to push him too far. She'd leave that to Daniel.

"Hey Jack, it'd be good for Earth to have a connection with this tribe. And what better than a marriage. Think of all the minerals we could get our hands on. I bet they'd give you a medal for that. And I'm sure your wife would love Earth. Mind you she might stand out a bit being that funny colour of purple." Carter was stuffing her hand into her mouth.

"Daniel," Jack's voice held a note of warning.

"I don't think you should tease O'Neill any longer Daniel Jackson," Teal'c said.

Daniel took no notice, "I'm sure General Hammond would approve."

"Carter, Teal'c would you like to go ahead and we'll meet you at the Gate," Jack said.

They moved forward. Carter was beginning to think Daniel may have just over done the teasing. She was so glad she wasn't in his shoes right now.

Jack grabbed hold of Daniel's arm," You are pushing it young man."

"It's just a joke, Jack. Thought you liked jokes."

"I do," he said as he smiled. Daniel moved forward. A loud slap was heard as Daniel walked passed him.

"Ow! That was sore Jack." His hands went to his backside.

"And there's more where that came from if you don't keep quiet until we get to the gate. Now let's go."

Daniel pouted and whispered under his breath," Bossy Colonel, who does he think he is, my father."

"Care to share Daniel?"


As they approached the Gate the sand started to swirl around as the wind got stronger. Sam was dialling home. Jack walked up and stood beside Teal'c. The Wormhole opened and they started to walk through.

"Come on kids," Jack shouted back to them. He and Teal'c disappeared. Sam and Daniel walked in next.

The next thing Daniel knew he was being thrown out of the wormhole at great speed. "Shit!" he thought. "I'm back on the planet. Something must be wrong with the Gate. The sandstorm was much stronger now. He could barely see in front of him. His eyes were stinging. He looked around for the others but there was no sign of them. He shouted their names but even if they'd only been in front of him they wouldn't have heard anything. He staggered forward, what was wrong with him. He couldn't keep on his feet.

He fell to the ground and started to crawl, he had to get out of the storm and find some shelter. The storm seemed to lessen the further away from the Stargate he went.

Then he heard a high pitched squeal and a yell. Two hoofed feet landed at the side of his head. Two feet appeared at his side, "What the hell?" a voice said. He looked up.

"Jack!" He felt himself being lifted up as if he weighed very little. "Jack?" he said as he passed out.


Part 2