The New World Part 27 (This is the last part of this fic. I think there could be a sequel. Please let me know what you think)

Author: Stroma

Warnings: A couple of swear words.

"Off World Activation", alarms were going off all round the base. The iris was closed but nothing happened. The wormhole then shut down. "Walter, what just happened?" General Hammond asked.

"I don't know sir. But nothing came through."

"Best give the system a check just in case."

In the Infirmary Jack nearly jumped off his chair as Daniel's eyes opened. "Hey Daniel."

"Dad," Jack looked puzzled. Daniel threw himself into Jack 's arms.

"I'm home." Jack held him tightly. He had been so worried about both Daniel and Carter. They'd come through the gate seconds after Teal'c and him and then collapsed on the ramp. Daniel held on as if he was never going to let go. This was new, Daniel didn't usually like to be touched.

Over on the other bed Sam was in Jacob's arms. Both men looked over at each other relieved that the two young people were awake.

At almost the same time they both pulled away, "Sorry," they both said going bright red.

"Nothing to be sorry for," Jack said.

"It's just been such a long time since we've seen you," Sam said.

Both Jack and Jacob looked at each other. "You've been unconscious for the past ten hours," Jacob said.

"Ten hours, it can't be," Daniel said. We've been there for weeks. We were living on that planet."

"You've been in the Infirmary since you collapsed."

"No, "Sam said confused. "We've been on the planet." She saw them look at her. "I'm not confused or dreaming. We were both on that planet."

"Which planet?"

"The one we just left. When we stepped into the wormhole we were sent back to the planet."

"Sorry kids, there's no way you were on the planet. We sent an aerial reconnaissance through. There were no signs of any civilisation at all. The people we had spoken to were all gone. The only thing it did register was a huge sandstorm around the gate. Damn thing crashed but not before it sent back some pictures and information."

"Colonel I think you need to let them rest now. You can go off and get some work done now," Fraiser said.

The look of fear on Daniel's face made him say," I'm staying." He immediately saw Daniel relax. He knew there was a long story here but he wanted them well rested before they started. Jacob had sat down beside Sam's bed as well. They slept soundly all through the night.

Daniel and Sam felt much better the next morning but Janet still wouldn't let them get up. Jack and Jacob had gone for a shower and to get something to eat.

"You two will stay in that bed until I say you can get up."

"She hasn't changed," Sam said as Janet walked away. Daniel laughed. "You'd best do as she says, she might have a ruler stuck in her desk drawer." They both laughed.

"If I thought that would keep Dannyboy in line I'd get one," Jack said from the door. Daniel blushed. "There must be a good story attached to this and I want to hear it."

"As do we all O'Neill," Teal'c said.

"Good to see you Teal'c," Daniel said.

The phone rang. "Colonel O'Neill it's for you," the nurse said setting a tray of food in front of Daniel.

"Yes sir, I'll be right up." He put the phone down," No rest for the wicked, care to join me Jacob?"


"They're sending a MALP back to the planet, I want to see what it shows." They left.

As they were watching the MALP go up the ramp Daniel and Sam appeared in the Gate room. "Stop it, you can't send one through, we promised."

"What?" General Hammond said.

"You have to stop it. We promised the Creators we wouldn't go back to the planet for one of Earth's years."

"Stop the MALP and shut down the wormhole," General Hammond ordered.

"Are you two meant to be out of the Infirmary?" Jack asked.

"No they are not," Janet said. "I want you two back in bed. Right now." Jack smiled.

"Come on Janet, we're fine," Sam said.

"Now Sam, I shouldn't need to remind you but in this matter I do out rank everyone in this room."

"Yes ma'am."

"I'm not military," Daniel said smugly. Jack shook his head. Danny you should know better he thought.

"Now, Dr. Jackson," Janet said. She turned to Jack. "Colonel would you care to remind Daniel that he can be grounded from going off world on my say so."

"I think if I were you, Dannyboy, I'd do as she says. You are not going to win this battle." Daniel looked as if he was still going to argue. Stubborn brat, Jack thought. Jack turned him around and pointed him in the same direction as Sam. He followed him.

"You know Jack, you really have no auth..." A smack was heard. "Ow! You're not allowed to do that either."

"Ya think."

Daniel didn't argue any more, he remembered what Jack had been like on the planet and he wasn't about to push him any further.

Once they were back in bed General Hammond came. They told him what had happened on the planet with a few exceptions. There were some things Daniel was never going to reveal to anyone in particular Jack.

"And you were there for what seemed like months?" General Hammond asked.

"Well Sam arrived there before me."

"And you only met the Creators just before you left? And they made you children again? That must have been unusual."

"It was," Daniel said. Jack squeezed his shoulder. He knew the tough childhood Daniel had had. "You were a great father Jack."

"What I don't understand is why it was a Western town?" General Hammond said.

"That was Teal'c's fault," Sam said. "They read all our minds. They wanted us to be in an era from Earth and they chose that time. Seems Teal'c likes to watch Western series on TV. They didn't want the time to be too primitive or too advanced."

They all looked at Teal'c," I have enjoyed watching many of your Western Series on TV particularly Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie"

"Thank God you weren't into the Waltons or we might all have been children," Jack said. They all laughed. "So I was a cowboy?"

"Yes, Jack." Then he yawned. "They looked just like everyone here but some of them had slightly different characters." He yawned again.

"I think you need to take a rest again," Janet said.

"When can we get out of here?" Sam asked. "No offence, Janet."

"None taken. If you're both feeling alright by lunchtime I think I can let you go as long as there is someone to look after you at home."

"Janet, we feel fine," Sam said.

"You know we weren't treated like this on the planet," Daniel said.

"Did you did as you were told on the planet Danny?" Jack asked. He could see by the blushing on Daniel's face that there was more to tell but he'd wait until they were on their own. "Did that Jack have a way of controlling you? I'd love to know what it was."

"Think I'm feeling tired now," he said.

They both slept for an hour and when they woke Janet let them get dressed. "I'm going to stay with Sam," Jacob said.

"And Danny can come home with me, I want to hear more about his other Jack."

"There's nothing to tell," Daniel said quickly.

There's always something more with you Danny Jack thought.

"The only side effect I can see is the fact they seem to tire more easily. Any problems just phone."

Daniel fell asleep in the truck going to Jack's house. Jack helped him into the settee. He must have nodded off again because he was woken by Jack and given a mug of soup. "Going to sleep all day?"

"I feel better now."

"Good because I'd like to know a few things."

"I've got some for you as well Jack."

"Okay, go ahead."

"On the planet you were very close to your dad but you hardly speak of yours. I don't really want to pry but.."

"Dad and I stopped speaking many years ago. We did sort of make up when Charlie was alive but when he died we lost touch again." Jack looked sad.

"I'm sorry Jack, I shouldn't have asked."

"No. You're my best friend. If I can't tell you who can I tell."

"You don't have to."

"Sara always said I should talk about it but it was just too painful. Maybe she was right." He took a deep breath. It all started when I was sent to Britain to do some work for the MoD. I was stationed near Oxford. I met the most fantastic woman. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. She said she was working at the University. We spent all our spare time together, every minute we could get time off. I really fell for her. I had a life all planned out for us, hadn't told her though. I spoke to my commanding officer about getting married and how I would go about it. I wanted to surprise her. Then I was posted home. I hardly had time to say goodbye. I gave her my address and phone number told her I would call as soon as I landed which I did. Her number didn't exist."

Jack went to the fridge and got a beer for himself and a bottle of cola for Daniel. Daniel screwed his face at that. "I am not getting on Fraiser's bad side. She knows exactly where to stick those needles where it hurts," Jack said.


The I got a letter from her. She told me she was pregnant." Danny gasped. "I know. She'd written a phone number on the letter and I contacted her. I told her we could get married but she said no. I was furious and then she dropped her bombshell. She was already married. I was stunned, I had no idea." Jack took a swig of his beer. "Then she told me not to try and find her."

"And you didn't?" Daniel found that hard to believe.

"I tried everything but I couldn't find her. She'd given me a false name, I'd never met any of her friends. She didn't even work at the University. About seven months later she sent me a photo with a brief note telling me that she'd had a boy and that they were both healthy. She said her husband had no idea the baby wasn't his and that was the way she wanted it kept."

"I'm so sorry Jack," Daniel said.

"I've kept that picture in my wallet since. That was why Dad and I fell out. He found it and wanted to know who the baby was. He was furious when he found out. My parents were very religious and he kept going on about how I'd let them down. Hell I was an adult not a child. He said I'd deprived them of their first grandchild. We both said things we didn't mean. I stormed out and never went back until Charlie was born. Sara was a great peace maker. Everything was fine until Charlie died. I blamed myself, I couldn't bear to visit dad and see the blame on his face so I took the Stargate mission."

"Hoping you'd never come back." Jack nodded.

"Until I met you and I realised you needed lots of help."

"I wasn't that bad Jack." Jack ruffled his hair. "Can I see the picture?" Jack pulled out his wallet and took out a very worn picture. He handed it to Daniel.

Daniel's face went white. "What's wrong? Are you feeling alright? Should I phone Janet? Say something Danny."

"How did you get this?"

"I just told you."

"You can't have Jack. That's a picture of me. I have one just the same."

"What? It can't be." Daniel reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the identical photograph."

"But how? My son was born in 1976, he'd only be 22." He looked up at Daniel who had gone red. "Something you'd like to tell me?" Daniel had heard that tone of voice before from the other Jack, usually when he was in deep trouble. Jack did not look happy.

Daniel became defensive. "I don't know what you're annoyed about. You had an affair with my mum." He stopped. "That means that Melbourne wasn't my father. I'm not a Jackson. You bastard." He lunged at Jack trying to punch him. Jack grabbed his arm and pushed him face down into the settee.

"Enough Danny."

"Let me go, you..." the rest was muffled out by the settee.

"I want you to calm down. I'm going to let you go but if you try to hit me again I'll restrain you. Understand?"

"Yes," Jack held on a little longer, "sir." He let Daniel sit up. "You're my dad."

"I don't see how I can be Daniel. You weren't born in 76."

Daniel looked guilty. "I lied about my age."

"You lied? Why?"

"You wouldn't have let me go. None of you military types would have trusted a nineteen year old no matter how bright he was."

"Hell I left you on Abydos. You were a boy."

Daniel was angry. "I'd looked after myself for years. I don't need you."

"I think you do, son."

"I...." This was too like what had happened on the planet, Daniel wondered if he was dreaming. How could he be Jack's son? "I hate you." He started to cry.

"No you don't." Jack took him in his arms and held him close. "I love you Danny, I couldn't wish for a better son."

"I love you too dad."

Daniel was home.