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Chapter One:

Spike leaned against the dingy wall of the seedy little club, cigarette in one hand, bottle of Jack in the other. He ashed directly onto the floor. No one was going to care about that sort of thing here. He wouldn't care if they did. Four… bloody… years he gave her. Granted, he was comfortably numb for the first three. What was it she said? Oh yeah… it's the fairies, my prince, they say you're lost. They whisper that you'll leave your princess alone in the dark if you keep putting poison in your veins. You'll disappear, and I'll be all alone. Bleedin' fairies. So he quit. He quit it all. And that's what hell feels like. The withdrawal was incredible. He figured that she secretly hated him to ask him to go through that. But after…well, everything seemed better. Colors seemed brighter, sounds crisper. Almost a year sober and what does he find when he goes home early from his job at the record store to surprise her on her birthday? His dark princess snorting a line of white powder off his best friend's cock. And the worst thing was he couldn't bring himself to look away. It was almost as mesmerizing as it was disgusting watching the woman he loved spreading the coke in a thin line that ran right along a prominent vein on his friend's engorged prick. And she knew he was there. They both did. And when she had finished her last line, he watched as she took his closest friend into her mouth and washed away the residue with her saliva. And he knew she was lost.

He took another swig from his bottle and studied the room. A few shady looking blokes at the bar watching several near naked birds undulating drunkenly on the dance floor. The men probably came here because they couldn't afford to tip the dancers at the strip clubs. Practically the same show here and these girls weren't even on the clock. Spike supposed that wasn't entirely true. At least a couple of the ladies were likely working girls as this sort of venue provided quite the haven for junkies and prostitutes. But the moves that they were getting paid for didn't happen on the dance floor.

He dropped his cigarette on the floor and began stalking his prey. He had noticed them as soon as they walked through the door. It was hard not to. They didn't fit in this neighborhood. They looked too healthy, too shiny, their clothing was too nice. They looked like rich party girls and Spike was going to take full advantage of their late night impulse to go slumming. Where there were rich party girls, there was blow. Spike watched their pseudo-homosexual dance moves as they gyrated against and caressed one another. Little girls playing women's games. As he stood at the fringe of the dance floor, he kicked back the last of the Jack and let the bottle slide from his fingers onto the dirty floor. He sauntered up behind the chit with the long dark hair. She seemed to be the least timid of the group, swaying with reckless abandon, running her hands up and down over her tits which were barely concealed by the top of her short, strapless…little…black…dress. So lost in the music, she wasn't aware of his presence until he roughly grabbed her hips from behind. She jumped, and he knew her heart was racing. She tilted her head back and must have liked what she saw because she pressed her ass back against his cock and began grinding so hard it was almost painful. The other girls—the vapid looking blonde and the other, more conservative brunette— faltered in their steps for a moment at the sight of their friend moving so aggressively with a strange man. Spike continued his bruising grip on the girl's hips. He was angry. Angry at his girl. Angry at his friend. Angry at his dick, because he couldn't even get a decent hard-on rubbing up against this minx on the dance floor. The girl put her hands over his and squeezed lightly. He loosened his grip and she turned in his arms wrapping her own tightly around his neck, pressing her breasts to his chest.

"Hey there, gorgeous, what can I call you?" she breathed in his ear.

Spike touched his lips to the shell of her ear and murmured, "Name's Spike, luv, but you can call me whatever you want."

"I like Spike." She punctuated her statement by sliding her hand down his chest to the front of his pants. If she was disappointed to find him flaccid, she didn't show it. "Wanna go to a party…Spike." She squeezed the crotch of his jeans.

Spike smirked. "Thought you'd never ask, pet."

"By the way…Spike…my name is Faith…but you can call me whatever you want." She laughed and turned towards the other girls. "Hey, bitches, we're hitting the party at my cousin's lake house."

The blonde leaned into Faith, "Are you sure we should bring him along, cause like…he looks totally dangerous…hot…but dangerous."

Faith leaned in closer to blondie's ear, "That's what I'm counting on, Harm." She turned back to Spike, "Come on, baby. I'll show you a real good time."

Spike followed Faith and the girls out to a beat up sedan. Faith unlocked the doors and gestured for him to get in the front passenger side. He raised an eyebrow and gave her a questioning look.

"I'm no idiot, man. You didn't think I'd bring the caddy to this neighborhood, did you? I may be easy, but I'm not dumb." Spike smirked and climbed into the front seat. Let the good times roll.

Not surprisingly, Faith drove like a bat out of hell unconcerned by the frightened squeals of her friends from the back seat. Spike imagined that Faith was never a safe girl but from the other chits' surprised expressions, he guessed that the careless nature of her driving was mostly for show. He had to assume that show was meant for him. So kitten wants to play. In another life, Spike might have been turned on by Faith's brazen nature… but in this life, he was cold and unaffected. That didn't stop him from giving her flirtatious looks and little touches here and there. That was his show. It was all a means to an end. He was sure there would be a variety of mind-altering substances at this lake house, and he planned on sampling his fair share. He needed to forget about Dru…and Angel. Sex wasn't going to do that for him. Fucking wouldn't help…but the drugs would. So, he put on a show, and if he had to will an erection and lay into this chit to get what he wanted, then that's what he would do. Spike noticed them coming upon a massive house situated near a large body of water. Music was booming and there were people everywhere. Faith pulled the car to a stop behind a line of expensive looking cars and SUVs on the private road in front of the house. She turned towards Spike and winked, "We're here, sexy." They exited the vehicle and began the short trek to the house. On the front walk, Spike narrowly dodged a young man running out the front door to vomit on the lawn. Nice. Faith pulled Spike into the house and through the throngs of wasted socialites into a large, crowded sitting room. She tugged Spike over to a bulky man sitting in a chair in the corner with a rather insipid looking bimbo on his lap.

Faith let go of Spike and crossed her arms. "Hey, Riley, nice whore. So where's Buffy?"

Riley sneered, "Shut the fuck up, Faith. I don't know where the little bitch is. She took off in my car hours ago."

"Well maybe you should take better care of her. She is your girlfriend, even if you keep forgetting that, you piece of shit. Come on, Spike, let's get away from this asshole." Spike was more than happy to go along with that suggestion. Something about this Riley bloke made him a bit uneasy. Faith led him through the house and up a set of stairs. She knocked on a door and a moment later it opened revealing a shaggy-haired, shirtless man.

"Hey, cuz, was wondering when you were gonna show up." He looked Spike up and down. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Spike. He's cool." She reached behind Spike and squeezed his ass. "But he seems a little tense. Got anything we can give him to help loosen him up a little?"

The man opened the door farther. "You're just in time." Spike and Faith entered the room, and the guy closed the door behind them. Turning back towards Spike he said, "I'm Lindsey by the way. This is my house you're enjoying."

"It's great, mate. Thanks for the hospitality." Spike took in the room. Jackpot.

All he had expected was a little coke and a fair bit of weed, maybe some pills proffered from mommy and daddy, but the syringes lying discarded about the room indicated that he had stumbled upon something much better. Spike glanced at Faith, "Looks like this is where the party is, luv. Let's get started." Faith smirked and pulled Spike over to a large lounge chair in one corner of the room. She backed him up to it and ran her hands over his chest for a moment before pushing him down. She climbed onto his lap and wiggled around a bit. When she was settled, she instructed Lindsey to prepare some junk for her and her man. Lindsey grinned and Spike noticed that he already had a few loaded syringes on a tray. Spike snickered. Oh to be rich and wasted.

A few moments later and Spike didn't care if the room caught on fire. Oh yeah, everything was gonna be all right. He didn't need Drusilla. He didn't need Angel. This is what he needed. This is what the bitch had taken away from him. He smiled as Faith squirmed around in his lap, laughing softly to herself. He ran his hands over the tops of her breasts and under the material covering them, so they were skin to skin. She moaned. He could feel her erect nipples jabbing into his palms. He grasped and massaged her flesh and her vocalizations grew louder. He removed his right hand from Faith's breast and ran it down her body to just below the hem of her short dress. He then slowly dragged his fingers up her inner thigh bringing the fabric up with them. When he reached the apex of her thighs, he smirked, "No knickers, luv? Naughty, naughty." He ran his fingers along her wet folds. Fuck you, Drusilla. He leaned his head back as he heedlessly circled a finger around her clit. He could hear her panting for more, but he just continued on at the same leisurely pace. He had gotten what he came for, he was really unconcerned with getting this bint off. She was just something to occupy his hands with while he rode out his high. He tilted his head forward and began placing small kisses on her neck, "Got any coke in that little girly purse of yours, luv?" She tossed the purse back at him and panted at him to have at it. She whimpered when he removed his hand from her breast. "Need it for a minute, pet." He snapped open her small clutch purse and was pleased with what he found, a tiny bag of white powder and a pill bottle that looked to contain a mixture of pharmaceuticals. He started to remove his hand from between Faith's legs, but she caught his arm. "Sorry, need it more than you do, luv." She pouted but released his arm. She rubbed her ass into his crotch and frowned. Still soft. Spike maneuvered Faith so he could tilt one hip up and tucked the powder into his back pocket. Bint's too far gone to notice. If I wasn't already so far gone myself, I'd just take out with the whole stash. He opened the pill bottle and dumped several random tablets in his hand. Cheers. He tossed them in his mouth, chewed them up and swallowed, his face distorting at the bitter taste. Faith had relaxed against him, and he wasn't entirely sure that she was conscious. He laid his head back and closed his eyes. Peace.