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Rescue MeChapter One

Sneaking out of his window was not an easy task, it required climbing down a most difficult tree. He only did it when he desperately needed too and right now he desperately needed to see a doctor about his hand. Now climbing down the tree with two good hands was difficult enough, climbing down it with one good hand and one hand that had just had the door slammed on it repeatedly was almost impossible. In the end he dropped the last few feet and added a twisted ankle to his long list of injuries. Briefly looking back at the house to make sure that his father hadn't heard his escape he started walking down the road, staying as close to the edge as possible. It was nighttime after all, he was dressed in dark clothes and there were no street lights for a mileā€¦not a good combination. He limped along, holding his wounded hand close to his stomach with the other. Cars passed in both directions, their headlamps briefly lighting up the way for him but none of them stopped for him.

Eventually he reached the streetlights and with them cave a pavement. That was safer at least. But now it was getting colder and his entire body was wracked with shivers. It took him almost two hours to work from the dump where he lived on the outskirts of Forks to the hospital right in the centre of town. Usually he could make it in an hour but with his newly hurt ankle and the dark it had taken quite a bit longer.

He entered the emergency room, wincing at the sudden brightness of the lights. Limping over the reception desk he dropped himself into one of the chairs in front of it. The woman who took his details kept looked worriedly at his bruised eye, his bruised cheekbone and his split lip. He knew she already had him pegged. Abused kid. He hated her pity just like he hated everyone else's. Pity had never helped anyone and it certainly didn't help him. He gave her his name, his age, his date of birth, his social, his address and only after all that did she ask what was 'the problem'.

"I had an accident earlier, got my hand slammed in the door. My fault but I think it might be broken." That had been his story and that was what he was sticking too no matter what they all thought by the end of this. She filled all this in on the computer and told him to take a seat in the waiting room and one of the doctors would be with him shortly. Shortly turned out to be twenty minutes.

"Jasper Whitlock?" the young woman in the Nurses uniform asked, reading from the clipboard in her hand. He got up from the uncomfortable seat and followed her into the examination room, still limping. In fact the limp was worse now, the ankle burned with pain the pain of every step.

"Hello Jasper, I'm Dr Cullen," the blond doctor who was waiting for him said kindly as he took the clipboard from the nurse and checked the information on it, "Now you say that your hand got slammed in the door. Well have a seat on the bed there and we'll have a look at it." He turned away as Jasper awkwardly got onto the ridiculously high bed, Dr Cullen pulling on some white gloves. When he turned back he held his hands out expectantly and Jasper put his painful right hand into his gentle ones, wincing as the doctor pressed gently in different places. "How many times did the door shut on your hand Jasper?"

"J-Just the once," Jasper stuttered.

"Hmmm," Dr Cullen hummed thoughtfully, "We'd best get this x-rayed. It looks like your broken quite a few of the bones in your hand, maybe even a couple of your fingers. Michaela, could you have Jasper taken down to the x-ray room and get a couple of x-rays of his hands taken. I need to sort out some paperwork." It was a lie and all three of them knew it, Dr Cullen was going to look into Jasper's background for any signs of past abuse and he'd find all the secret trips to the ER.


~ * ~ * ~

"Charlie. Hi it's Dr Cullen, Edwards dad. Yeah, well this isn't actually a social call. No I'm afraid it's business. I've just seen a kid whose hands been slammed by a door. He says it was only the once but there are multiple breaks in the bones. I thought it was suspicious so I looked into his medical history and I found numerous visits to the ER for different injuries. A broken wrist last year. Three cracked ribs earlier this year. A nasty concussion two months ago. Yeah, I wondered if you could come in and talk to the kid. Thanks. His names Jasper Whitlock. Yeah, I wont et him know you're coming, I have a feeling he'd run if he knew I'd called the police. See you in a few minutes."

~ * ~ * ~

"Can I go home now?" Jasper asked once Dr Cullen had finished putting the cast on his recently set hand. His first and middle finger were also strapped together tightly, both broken. He had been given pain medication early on and now he held a bag of prescription painkillers in his good hand.

"No I'm afraid not Jasper," an unfamiliar voice said and Jasper turned it looked at the tall man walking into the examination room, pushing the curtain out of the way. And he was dressed like a cop.


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