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I know, I said that this is a one-shot and now I prove myself lying by bringing up a second chapter... But it´s all Mac´s fault! If he hadn´t moved, I had never- Wait! I´m confusing some things here *giggles*. No seriously, the feedback was such an encouragement and besides that a little voice (yeah, I hear little voices in my head ;-P) demanded, that I should write something to this out of mac´s point of view...

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Mac´s POV

I´m totally innocent, I swear!

It´s all Stella´s fault.

It was her, who started it, so she´s the one to blame, right? She kissed me first so she is responsible for the consequences... Only fair, in my opinion. You can´t just kiss an innocent guy in his office out of the blue, like you only crave for his lips alone and then be surprised, when the poor innocent, totally shocked guy kisses you back as a kind of reflex.

See? I can´t be the one to blame. I´m of unsound mind.

I had no control about my earlier actions. Neither as she kissed me and I stood there frozen and unable to breath, like hypnotized by a higher might, nor as she let go of me and looked at me with those beautiful green eyes, which even on normal days are able to make me forget, that I´m a man with an intellect, that´s bigger than the one of a smart parrot, who´s only able to say 'Yes' and 'No', nor as I finally was able to move again and kissed her like I had wished to kiss her since her lips had touched mine for the first time oh so sweetly.

Really, a woman must know, that when she kisses a man and then makes that little moan, she normally only makes, while eating her favorite chocolate-chip-cookie, that the man has no choice but to grab her and kiss her till she makes this sweet sound again.

So here I am, standing in my office and kissing Stella like the obsessed man I probably am. I always had a weak spot for Stella. Somehow I trusted her with all I am since the moment I first saw her. Deep inside I always knew, that Stella is one of those gorgeous persons, you always can depend on. And depend on her I do. Most times more than I want to. After Claire´s death, Stella´s friendship had sometimes been the only thing which had kept me alive, which kept me from sinking down to the floor in a puddle of grief to never stand up again. But she hadn´t allowed me to give myself up, she had encouraged me with her words and with her tender caresses, with a gentle hand on my arm and soft spoken words, offering support so selflessly.

I think, it had been one of these moments as she kissed my cheek just like she had intended to today, as I had fallen in love with her without even noticing it...

Funny, for such an intelligent, well-educated man, for a man, who gets paid to solve complicated crime cases and who is quite good at it, I can be really slow sometimes. To notice that I am in love with her took me pretty long. Mostly because I didn´t want to know it, I guess. I was to afraid of so many things. Of losing Claire again if I allowed myself to love another woman, of being to wounded to ever be in a good working relation-ship again and most of all I feared to be rejected and spoil or friendship which means so much to me. But today she kissed me. Ok, I do know it had been by accident first, but as she kissed me the second time, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and sighed my name before or lips met, it had been on purpose.

And now we are kissing. I hold her so close, I briefly wonder if she´s able to breath but then she breathes my name softly against my lips, stretching the 'M' and making it sound like 'Mmmmm' and I feel like the happiest tallest, probably most ridiculous, chocolate-chip-cookie ever so I press my mouth on her´s once more to feel my favorite little moan vibrating against my lips.

You can´t blame a man for that, can you?

After a while, as the need for air gets to strong, I let go of her, resting my forehead against her´s and listen to her quickened breath. Opening my eyes slowly our gazes meet and lock. My poor heart skips a beat in view of the happy sparkle in Stella´s eyes. Her pretty mouth which is now a little red and swollen after our kisses, twists itself in a smile, making the sparkle even brighter and bringing me closer to a joy-indicated heart attack and leaving me no choice but to kiss her again.

All Stella´s fault.

As I said, I´m totally innocent.

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