AN: Me and my friend Sarah were discussing on the phone last Friday what would happen if Jacob Black met, and imprinted on Harry, in a laundromat. I was angry that there wasn't any[good] HarryJacob out there [that i could find] so we ended up working together making this. This is fueled by chocolate, coffee, sliced bread and teamwork :) This is set after Deathly Hallows, isn't epilogue agreeable and is set some time during New Moon. WARNING: I myself have not read past the first twilight book, and that was a while ago. If you have any questions or queries revolving around twilight, you'll have to wait until i can talk to Sarah about it before i can provide an answer.


Title: Harry:Imprinted
Summary: Harry and Luna left England after the war to research overseas for the Quibbler. After settling down in La Push, hoping that the weather there was as supposedly as attractive to Crumple-Horned Snorkaks as Luna was led to believe, Harry has a strange encounter with a strange boy in a seemingly normal laundromat. Jacob of course, finds Harry captivating.
Pairings: HarryJacob

Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood had been traveling for nearly a month before they decided to settle in La Push. Harry had gone through
quite a few tedious trials after the war, most involving a certain red headed besotted girl. Ginny Weasley had become increasingly eager for their relationship to kick off again. The trouble was, Harry didn't feel as attached as he previously thought he had. And her keenness didn't exactly change his feelings.

"She's just so....intense" he told Hermione one evening. She looked at him pityingly as though there was she had realized that he hadn't.

Eventually it all boiled down to a fight at the Weasley's Christmas party. Ginny had turning up wearing the most skimpy outfit anyone had ever seen on her, all seasonal of course, also sporting copious amounts of make up, and spent the rest of the evening flashing Harry cleavage, booty and seductive/feral looks. After Harry declined Ginny's fourth request for a dance, she decided to use more forward techniques.


Everyone at the party turned towards the girlish shriek, finding a pale shaking Harry quickly moving away from a disbelieving Ginny.

"What's wrong with you Harry?" Ginny exclaimed, red in the face with either embarrassment or anger.

"What's wrong with me?! Your hand just tried to launch an expedition of the inside of my pants!" Harry screamed, his voice still high pitched and his feet still slowly moving him away.

"Oh My God Harry! What are you, some kind of gay?!" Ginny screamed furiously and stormed out of the tent where all their friends and family had gathered.

Hermione quickly lead a stunned and confused Harry out of the tent before any backlash could occur, settling them both near a close pond, and proceeded to patiently wait for Harry to figure himself out.

"I'm... gay?"

Hermione, though very sympathetic, hadn't much to say. Ron was equally as angry as Ginny at the sudden change in Harry. The rest of the Weasleys apologised, but couldn't do much else until Ron and Ginny had calmed down.

Harry, after a good long think, told Hermione he needed to get out of the country. It had almost been two weeks and Ginny was still adamantly bearing a grudge against him, with Ron backing her up. Hermione agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Luna Lovegood, deciding not to go back to Hogwarts for her last year, had taken to helping The Quibbler in their overseas domain. The coincidental decision go overseas led Harry to follow suit and travel with her. They had so far been to Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, and were now settling in a more temperate climate, assuming that the absence of Crumple Horned snorkacks was due to the dryness and heat.

So it was a particular rainy Saturday that Harry, after discovering that he and Luna had seemed to have forgotten to pack a book on laundry spells, was making his way to the laundromat.

It was in this laundromat however, that one boy was intrigued by the new character on the scene. Jacob Black thoroughly enjoyed the sight of Harry's well-toned body as he leaned over to put his laundry into the washing machine. The boy had long, messy black hair and had obviously came to the laundromat to do laundry.

Jacob could practically feel the change in his perspective that this stranger caused. There was something in Harry's green eyes and his general physique that captivated him, causing him to hide behind stacks of to-be washed nurses uniforms, watching the newest customer of La Push laundromat.

And it was just this captivation that occupied Jacobs' thoughts for the rest of that day and night, enough to drive him to go back to the laundromat the next day, despite the extremely low chance of someone bringing in their washing, leaving with their washing, then coming back the next day to do their washing again. However, despite this, the small chances seemed to favor him and there Harry was, at nine o'clock. Sharp.

Jacob tried to remain inconspicuous, as he crept up to the seats nearest to where Harry was once again, doing his laundry. He acted unsurprised as Harry seated himself in the chair conveniently beside him. Jacob felt Harry's eyes on his face and felt an immediate blush creep up his neck.

Jacob decided it was now or never. Twice in a row running into him at a laundromat- what if he left the next day? What if he was just a passing visitor? You see, Jacob wasn't exactly satisfied with his mutual relationships. After Bella had chosen Edward over him, he realised he might need an emotionally stable friend, if not lover. And someone who had no relation to any of the emotionally exhausting events in his recent history -Bella, The Cullens, Sam and his gang- so rightly or wrongly, Jacob focused his hopes into this handsome stranger, who seemed to notice Jacobs physique as well. So, taking a deep breath, Jacob turned to face the object of his thoughts.

"How heavy is a polar bear?

He received a blank look.


Jacob smiled sweetly as he registered the sound of Harry's voice into his memory, to be repeated over and over in his mind for the near future.

"Heavy enough the break the ice! Hi, my name is Jacob Black." With that, Jacob Black held out his hand. Harry paused, before smiling back and accepting the hand.

"I'm Harry." He murmured shyly. But from there the conversation didn't carry on. Jacob seemed to be stuck in a blissful expression and didn't appear ready to shake himself out of his starry-eyed state. Harry waited a while, seeing if the passing of time would occur to the larger boy. Nothing was heard but the machines whirling away and as he watched Jacobs features for any change, he saw nothing but a blissed smile which while displaying Jacobs facial features in an idealistic way, began to get unnerving.

So eventually Harry got up uneasily, unloaded his now dry washing and started walking out of La Push Laundromat. He was half-way up the street before a loud voice resonated after him.

"WAAAIT! Wait, wait!"

Harry, thinking maybe Jacob wasn't so much a nice stranger as a creep, began walking faster, but Jacob had run up to him and had grabbed one of Harry's hands and pulled him to a halt. Harry gave him an almost incredulous look as he turned to face his pursuer.

"Have you got any raisins?" Jacob asked in a perfectly serious tone. Harry's look changed to simply bewildered.

"No?" Harry said shaking his head from side to side, cutely.

"Well, how about a date?" Jacob continued, smiling. Harry stopped all effort to appear resistant. Did this guy really just say that? Jacob, taking the silence and seemingly sudden submissiveness to mean acceptance of Jacob's proposition. Harry found himself staring into Jacob's brown eyes. Harry noted the gentle musk scent reaching his nose. But somehow Harry was entirely surprised by the firmness with which Jacob kissed him. Harry pulled away, shocked by the deep passion he saw in Jacob's eyes.

After pulling away, Jacob turned and ran down the road in desperate attempt to get away before he claimed Harry then and there.