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Aro, Caius and Marcus were still huddled together in their little group discussing the fate of us. The fate of all of us. I was holding it, holding the shield as strong as I could but I wasn't even sure if it work against Jane's scrutiny or Chelsea's attempts to weaken our bonds. I felt Edward's hand on mine suddenly, and the fact that his skin was no longer ice cold on mine shocked me and caused me to shiver slightly.

"Bella? Are you Okay?" I heard him whisper to me, his breath close to my neck.

"Yes...I'm fine" I whispered, my glare locked on Jane. That burning fire I had felt before was still glimmering in my eyes and I wanted nothing more than to hunt her, to kill her...

"Jane is growing annoyed with you love" he whispered, as I felt another bout of sharp stabs against my shield.

"How hard is she trying?" I whispered, terrified that somehow she would get through my shield, that somehow it wouldn't be strong enough.

"I don't think she has ever had to try so hard" I heard him mumble back.

I couldn't help feel joyous that, for once, Edward and the rest of the Cullen's, the rest of my family did not have to protect me, that for once I was protecting them. And then something hit me. If the Volturi were being true to their word, being noble then why was Jane attacking me? "Edward, why is she trying? Aren't they in conference". He answered with a low laugh that seemed to lift the atmosphere around us.

"The Volturi usually incapacitate those who are a threat. They see the--". He suddenly darted away from my side and shot to Carlisle. "Carlisle? Are you alright? Edward gasped frantically.

"Yes Edward...why?" he replied, his head turning reflexively towards him.

"Jane" he simply mumbled, and then he was back at my side. "Is that you?"

"Don't worry, I'm all over this" I whispered back, smiling a little

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" he whispered, smiling.

"You may have mentioned it once or twice"

I whispered back. Then Edward grew tense and he glanced at me for a split-second before melting back into his neutral state.

"Bella, Alec is trying now...his moves slower but it should be hitting us soon".

My eyes slipped away from Jane and searched for it, searched for something to indicate his attack. A sudden wind whipped up and Benjamin tensed. A cloud of snow whipped up against a light shimmering mist, almost like a mirage. The mist continued, relentless against Benjamin's attempts to push it away though and continued to come at us. Suddenly the ground beneath us trembled as a deep chasm ripped the earth apart in front of us. Benjamin tensed more as the mist glided over the trench he had created and continued on course to hit us. I flexed my shield further out, not wanting the shimmering mist anywhere near my new family. As it hit, I felt pressure and Edward glanced at me. Could he feel my strain? Benjamin grinned and suddenly exploded with loud laughter.

"WELL DONE BELLA!" he cried to me, apparently only those of us who had the abilities to stop it could see it.

Heads flipped to me from both sides of the battle field apart from the three ancients who stayed huddled in their little circle. Even though I was proberly already one of their prime targets I couldn't help grinning lightly. Then Jane's mask fell and a low, feral growl left her lips and Alec pulled her back, her body crouching into an attack position. And then, although I already had a bright red bulls-eye on me, I pulled my lips over my teeth and grinned wider as Edward held my hand tighter. The Romanians spoke between themselves then, muttering about the witch Jane and picking people out of the guard for themselves. At that moment, hundreds of small conversations erupted around me talking about who they were going to attack when the time came.

"I would take Alec and Jane" I mumbled, glaring at the two who were still relentlessly attacking my shield, "but I am a little preoccupied trying to protect you". Edward smiled as pressed his body to mine a little more.

"I'll protect you" he whispered, holding my hand tighter.

"No, Zafrina will keep me safe won't you?" I whispered back, not wishing to deprive Edward of the revenge I knew he so desperately craved.

"No-one will touch this little one" she answered, smiling. Then the Volturi split apart and looked at us, their eyes gleaming with anticipation. I could hear the Romanians growling behind me, desperate to sink their teeth into their necks.

"We have decided" Caius boomed, looking straight at Carlisle. "The child, Renesmee, is a danger to our kind and to the world. We do not know how the half-breed will grow so therefore she could be a threat to us, a threat to revealing our secret. It is the decision of the Volturi to demand that Bella Cullen hands us the child where we can monitor her growth, or we will have no choice but to forcefully take her". I could feel the strain on my shield as Chelsea, yet again, tried to loosen out bonds. But nothing was getting through me and Edward just gripped my hand all the more tighter as he sensed her efforts. When Caius spoke of handing Renesmee over I let out a feral snarl and suddenly, through my eyes, the whole of the Volturi guard including the ancients themselves, were shrouded in a red haze and I craved to attack. Closely behind me, growling loudly and lowly were Edward and Jacob along with my vampiric family and the Quileute pack. Carlisle kept a straight face but I saw his fingers twitch slightly.

"Caius, as you can see we feel strongly about little Renesmee. She is one of our family and we will not give her over to you like something to trade". Caius smiled as if that was the answer he was hoping for and ducked his head, shaking it slightly.

"Well then, Carlisle my old friend, I am afraid that we have no choice but to fight. Of course, I will be offering certain members of your group solitude with us". Caius looked directly at me as Chelsea's attack increased yet again. "Bella" he whispered, eyes burning red, "there is a place for you in our ranks along with, Benjamin, Zafrina and Kate. There are many options for you to consider". Simultaneously the four of us: Zafrina, Benjamin, Kate and I growled and snarled loudly. Edward tensed beside me as I snarled at Caius. "Obviously not then. This saddens me" he mumbled, gliding behind his guards Felix and Santiago as his shield moved with him. This was it. Carefully, I loosened Renesmee from around my neck.

"Remember what I told you". Tears welled in her eyes but she nodded.

"I love you" she whispered. Edward was watching us now, his topaz eyes wide. Jacob stared at us from the corner of his big dark eye.

"I love you, too," I said, and then I touched her locket. "More than my own life". I kissed her forehead. Jacob whined uneasily. I stretched up onto my toes and whispered into his ear.

"Wait until they're totally distracted, then run with her. Get as far away from this place as you possibly can. When you've gone as far as you can go on foot, she has what you need to get you in the air". Edward and Jacob's faces were almost identical masks of horror, despite that one of them was an animal. Renesmee reached for Edward, and he took her in his arms. They hugged each other tightly. I heard a low growling thunder from the Volturi guard and they all bent into crouching positions, teeth showing and their hands tensed into tight claws.

"Protect her Jacob" I whispered, as Edward placed her on his back. A tear the size of a baseball rolled into the russet fur beneath his eye. Edward leaned his head against the same shoulder where he had placed Renesmee.

"Goodbye, Jacob, my son" He then turned to me, his topaz eyes sad and regretful.

"Bella, you are my entire world".

"I love you Edward" I whispered, cupping his cheek in one of my hands. The others were not oblivious to the farewell scene, although their eyes were locked on the snarling Volturi guard I could tell they were listening. Suddenly, the others moved and we were surrounded by murmured goodbyes and I love you's. And then Edward exploded into a snarl and darted forewords seeing it a split second before the rest of us. But he was closely followed by the rest of my family, my friends and my loved ones. I turned my attention away from Renesmee and Jacob and concentrated on keeping my loved ones protected. "NOW JACOB!" I cried, but he was already running from me. I dared turn my head and, in that moment as Zafrina held my hand tightly for comfort, I watched my daughter and my best friend run off into the night away from the sounds of ripping skin and the crushing of bone. I could only pray that they would be safe.


Ohhhh! What happened to Will they truly fight? Who will perish on the first front fi they do? READ ON TO FIND OUT!!!