January 11th 2046

It was quiet that night. No attacks, no rowdy cadets in the hall, and no explosions from the lab. A peaceful quiet that filled the place, that calmed the green and pink B-Squad rangers who were playing cards in the break room when they should have been patrolling and lulled the yellow ranger to sleep on the couch. The red ranger stared at the clock on the wall counting the seconds until the end of their shift down, the blue ranger, keeping a watch out for any of their superiors, stood in the doorway, glancing up and down the halls of the SPD Earth Base.

"Where's Omega?" The pink ranger sighed, throwing the queen of spades down on the table.

"Oh, Delgado gave him the night off." Red replied with a shrug.

"No shit?" Green asked, throwing down the two of hearts and watching as Pink swept both cards into her pile. "What about the whole team thing?"

"Doesn't apply to her 'boy toy'." Blue muttered angrily.

Yellow lazily opened her right eye and scanned the room. "Keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep."

"Don't care." Blue snapped back.

Yellow rolled over. "Besides, no point in talking like that about Commander Delgado unless you want to be shot down to the Z-Squad, you know how she gets when people accuse her of being too… 'close' to him."

Blue rolled his eyes. "Well she is too 'close' to him, it's pretty damn obvious!" He huffed before adding "And there is no such thing as Z-Squad."

"There will be if she catches you bad mouthing her or Omega. She's fiercely protective of him, you know that." Yellow replied with a yawn. "'Sides, you don't even like Omega. Why do you care if he's not here?"

"If I have to suffer, he should too."

"Lay off it." Pink sighed, throwing down another card. "Sam's sweet."

"He's a jerk."

"Well, he did used to be rather cocky, but he's nicer now."


Yellow sighed, defeated. She wasn't getting anymore sleep tonight. She sat up and stretched, arching her back, not unlike a cat. "Don't say I did warn you about bad mouthing."

"Yeah, yeah."

The room fell into silence again as Pink and Green had a mini card war, with Green as the victor. Yellow joined Red in staring at the clock while Blue scanned the empty halls. The security systems were so advanced, they didn't really need a night patrol anymore, it was more of a punishment for disobeying orders and they'd really pissed Z off this time.

Pink watched as Green threw down a card, disappointed at her previous loss. "So…" She mused slowly. "What do you guys think?"

She was rewarded with a series of. "Huh?"

"About the Commander and Sam, do you think they're-" She made an awkward hand gesture while bobbing her head, willing the others to understand her intentions.

"For sure."


"Ew, I hope not."


The group all looked at each other.

"No," Green repeated sternly. "That's against a billion rules."

"He's twenty-seven, it's completely legal." Yellow responded distantly, as if she wasn't really paying attention to the conversation.

"She's his Commander." Red pointed out. "She could get in a helluva lot of trouble."

"Either way, it's clear there's something going on there." Blue pointed out.

"They were friends when he was a kid." Pink added.

"No friends are that close." Blue snapped.

"She can't get in trouble; nowhere does it say in the handbook that a Commander can't date an officer." Yellow insisted.

"It's implied."

"You can't take an implication like that to court."

"Then why are they hiding it?" Blue said, placing his hands on his hips.

"They're not hiding anything!" Green yelled causing all of the others to instantly 'shush' him. "Oops…"

"They are too."

"Look guys," Yellow sighed, cracking her neck. "We need to get off this train of thought…"

"Right," Pink agreed, focusing back on her card game. "Sorry for bringing it up."

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