CHAPTER SIX - Monday Morning

For what seemed like the millionth time, Kagome stopped dressing to brace herself against the wall, both to balance herself and catch her breath. She stood in Sangos bedroom, trying to get dressed for school with slow progress. The knee brace kept her leg straight, making the task of putting on her knee length denim skirt a near insurmountable task. But she had finally gotten that on and the white tank, over which she had put on a long, form-fitting pink hoodie that had three little monkey sprites on the front. Turning on one leg, her injured leg held straight off the ground at a slight angle, she looked at the mirror to make sure she looked alright.

It was after the doctor had announced her fit to go, after prescribing her with painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills, that she and her mother had realized that there was no way that she could stay at home. She simply could not make it up or down the shrine steps on crutches in the snow. Luckily, Sango had generously offered her a place to stay at home after calling her dad to okay it.

For the most part at the hospital, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had been silent, standing against the far wall. Kagome was just touched that they were both there. Inuyasha had been one of her best friends since elementary school and Sesshomaru was becoming more and more special to her, not simply her best friend's older brother anymore. When the doctor had cut her right pant leg off at mid-thigh to examine her knee, both dog demons had glared intently at him, warning the results of any hand lingering or slipping. The poor young doctor had practically been shaking when he had left the room. But Kagome could only grin at the two out of affection.

She had handed Sesshomarus hat back to him, thinking it not right to keep what was his. No matter how much she had wanted to. She had been surprised when he had lowered his gaze to the hat and then up at her with a solemn expression. There had almost seemed to be guilt in his eyes before he took the cap back with a nod.

There was something about that...Kagome thought now in her room.

Kagome's mom, Shiori, had thanked them (including Miroku, who had spent most of the time at the hospital hitting on candy stripers in the hallway) for taking care of Kagome before wheeling her out to the car. After a quick stop at the shrine where Shiori went up to pack a bag for Kagome, they reached Sango's where Kagome thankfully could finally lie down.

Even now, even leaning so there was no weight on her sprained knee, her knee was throbbing. She had spent the weekend with her leg propped up with an ice bag on it as she and Sango watched movies and gossiped. She really couldn't have asked for a better person to spend time with when bedridden. Thankfully now the pain pill was slowly kicking in, which, she knew from experience this weekend, made her feel warm and slightly loopy. And 99% pain free (any sudden, jerking movement still hurt).

"Kagome, you almost ready?" Sango asked, peeking her head in the room.

Kagome yawned slightly before nodding. "I just have to find something for my feet."

Sango scrounged up a pair of black flats and helped Kagome put the right one on her injured leg since she couldn't reach her foot. She also helped her into her black coat, something that done alone would have had her hobbling around, trying to balance on one leg. After putting a purple striped cap on to combat the cold, they were ready to go.

By the time they reached school, the pain pill was in full effect and Kagome was actually happy to be going to school. Vicodin put her in a really good mood. She was smiling and bopping her head to the song in her head and Sango was just shaking her head and laughing. Once in a spot, she got out, intending to go around and help Kagome out but she spotted Inuyasha and Sesshomaru standing by Inuyasha's car a few rows away. She cocked her head in thought- usually the two had little to do with one another but lately they seemed together more than usual. They looked like they had been waiting for something and as soon as Sango had opened her door they had looking over and started walking towards the car. Sango raised a hand in greeting before heading around the front of her car.

Kagome had already had her door open and both her legs hanging out, struggling to get out on her crutches and drag her backpack from the back seat. In the middle of her efforts, she stopped and laughed slightly, leaning against the seat. Grinning at her friends antics, Sango went to her door to help but was beat.

"Having a little trouble there, Gimpy?" Inuyasha teased good naturedly before leaning down and holding her crutches so she could get out. She stopped laughing, grinned broadly at him and tweaked one of his ears.

"Hey!" he exclaimed in surprise, pulling his head back. He looked at Sango for an explanation of Kagome's strange behavior and she shrugged her shoulders. "Pain pills. She's been like this all weekend."

"Hmm, maybe I should call you Dopey then?" he asked. She laughed again. "Come on, lets get you up." He helped her onto her crutches while Sesshomaru opened the back door and retrieved her backpack. Once she was on them, she vaguely registered the cold air on her bare legs before they headed into the building. Inuyasha had stayed next to her after helping her on the crutches and walked on her left. Sango had stepped into line next to him, holding her own backpack, and Sesshomaru walked on her right, holding her bag on one shoulder. Their pace was slower than normal to keep even with Kagome.

Kagome grinned up at him, "Hey, Sesshy!"

Sesshomaru couldn't help but give her a small smile in return. "Hey, yourself. How is your knee feeling?"

Kagome chuckled, enjoying the fluttering in her stomach. "Right now, it doesn't feel anything. When the medicine wears off, though, it hurts like hell," she said frankly.

Once inside the building, they were heading down a hallway when Sango offered to take Kagomes coat and cap to her locker for her so she could get to class and sit down. Immediately after handing over her coat and hat (the coat had required both leaning against the wall and an extra set of hands), they all heard the distinct of a slap and a loud cry of "Hentai!" Sango cursed before taking off down the hallway to find Miroku, still carrying the clothing.

"I'll see you in History, Kagome!" she called back.

A couple seconds later, Inuyasha spotted Kikyo at her locker and turned to Kagome who was breathing slightly hard from the exertion. "I'm gonna head to class with Kikyo. You gonna be OK?" He directed the question at Kagome but looked at Sesshomaru who nodded at him. Kagome, not seeing this exchange, nodded also, "Yeah, Im good."

After saying that he would see them at lunch, he headed off, leaving Kagome and Sesshomaru alone. They continued down the hallway to her first class, Geometry, her hobbling along and him walking gracefully and elegantly as usual. Unnoticed by her, his left hand was trained behind her right elbow, ready to grab her if she slipped (which Kagome often did). They reached her class with no incident and he followed her into the room. She sat at a chair in the back so she could stretch out her leg in the aisle without worrying she might accidentally trip someone walking by. This way she wouldn't have to bend it- the brace made it hard to bend it to begin with but it also hurt to. Sesshomaru set her backpack on the floor next to her and then rested one of his hands on her forearm.

"I will meet you after class to help you to your next if you would like," he proposed, looking at her for an answer.

Kagome's arm tingled where he touched her and she felt her heart race. She couldn't say anything so she just nodded, staring up into his gold eyes. The corners of his mouth lifted and Kagome's face broke out into a warm, happy grin in response. His hand lingered for a second more before he left. Kagome let out the breath she'd been holding and her smile was ridiculously huge.

Hojo sat in the seat in front of her. "Kagome, what happened? Did you tear something? My mother sells this lotion at her store that could help with pain-"

But Kagome was feeling any pain. In fact, she felt like she was floating. She tuned him out and spent the rest of the class period humming and doodling in the margins of her notes, happier than she had been in a long while.


(A/N) When I was on Vicodin for my sprained ankle, I was in the best mood- I don't think I have ever been nicer to customers at work! LoL I meant to slip this in a previous chapter but I wanted to mention that Sesshomaru and Naraku are seniors while Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and Sango are juniors. Thank you and review please!