Ok, this is the opening to my first ever fan fiction... so please comment and please be gentle

If you don't like yaoi or twincest don't read it, this bit is not too bad but i may get a little graphic in later chapters. (i promise you graphicness!)

Disclaimer: as much as i would like to, i don't own ouran high or any of its characters TT_TT

A Kaoru and Hikaru story

(This is just the opening so bare with me, it WILL get better)

Such guilty and wrong pleasures.

Hikaru hungered for my whimpers and screams and I, Kaoru, hungered for his body. His identical body. The displays at the host club did not end when the clients left. As soon as my twin brother and I arrived home and entered our bedroom, we locked the door and indulged in our sinful lusts, a mass of wrong lust, identical bodies entwined together! It felt do filthy, but it was just so right!

Our forbidden love.

Like the forbidden fruit, we could never resist the taste of the sweet, sweet forbidden apple. Society would shun our activities like the plague if people knew. But its our dirty little secret. It never occurred to us that one day it would all end,

Our self destructive love.

But it did end... it ended because of her, because of Haruhi. Hikaru loves her and there is nothing I can do about that.


Thanks for enduring my appalling writing skills