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They were in the host club room and there was only half an hour left. Hikaru cupped Kaoru's face in his hands and told him how beautiful he was. The girls squealed at the 'act' and some of them looked a little pale from blood loss (nose bleeds). The twins looked deep into each other's eyes and the intensity was almost visible. Hikaru suddenly looked up, it surprised some of the girls, "M'lord, can we go home early?" he asked Tamaki.

"There's only half an hour left! what could possibly be so important?" scolded Tamaki.

"we gotta get home, um, our parents want us home early." Hikaru lied, he didn't think it would be a very good idea to tell the truth, he was irrational and impulsive but he was not stupid.

"fine, fine. Go." Declared Tamaki as he waved his hand as if he was dismissing them from the king's court. The twins departed.

They dived into the car and the driver sped out of the academy grounds. Kaoru had his hand on Hikaru's knee and slowly moved it up his thigh. Hikaru blushed and smiled, "At least wait until we get home." He almost giggled.

[Half an hour later *.*]

"H-hika-" stuttered Kaoru weakly; his words were cut off by his brother's lips pressing against his own. Hikaru was straddling Kaoru on the bed both of them had discarded their school shirts, ties and jackets.

After a few seconds, Hikaru pulled his lips away from Kaoru's, who gave a disappointed whimper, but then Hikaru began to kiss a line down from Kaoru's jaw bone and down the nape of his neck. Kaoru gasped as he felt his brother's tongue trace out his coler bone, his breath was warm and Kaoru felt like his skin was on fire.

Another whimper escaped Kaoru's lips as Hikaru gently nipped his skin with his teeth. Hikaru bit him again just where the coler bone disappeared into the shoulder, this time drawing blood and also drawing another satisfying whimper from his younger twin's lips. Hikaru licked the wound as blood began to slowly travel down Kaoru's chest. With the coppery taste of blood still in his mouth, Hikaru kissed Kaoru deeply so that they could both taste it.

In the haze of pain from being bitten and bleeding and the pleasure of the passionate kiss he was locked in, Kaoru had not noticed his brother fiddling with the button on his school trousers. Kaoru then noticed that his were already undone and for some obscure reason that thought made him grin like a Cheshire cat. He was not as innocent, naive and pure as people thought.

Suddenly Hikaru was thrown from his perch above Hikaru and before he knew it they had switched positions. He was a little surprised and his heart rate did not have time to recover, it was sent beating like a jackhammer when he felt something, most likely a tongue, caressing his erection. He gasped as Kaoru took him into his mouth. 'He must have been paying attention to what I was doing to him' thought Hikaru.

"aah, k-Kaoru" were the only words Hikaru could choke out as the waves of pleasure washed over him. Kaoru was trying to concentrate on what he was doing and trying to hold back a grin at the same time, to see the sight of Hikaru squirming under him and unable to even speak made it more and more difficult not to grin.

Hikaru decided that he was going to reclaim his 'rightful' place as seme, despite how much he was enjoying this, he wasn't going to let Kaoru take it any further (Hikaru has a superiority complex). He pushed Kaoru off to the side, gaining a surprised little squeak from him, and immediately pinned him down.

"Did I do something wrong?" Kaoru asked between gasping for breath.

"no, quite the opposite, and here's your reward." Grinned Hikaru.

"chicken, you couldn't let me have a go just for once." Replied Kaoru, pouting.

"ok, yes. I admit it. Ya happy?" said Hikaru as he rolled his eyes.

"fine" sighed Kaoru.

Before Kaoru know it, their school trousers and boxers were thrown completely off instead of just being around their knees. They both prepared to enter nirvana, when there was a knocking at their window (think god the curtains were closed).

"Hikaru, Kaoru. I need to talk to you!" the voice sounded familiar. "I know it's late. I had to come over because your house is the closest. I kinda got locked out of my place and I was going to sit outside and wait until morning but it started raining..." the voice continued to explain that he had been late home because of an unpleasant incident with the black magic club due to him stepping on Belzenef.

"God, its m'lord. Just leave him out there." groaned Hikaru.

"We can't do that." Said Kaoru, a grin that would even give the Cheshire cat a run for its money spread over his face. Hikaru looked at him for a second before the same grin found its way across his face.

"Ah, someone to play with." Said Hikaru as he pulled on his boxers, and Kaoru did the same. They both walked over to the window and opened the curtains to reveal a wet and desperate Tamaki.

They let him come in, poor Tamaki was oblivious to what was going to happen to him, up until the twins pounced.


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