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There was something different about Edward Cullen. As I watched him move much too smoothly through the cafeteria and settle at his usual table with his siblings, I wondered to myself how he could be real. He was beautiful, much too beautiful for me to be spending so much time thinking about. But, try as I may, I couldn't get him out of my mind. His god-like beauty was not what made him different, yet it was certainly something to be noted. Which I did quite often. But he was also mysterious, confident and …refined. He was tall, and lean, but well muscled as I often found myself fixated on the contours of his chest, visible through some of his tighter fitting shirts. His messy bronze hair stood in contrast to his very pale skin, and those eyes. Edward was fascinating and distinct. Not at all like the other boys buzzing through the hallways. He knew he stood apart from his peers and he paid them no attention, preferring to keep his interactions isolated to his siblings of sorts.

Unfortunately, he also seemed to shy away from female interaction as well. As I learned from Jessica Stanley, Edward had never dated anyone at Forks High, despite some quite forward advances from some of the prettier and definitely more popular girls. Jessica liked to gossip that he was probably gay, but I wasn't convinced as it was also rumored that a few of the boys were turned down as well. No, no one had cracked the enigma of Edward yet, or even been close from the looks of it. He sat comfortably, chatting quietly with his sister Alice. My gaze focused on his full lips, and I couldn't help but wonder how they would feel against my skin, kissing down my neck as my hands tangled in his ruffled bronze hair. His eyes shifted casually, and met mine. My breathing stopped, and I found myself held captive by them, unable to look away, but needing to desperately. He held my gaze for a moment, and then smiled kindly, his eyes gentle. Turning away, he returned his attention to his sister, easily resuming the conversation as if he hadn't just stopped a beating heart. My cheeks were aflame with blush as I quickly averted my gaze to the half eaten pizza in front of me, finding myself no longer hungry. I hoped he wouldn't look my way again, since there was no way I could hide the blush spreading across my cheeks, or the smile I was trying in vain to stifle as I shifted in my seat, keeping my gaze firmly locked on the table. It was absurd that a boy could have this effect on me. A strange boy. A strange and definitely unattainable boy.

"Ready to go?" Mike's voice pulled me back to the real world.

"Oh…yeah…I'm coming," I managed to fumble out as grabbed my tray and stood. Mike lifted my backpack off the ground beside my chair and threw it over his left shoulder, opposite from his own backpack on his right. I glanced once more at Edward's table, but he was already gone.

"Um…thanks Mike." Had I not been distracted, I might have protested. Mike was a sweet boy, and attentive to a fault. His spiky, sandy blond hair and piercing blue eyes made him a natural favorite of the girls. He had asked me out a few times, and I supposed I should be flattered, but managed to find myself making excuses and impromptu alternate plans whenever he would gather the courage to ask. I felt bad about it, a little, but also knew that Jessica carried a flame for him, or more like a torch, and that they would be good together. My repeated rejection hadn't seemed to deter him yet. I wasn't really comfortable with him carrying my backpack, which he did most days as we walked to Biology together, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I let him have his fun. Mike was sweet and attractive but he really wasn't my type. He wasn't Edward Cullen.

Mike and I were one of the last to enter the classroom. We stopped as usual next to his table near the front of the room.

"See you after class," he smiled as he pulled my backpack off his shoulder and handed it to me. I smiled back.

"Mike you really don't need to carry my bag." Maybe he would get the hint. Probably not.

"It's my pleasure" His smile growing wider. He winked. Yeah, definitely not. I managed to suppress the eye roll that was screaming to come out, and hurried to take my seat. My seat next to Edward. Right next to Edward. Edward, my lab partner. Everyday I sat a foot away from him in Biology. He was polite, considerate, and smelled like heaven. And everyday he would smile and greet me, and I would imagine more than courtesy behind that simple smile that nearly stopped my heart, and quite often did stop my breathing. I would love to convince myself that the crooked grin was meant just for me, but I had seen it before, a few times, mostly when he was charming his way out of an assignment, or just being polite and considerate to someone else.

This class was easy since I had studied all of the material at my previous school in Phoenix, and in my 6 weeks here we had not yet covered anything that I didn't know inside and out. It was a good thing too, otherwise I would be failing this class miserably. Focus was a huge issue for me, sitting this close to the only boy I had ever known that could make me feel this way. The only one who could have me, take me, immediately, no questions asked. Right here on the table. Who cares who else is around…let them watch. Even Mike. Especially Mike. Perhaps then he would realize that my affections were already claimed as Edward bent me over the table, roughly pulling my jeans down and-

"Miss Swan?" Mr. Banner looked at me expectantly, knowing that I had no idea what he'd asked. Edward's knee bumped me under the table and his long finger tapped silently on the paper in front of him. I glanced down to see him pointing to a single word on his meticulous page of notes.

"RNA?" I responded and hoped Mr. Banner wouldn't notice that my reply sounded more like a question. He paused, skeptical.

"That is correct". His knowing gaze told me he wasn't fooled.

Once Mr. Banner's attention returned to his lecture, I shot a quick glance toward Edward and mouthed "thank you". He nodded slightly, a smile playing at corner of his lips as he reached across me with his right arm, his pen coming to rest on my blank page of non notes, and began writing. My head swam from the close proximity of his body to mine, and I struggled to resist the urge to lean my head forward and touch my lips to the exposed skin of his forearm. His pen stilled and he slowly pulled his arm back, resuming his note taking. I glanced at my paper, and read, in his elegant scrawl a single word. Anytime.

Anytime. Edward had written anytime. Such a simple word, yet it set my body on fire. How about now? Or after class? How about now and after class? Our eyes met again, his deep topaz capturing my chocolate brown, and holding them. His eyes were such a unique color, and the consistency was like liquid. They had a life to them, shifting and swirling like molten lava. Grinning, he broke the gaze, looking down to the table and turning the page of his textbook as the rest of the class did the same. I sat, still staring, attempting to collect myself, and failing miserably. He chuckled lightly as he reached across me again, to turn the page of my textbook. I wondered if he knew how he affected me. His smoldering eyes rose up to meet mine once more, and I realized that yes, he did know. He knew exactly what he did to me.

After what seemed like forever, and like mere seconds, the bell rang, and everyone quickly bounced out of their seat collecting their things while chatting and moving out of the room. I folded the almost blank paper in half, and stuck in into my Biology book marking the chapter for tomorrow, and bent to put the book in my bag.

"Bella?" Edward's long pale fingers came to rest on my back pack before I could finish zipping it, and pulled away once he had my attention. He always had my attention. "You seemed a bit distracted today…." I inwardly cringed "and I noticed that you didn't take any notes…" Dear God what else did he notice? "Would you like to borrow mine to copy?" I didn't need the notes, but I couldn't say no to Edward, no matter the question. I would always say yes to him.

"Um. Sure. Thanks" Did he notice the way my eyes skimmed the length of his perfect arm as he handed the pages to me? I hope not. I hope so. His eyes twinkled thoughtfully as he watched me put the notes away. Someday I would have a conversation with him in which I didn't fumble for words and stutter through incoherent thoughts. Someday, but obviously not today.

"See you tomorrow" he chuckled as he gathered his bag and swept gracefully and gorgeously out of the room. Wrong, I thought to myself. I'll see you in my dreams.


I flung my backpack onto the small desk in my room, and began pulling out the books I would need. My teachers had been mercifully easy on the homework tonight, which was good since I was anxious to get to dream of pale god-like creatures. As I reached for my trig book, a folded piece of paper sticking out of the biology text caught my eye. Edward. I carefully pulled it out, unfolded it, and stared at the single word on the page. Anytime. I wondered if he realized the ambiguity of that single, monumental word. I doubt he knew how it made me feel. How it made me ache.

I reached into my bag again,fumbling around until I found my biology folder and pulled out the two papers I had tucked in there earlier. Edward's beautiful, perfect handwriting danced across the detailed pages of notes in an impossible font. My fingers traced the lines of text, desperately and tenderly as if I could feel him through the words. And I almost could feel him. I brought the papers to my face, inhaling his sweet scent which still clung to them. The smell of Edward coursed through my veins, singing to my body in a way only he could. I was overcome. My right hand dropped from the pages, slowly traveling down my body, imagining him touching me. Another deep breath filled me once again with Edward, and the throbbing between my legs became almost painful, my muscles contracting with need and arousal. I needed him to touch me. To be above me. To be inside of me, his intoxicating scent surrounding me completely. My head fell back, as my fingers slipped below the elastic of my panties, and began slowly circling my clit. My breath hitched, and deepened pulling in more of his fragrance as my fingers quickened and my hips arched into my hand. With a gasp and one last flick, I found my release, contracting several times and biting my lip to keep from calling out.

Once my breathing slowed and my body relaxed, I tucked the beautiful, naughty pages back into my folder, smiling to myself. I decided to forget to take notes more often.


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