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She remembered when she heard the news. Tony was being shoved onto some ship, Ziva was being forced backed to Israel, and her McGee, her sweet Tim, was being forgotten in the basement.

Abby was sure it couldn't get any worse and the only thing that kept her going was Gibb's promise. He was going to get them all back; he was going to bring her Tim back to her. But the days kept adding up and the minute hand moved oh so slowly that it seemed like the loneliness would never end.

Everything had changed too fast, she hated the new director and she missed Jenny terribly. Then her family had been stolen away from her. "I'm working on it Abs," Gibbs would say every time she reminded him of how many days they had been gone. She knew he was trying his best and that he missed them as much as she did. It had been like three of his kids had been taken from him and all he had left was Abby.

The new team only made her desire for Tony, Ziva, and McGee to come back even stronger. They were good people but Agent Lee was too stuck up, Langer was rude to her, and Keating was nerdier and more socially awkward than McGee could ever be.

2 months, 4 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes.

And counting.

Abby sat with her chin propped on her hands as she stared at the computer screen. Sometimes when she was very bored, or stuck on something she would pretend to have a conversation with McGee in her head. He always seemed to push her to excel in ways that seemed impossible for regular forensic scientists.

"Hey Abby."

She smiled as she heard McGee's voice in her head and said hello back to him mentally and closed her eyes, trying to picture him. His sweet smile and bright green eyes greeting her as he walked into the lab to help her or do his own work.


She jumped and looked over to her right and was shocked to see McGee standing right next to her.

"Timmy!" she shouted as she jumped off her stool and hugged him tightly.

He chuckled and hugged her back before she jumped out of his grasp and looked at his hands. "So what do you got for me?" Abby asked, hoping it was something challenging that would force him to stay for a while.

McGee shoved his hands in his pockets and the smile on his face faded. "I got news Abby," he said softly.

She began to panic internally, had Tony or Ziva been hurt wherever they happened to be? Was Gibbs ok?

"What, what is it? Nobody's hurt are they?" Abby asked quickly.

"No, no one's hurt…well at least I don't think they are, hard to get any important news down at CC," McGee said bitterly.

"Well what is it?" she asked.

McGee was silent for a moment "I'm leaving," he said.

"What?" Abby nearly shouted.

"I quit Cyber Crimes, Vance still won't let me rejoin Gibbs' team, so I'm leaving DC," he explained.

"But you can't!" she cried.

"What am I supposed to do Abby, I trained hard to be a field agent and then I get shoved down into the basement like a piece of junk never to be heard from again?" he said, trying to get her to understand even though he didn't understand everything himself.

"But Tim…" she tried to say but he cut her off, not wanting her to talk him into staying, because if there was one person who could, it was her.

"Abs, I've come too far to be happy with being stuck down at Cyber Crimes, if this had happened my first or second year of working here then I'd probably still be down there wasting away, but that's not me anymore and I can't wait for Gibbs to rescue the three of us. This time I'm saving myself."

It was quiet and Abby felt tears roll down her face and she watched McGee's face contort with guilt at making her cry.

Quickly brushing away her tears she asked, "Where will you go?"

He smiled and said "What other place is there to go other than New York City."

Abby wiped more tears from her eyes as she started to laugh and McGee moved to hug her. She leaned her head on his chest and listened to his heart beating, the sound comforting her slightly.

"Gibbs is gonna fix all of this, and then you'll all be back here ok," Abby said as they parted.

"I hope so," he replied softly "Goodbye Abs."

"See you soon, Tim," she said and he smiled at her optimism.

Abby closed her eyes as Tim's lips met hers and brushed her tears away with the pads of his thumbs. She moved closer and tried to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him closer but as soon as the kiss began, it ended and before she could get her bearings Tim was gone.

She pressed her fingers to her lips and smiled as she began to sob.

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