Kyuubi's Kit

Chapter one:

Just an apple

Summary: Even the Tamest of Animals will attack when continually abused. A little girl of five, has no idea why everyone hates her. She tries to be good girl, but still they hurt her. The voice in her head say, he'll protect her. She becomes a political tool, a weapon, a pet. Innocence will fade away leaving an empty shell, of burning hate for a village that has only tried to destroy her. This is the story of Sakura Uzumaki, the kyuubi container. First attempt at a dark fic, be nice please. Summary may change

AN: Italics are things happening in her mind.

Her vision blurred, she could taste blood in her mouth.

She was foolish she got to close to the market today, she knew better. Her hunger blinded her, she hadn't eaten in days.

It was only an apple. A bruise apple that had fallen off the cart, she couldn't help but take it, it called to her with its crimson skin and sweet smell.

She tried to resist she knew it was wrong to steal.

Someone saw her grab it, a shout of thief echoed in her ears.

She tried to give it back.

She apologized. They didn't care.

They chased her into the alley.

A dead end.

They hit her they kicked her, she fell to ground the beating continued, she could feel nothing but pain.

She could feel the blood pool under her. She didn't scream, she didn't cry. She was used to the abuse.

As her vision when dark she swore she heard a growl echo in her ears, she could feel rage engulf her.

She lost consciousness, instead of cold she felt her body become warm almost uncomfortable so.

When she awoke it was dark. Even the street lights where out. She gave a cough spitting out blood and dirt. She didn't bother checking her wounds she knew they were gone.

They always disappeared.

She pulled herself to her feet her legs shaking under her weigh; she felt a warm sense of pride fill her as she took the first confident step. The feelings confused her, they weren't her own.

She trudges on, ignoring the heated looks and hateful whispers. She didn't understand why they hated her, why everyone hated her. She made it to her home, to find the lights off, silently she when in, careful to be quiet. She didn't want to upset her caregiver.

She shut the door quietly, a growl echoed in her head, causing her back to stiffen. Light flooded the room.

"Where have you been?" came an angry yell from behind her. "Never mind, go clean up you nasty little monster."

She ran down the hall to the bathroom locking the door behind her. As she turned on the water she could hear the front door slam shut.

He left.

She tried to suppress feelings of fear. Feelings of comfort and warmth filled her, making her feel safe.

She stripped from her dirty blood strain clothes; she took a moment to study, her porcelain skin, finding it free of scars of any marks other than the strange symbol on her small stomach. Tracing it with her small fingers, feelings of disgust and anger filled her, making her pull her fingers away as if burned. The feelings faded away, she looked to the tub to find it filled to the right level. Reaching over she turned the water off. She bathes quickly before running to her room to dress.

She locked the door before she slipped on a long plain night shirt, and a pair of shorts. Sitting on her Futon she ran a comb through her pale hair.

She stared at the door, staring the knob checking to be sure it was locked. She couldn't shake the feeling of being scared. She hated being here. She never felt safe. There was something in her caregiver's eyes that scared her the way he looked at her. It wasn't the normal hate she received, this was something worse.

Fear fought to fill her five year mind, all thoughts of fear disappeared, red eyes flashed in her mind followed by feelings of warmth and protection. She fell into an easy sleep.

An angry yell woke her followed by the pounding on the door. She pulled her knees to her chest hoping the futon would swallow her. The house fell quiet, only for the sickening sound of cracking wood echoed as her door broke. Another crack sounded the hold on her legs tighten her nails digging into her skin. She sound of the door falling to the floor echoed in her ears. His steps closer echoed in her mind. She squeezed her eyes closed as the covers were yang off her.

The smell of sake filled her nose.

"What did I tell you about locking your door?" Came the angry yell as he grabbed her hair and pulled her from the bed.

"Answer me you little monster." He yelled spit handed on her face, she didn't speak. He yanked her hair, causing her to wince.

"What are you wearing?" He asked his eyes flashing between anger and something else. She knew she was scared of that look.

"You're nothing but a whore." He said in her ear in disgusted voice. She was seeing spots, and gasping for air. Her nails scratched his wrists. Hate, Rage, Disgust filled her mind.

A huge gate flashed in her mind; beyond it familiar large fiery eyes stared back.

She was brought back, as her back hit her futon her head heading it hard, momentary blinding her, she sucked in air her throat burning. Suffocating weigh was added to her body, her vision clear to find him above her. She tired to push him and to crawl away from him. She couldn't she was too weak. He grabbed her hands; she tried to yank them away he slapped her, her mouth filled with blood.

She couldn't get away, no matter how much she wiggled and thrashed. She felt his hands under her nightshirt. She froze in terror.

"That's it be a good girl, Sakura."

Her eyes filled with tears.

Her shorts were ripped away.

The Familiar gates flashed before her eyes, they got closer. The eyes beyond them glowed with suppressed rage they called to her. Her hand reached for the bars.

She screamed, tears streaming down her face. She wiggled and thrashed. It hurt so much. Had he stabbed her? She could feel horrible pain between her thighs. She begged for him to stop, he continued.

She could no longer see the gates all she could see was blood colored eyes. Her hands were wrapped around the bars, a giant nose pressed against the bars. It touched her chest she could feel the cold wetness of it as it soak through her shirt. Warmth filled her.

Her vision flashed back to her ceiling her body numb tears still streaming from her face; she willed it to stop for her to go back to the gate to those eyes. She snapped back the gates, the eyes further away.

She stepped through the bars and run through them.

Her body collided with a massive furry object, feelings of warmth and protection surrounded her.

Only for them to melt always into rage, disgust, hatred, her body burned and hurt she screamed images of all her beatings flashed in her eyes as if as a film, whispers of hatred echoed in her ears, her body shook in pain.

"No one will hurt you again Kit." The words echoed and shook her mind.

Her eyes flash back to her room, the smell of blood and death assaults her nose. She looks around the room, it's a massacre.

Blood covers everything. She wants to scream, her eyes fall on him, as sick pleasure and contentment fill her. Her eyes stare at herself in the blood. Her eyes glow matching the color of the blood.

Exhaustion fills her as the deep voice in her voice lures her to sleep.

When she awakes again she being yanked to her feet by a strange man, her disorientated eyes find the red and white symbol of the Uchihas police force.

A growl echoes in her mind.


AN: Standard Disclaimer Applies. I think I have an idea what I want to do with this. (hopefully)