Hello, everyone! Tori here, doing a semi-solo project this time. Lizzie helped me out with revisions and by writing Leafos' journal entries, so a big giant thank you to her!

Okay, this story contains four original characters. I'll try to keep this brief. They are as follows:

Avalon-A professional gardener who is the older sister Yoto never had. She's tough, strong, and very wealthy. She has a strong British accent.

Leena-A new gardener who's having quite a bit of trouble getting used to her profession. She's easily flustered and disorganized, but her heart is in the right place. After witnessing what she believed to be an act of kindness, Leena fell in love with Seedos.

Yen Yoa-Yoto's older twin brother and Bart's errand boy. Unlike Yoto, Yen is quiet and reserved. He's highly curious and only talks a lot when something piques his interest. Large piñatas scare him. Leafos admires his intelligence and openly flirts with him, but he always blatantly rejects her because he doesn't like people who gossip. No one has ever heard him shout.

Yoto Yoa-Bart's hyperactive nephew and apprentice. He's a type of person that you either love or you despise, but you can't be indifferent to him. He has a mischievous sense of humor and an alarmingly low IQ. Though he's in training to become a Transmorgrifiable Item Technician, his skills at tinkering are utterly disgraceful.

Okay, now click ahead to chapter 1! I hope you enjoy, and please leave a review if you enjoyed it!