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It has been over a week since I saw the man in the woods, and nobody had mentioned noticing him, or even smelling him. Even though I hadn't seen him again, I couldn't stop thinking about him.

I was in my room waiting for Edward to arrive. Charlie was staying up watching football so I doubted it would be anytime soon. The tree's rustled outside as the gale force wind weaved round them. Luckily the rain had held off after the storm last week, but the air was still moist.

I heard scratching on my window. I shot up wrapping, my covers around me as I manipulated my way around the clutter blocking my path. Why was Edward so early? Without pulling back the curtains, I opened the window and rushed back into bed, as the floor was freezing my toes.

"Charlie's still awake you know." My words were muffled by the covers.

The eerie whistling of the wind was the only reply I got. I shivered as the breeze snuck under the confines of my warm cocoon.

"Please shut the window Edward it's ...." I was interrupted by a cough.

I sat up slowly and faced the window. Nobody was there, and the branch of a tree was tapping against the windowsill.

"Hello?" I whispered. My muscles froze as I awaited an answer.

"Well hellooooo Bella." A deep husky voice came from near my door.

I pushed myself back against the headboard. My room was too dark to detect any shape or movement from that side of the room.

"Who are you?" I whispered, clutching to my sheets like they were my lifeline.

"You can't remember me!?!" The voice was dripping with enthusiastic sarcasm.

The figure stepped into a stream of moonlight and I instantly remembered him... it was the guy from the forest last week.

"W-What are you doing here?" My hands were shaking.

"I'm just popping in; I was on my way to the shops." His voice popped on the p.

He had cropped hair as black as the night sky, and bright green eyes which shone. His waist length shirt was unbuttoned and matched his snow white skin, which then led to black genes, and army boots that were left untied.

"I don't understand..." how could this man which was obviously a vampire have green eyes, and shouldn't he be attacking me?

"Well you see Bella..." He moved and sat by feet on the end of my bed, making himself comfortable. "Ever since I saw you the other week I have been... hmmm what's the word," he pondered, "intrigued! That's it. Anyway, I was very intrigued to see how you could get away with seeing my old friend Edward, seen as he is of course, a vampire." He paused to let me take it all in.

Old friends with Edward?

"You know Edward?" I breathed out a sigh of relief, if he knew Edward he couldn't possibly be out to get me.

I heard footsteps up the stairs, signalling that Charlie was off to bed. I froze as the footsteps approached my door. He knocked twice, and on hearing no reply decided to leave me to sleep. His door slammed shut and Edward's friend turned back towards me.

"I take it Edward will be on his way now?" he said.

I nodded, Edward could arrive any second.

"Well I must be off then." He rose and crouched to leap out the window.


"Yes?" he paused.

"What's your name?"

He smiled. "You can call me Fang."He laughed then added, "Don't tell Edward about me yet, he will find out soon enough."

Then he was gone, in one quick easy leap he was out of my room.

Did that really just happen? More importantly was he a good or bad friend of Edwards?

I lay back down not bothering to close my window; Edward would be here any minute.

Within seconds of getting warm, cold arms snaked around my waist from above the covers.

"Hello love." Edward gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then settled down next to me.

I twisted round so I could see his face.

"Can't you smell anything strange about my room?" I questioned surely he should be able to smell if there has been another presence in my room.

He took less than a second to take a deep breath through his nose tasting the air around him.

"No. I can smell that Charley was outside your door, but that is all. Why do you ask?" He sounded curious.

"No reason." I snuggled into his chest and the cold seeped through onto me.

My thoughts drifted to Fang and if he was actually going to the shops. The only one's open around here would be Newtons, as they had just gone 24 hour, claiming it was so they could increase the sale of sleeping bags. Also the off licence near the border to LA Push was open till 5am, and then re-opened at 7:30am. Surely neither of those would sell what he was looking for, unless he wanted a snickers bar and something to sleep in for the night which was highly unlikely, seeing as he was obviously a vampire, minus the hypnotic green eyes.

"Are you alright Bella? You seem to be distracted, seen as the last 5 questions I asked you I got no reply." Edward was shaking me gently.

"Sorry I was just thinking about what we could do tomorrow after my training at Newtons." Mrs. Newton had called for all staff to participate in a training morning, which would be filled with gruesome mental maths, and how to deal with rowdy customers. Mike had 'secret plan Purple' on how to get out of it... I know, secret plan purple doesn't sound like a very good mission, but I'll find out tomorrow if it works.

"Well we could go back to my house if you would like?" he rubbed soothing circles on the top of my arms. "Emmet says he hasn't seen you in 4 days, and wants you to show him, I quote 'how to protect the shop from rowdy customers and sleeping bag burglars.'

I laughed out loud.

"As long as I get to test him on his fast action mental maths skills." Edward laughed and hugged me closer.

"We both know that Emmet doesn't have 1 useful cell in his brain." Edwards's musical voice whispered in my ear with humour.

"Now sleep or you might miss your training day altogether." He said sarcastically and began humming my lullaby sending me straight into a deep sleep.


I began stacking shelves at Newtons, lining everything up perfectly.

"Where do I find the sleeping bags?" Came I husky yet smooth voice from behind me. I turned around to see Fang leaning against the opposite shelves.

"Isle 3." I replied simply, and then continued stacking.

"Can you show me, I have no idea where that is?" he replied curtly.

I stopped stacking and almost robotically began on my way to isle 3. As I passed the small bill board which pictured a forest, Fang pushed me through it softly yet firmly. I was then stood facing the Cullen's house.

"Must see Edward..." I chanted in a lifeless voice and began trekking through the forest not falling once. The clouds switched colour above me going from white, to grey, to black, and then starting again.

As I began climbing the up the steps Edward rushed out.

"Bella! I thought you were at work!" He kissed me forcefully on the lips, breaking the boundaries that he always kept, as this kiss was deeper than ever before.

I broke away gasping my face flushed bright pink.

"Jace? Is that really you?" Edward pushed me away and I turned shocked to see him run up to Fang.

"Jace Johnson! It really is you!" Edward began shaking his hand.

"Yes, I searched you out, and after 70 long years have found you! I was not even looking in this small town!" Fang laughed and they both began to head inside.

They both headed straight past me and shut the front door behind them.

The scene suddenly flashed and all the Cullen's were crowding around Jace in the kitchen.

"How did you do it Jace?" Rosalie snuggled onto his arm.

"Yeah Jace, how did you do it?" Alice snuggled his other arm.

At that moment he looked up and caught my eye.

"Come on Bella there's room for one more." He grinned and wrapped his arms around Rosalie and Alice, keeping enough space in the circle for one more.

"Go on Bella, do what Jace says..." Edward pushed me forward robotically from behind.

"Jace your amazing!" Emmet said.

"I know just incredible." Carlisle and Esme said together.

"W-What's wrong with you?" I stuttered not moving forward. Why were they all behaving so robotically?

"They adore me Bella and so should you." Fang said letting go of Alice and Rosalie and moving towards me.

"You're going to adore me Bella." He said.

End of dream.

"Never!" I gasped shooting up from my bed. My breaths were short and heavy, and sweat beaded on my forehead.

Light filtered in through my curtains, and there was no sign of Edward. Charlie must be downstairs.

I slowed my breathing, and got up and ready to head to Newton's.

Today was going to be eventful; I could feel it in the air...


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