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Pairings: Nejiten, Shikatema.

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Chapter 1

By: turtlechick


We were both called to our bosses office to get our next assignment. Both us being my self, Neji Hyuuga, and my partner, Shikamaru Nara. We both had been a part of the military since I was eight and he was ten. For most of our life it has been all that we have ever known. This was just going to be another one of those missions that sent us to some desolate part of the world where our mission was to kill some drug peddler and then we'd come back and get sent to yet another place, routine stuff. Now it was expected.

Our boss, Tsunade, the only women to ever head up our department. She ran it with an iron fist and took no crap from anyone. You knew not to mess with her, unless of course you want to be assigned the worst missions. We stepped into her office and we both saluted out of habit.

"Hello boys." This was a rare time that I had seen her with a smile on her face. I didn't know what that was all about yet.

"Ma'am." We said in unison.

She smirked at the both of us. "Boys I have your new mission for you." We waited for further instructions. "This will be your mission." She handed us two files, one to Shikamaru and the other to me. Attached to the file I was given was a picture of a girl. She didn't look any older than me and had chocolate brown hair held up in two twin buns. She was sticking her tongue out at the camera and was waving. She looked childish and juvenile to say the least. I opened the file to see her name, 'Tenten Mitarashi.'

Shikamaru switched me folders and I took a look at the next file. This time the picture was of a blond. She wore her hair in four ponytails and had a toothy grin on her face while giving the peace sign towards the camera. Her name was 'Temari Suna.' I still didn't get it, were we supposed to kill them? Was this some sort of assassination mission?

"Now I'm sure that you're both a little confused." She was putting it lightly. "These two girls are the daughters of two very important world leaders." In other words, they paid the bills. "Over the past few months their fathers have received many threats on their life, all from the same person. I believe you know his name, Orochimaru. He's been giving requests for money before he takes them and doesn't know if he'll give them when he does take them."

"So he's moved on from selling illegal weapons to kidnapping?" Shikamaru said. We had run into Orochimaru a few times in the past. Actually I had met him on my very first mission. This didn't sound like his sadistic self at all. Although in some ways it did. He was always up for causing others pain and making a quick buck.

"Yes. Now I'm sure you're both still wondering about your mission? Your assignment is to protect these two girls until Orochimaru and who ever else is plotting to capture these two is apprehended."

"With all due respect Tsunade should we really be looking after these two when we would be most suited to be on the field tracking down Orochimaru? Neji and I have been in this long enough to not be being playing babysitter to a few high school girls." What Shikamaru said was true, we had always been sent into the field, heck we hadn't ever done a protection job before.

"I'm sorry but their fathers asked for the best and besides I have my utmost trust in you two. I know that you will be able to fulfill this mission." I heard the door open behind us. "Ah good Shizune, I almost forgot." Shikamaru looked behind us to see Tsunade's assistant, Shizune with two identical outfits in her arms.

"What are those?" I asked, not knowing if I wanted the answer.

"Those, are your uniforms. Congratulations boys you're going to high school." We had never been to public school before. In the military most of the things you learned in school wasn't used. The two of us weren't stupid, on the contrary, Shikamaru and I were two of the smartest people on the force. Shikamaru's I.Q. is higher than mine but nonetheless we're both geniuses in our own right. "We need you both to be able to stay close to them without arising too much suspicion. You will be enrolled in their high school and stay with them at all times. It has already been set up to make sure that at least one of you is in each of their classes." I was sure that the looks on our faces were priceless. This was something we had never done before. "A jet outside is waiting to take you to the drop off point." She paused and smiled at the two of us. "Dismissed."

On our way out of the room Shizune gave us our uniforms and then escorted us to the landing strip where our belongings and jet was waiting for us. This was going to be hardest mission either of us had ever received.


We landed in a secluded area that was surrounded by trees but seemed fairly modern. With the brand new pavement. We stepped off the plane with our bags in hand and at the end of the runway were our two charges. I was able to get a look at the both of them while we walked towards them.

Temari had a good six inches on Tenten. She was leaned up against the black SUV that sat behind them. She wore a purple skirt and a rhinestone covered white t shirt. On her feet looked like the most uncomfortable heels I had ever seen. Not practical for scouring the desert for a mad man.

Tenten sat on the hood with a smile on her face. Her hair still up in those buns. I noticed her ensemble as she swung her legs of the side off the car. She was wearing khaki cargo pants and a simple red t shirt on top with sneakers on her feet. I could see her brown eyes from my position.

When we were standing right in front of them it was silent. I wondered who would speak first, and finally Temari did. "Is this a joke?" She slid her sunglasses over her nose to reveal her blue eyes. "Are you two really our body guards? This must be a joke."

"This is no joke ma'am." I said.

"So you two are seriously supposed to in the military. You don't look any older than the both of us."

"Yes it's true we are both the same age."

"This is ridiculous." The blond rubbed her temples.

"Look we don't want to be here any more than you so if we can just get this over with." Shikamaru said, he had been silent this whole time.

"Good so we agree on something." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. She shot him a crafty smile.

"Looks like it."

"So what are your names? I'm sure you know ours already."

"I'm Shikamaru Nara and this is Neji Hyuuga." Temari looked the two of us over while Tenten just sat on the hood and smiled. She hadn't stopped since we got off the place, I could see it when we stepped off. Didn't she know who was after her? Wasn't she at all scared?

"Fine let's go. I'm driving." Shikamaru said. I don't think I'd seen him this angry except for the time that a bunch of raccoons had eaten our food one time we waited for a drug deal to go down and we left our campsite. It was the only civilization for thirty miles. He had always been lazy except when it came to his job. He always knew what was expected of him and did his best despite his wants.

I saw Temari and Tenten exchange a quick smile. "Ok." She was way too happy and cooperative now. Something was up.

In the car ride Temari got in the front with Shikamaru while I was stuck in the back seat with Tenten, who was still smiling. I tried to ignore her by looking out the window but it didn't quiet work.

"So are you having fun?" She asked me.

"Not really." I said nonchalantly.

"Well why not?" I could hear the smile drop from her face.

"Like we explained earlier, we don't want to be here."

"Fine then." I turned to her, she was now staring out the window with her arms crossed over her chest.


We stopped at an apartment complex right in the middle of the city. It was a tall brick building with a large steps that lead up to the door. The people around were all dressed nicely and there was a small doorman greeting people as they entered.

We stepped into the elevator and Temari pushed the number six, the top floor and the elevator shook as we started our ascent. When we stepped out there was only one door to go in.

"Where are the other rooms?" Shikamaru asked.

"We own the whole floor, duh." Temari said unlocking the door she held the door for Tenten but let it swing in Shikamaru's face. Yes, this mission was going to be very hard, we were stuck with two brats.

Inside the room was luxurious room to say the least. When you first stepped in there was the five star kitchen, which I'm sure they had never used. Farther in was the living room filled with enough electronics to be considered a store. "Down that hallway is your room." Temari pointed down a hallway to the room on the end. I saw Tenten bite her lip, but there was still a smile on her face.

So Shikamaru and I grabbed our bags and went to the room assigned to us, but when we opened the door a broom fell out. "Oops. sorry I guess that's the broom closet." Temari yelled from the living room, she and Tenten were laughing hysterically.

There was no doubt in my mind that this would be a hard mission, not just because of the cracker box that was coming after the two people were supposed to be protecting, but the fact at that very moment I wanted them to be kidnapped. Just so I didn't have to take care of them. But a mission is a mission and we must complete this one like all the others.

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