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All Tears Wasted

Abby sat on the couch leaning her back on the arm of the couch as she held her book to her face with one hand as she rested her left hand on her now six month pregnant belly. The rhythmic noise of the rain hitting the roof and windows had an odd calming effect on her as she turned the pages of the book that she already knew by heart. Then she set the book down on the floor next to the couch as her left hand came up to meet her right. The diamond on the ring sparkled where it was on the same finger as the wedding ring. The ring that bound her to Gibbs forever, which was exactly what she wanted in the first place, when they had first started off. She had known that if she was going to start a relationship with him it had to go all the way, because if not, she wouldn't even be able to function without him afterwards.

As she sat there with the knowledge that he was downstairs, working on his boat, she smiled. She was at peace. Looking back at her life up until Gibbs had told her he loved her, it was ridiculous to think that back then she had no idea. Her life had been so altered by just one person's love. The theory and idea from a scientific mind set was ridiculous, but yet here were the results. She was the happiest she had been in years, and so was he.

She started to stare out the window as the rain continued to pour down in buckets. There was something about the rain that made her so happy. It was as though the rain washed all the fear away and nothing could go wrong for her. Pain, worry, and scars just seemed to disappear as the rain fell down and hit the pavement outside. If she wasn't so pregnant she would probably have dragged Gibbs outside to run in the rain.

Her thoughts were pleasantly interrupted as she heard footsteps on the stairs leading up from the basement. Apparently Gibbs was done working on his boat for the night as she heard the footsteps stop and she looked over at the door way to see him leaning all so sexily against the doorframe observing her carefully with his perfect blue eyes. Her smile grew wider as he walked into the room and sat on the couch picking her feet up and sitting underneath them.

"Done with the boat for tonight then?" Abby said, managing to find words as he took her hand in his own.

"Uhuh," He said with a smirk, realizing just how out of breath she was, "And here I was worrying I wouldn't have this effect on you anymore."

She smiled and he leaned and hovering carefully over the baby inside her he managed to press his lips to hers. As their lips moved together Abby was reminded just how lucky they were to have found each other. As he started to pull away he kissed her forehead gently as she moved back to sitting up straight next to her.

"You too hot, cold something? You want me to start the fire? Or do you want a blanket?"

"I'm fine," Abby said as he laced his hand into hers, they fit together so perfectly it made Abby smile, then she pealed her eyes away from him to look out the window, "I just love the rain."

"I know you do," He said and as he watched her his eyes sparkled, though the moment was ruined slightly by Gibbs's phone ringing and he answered, "Gibbs. DiNozzo, what did I say about calling me this late for no reason. The best we can do right now is to be fresh tomorrow, we'll find him… WHAT? Yeah, I'll be right there, I'll meet you McGee and Ziva at the Crime Scene ok? Bye."

"That psycho again?" Abby asked and he nodded.

"Just killed another petty officer," said Gibbs as he leaned over and kissed her forehead before standing up, "I'll lock you in, be careful, ok?"

"Ok," said Abby just brushing off his over cautiousness just like she usually did, "Say hi to everyone for me."

Gibbs nodded silently as he grabbed his NCIS coat and hat off the hook and the left the house, locking all the doors securely behind him. Abby waited a few more minutes before getting herself a nice big bowl of ice cream, setting her cell phone on the coffee table, and curling back up with her book.

It got to be later, the next time Abby looked at the clock it was almost mid night and the rain had stoppped. Usually Gibbs would have called her by now usually he called her as he was leaving when he was leaving late. Considering her job, her doctor and Gibbs had made a combined effort to make sure that took her maternity leave early, they had said for the health of the baby, which had been a part of it, but Gibbs had been observing how exhausted she had been on the way home from work. Abby missed the team, and they usually didn't have time to stop by and visit, with the exception of Tony who came by every day. That is until Gibbs limited him to three times a week.

Abby chuckled at the memory of Gibbs as he got increasingly annoyed with Tony following him home every day of the week and then stopping in on Saturdays too. It was the first Saturday he had shown up that Gibbs had kicked him out, which had made Abby feel bad for him, though of course he could've come at a better time, they did tend to like to sleep on Saturdays. Six thirty was a little obnoxious.

It wasn't really a decision, it was more of a whim. She got off the couch and went to go get the keys to her hearse and walked out the door to the garage where her hearse was. She was going to visit the team.

Meanwhile Gibbs was driving the NCIS van back to the navy yard, they had had a very extensive crime scene that they had had to analyze. The evidence was all set out with little haunting notes, very much the same as the ones they had found at all the other crime scenes.

"He's messing with us," said Tony as they pulled into the parking lot.

"He's been messing with us for a while now," said Ziva unemotionally as Gibbs pulled into their usual parking spot.

"I just wish he would tell us what he wants," said McGee and Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"How would that even help, McGeek?" asked Tony as they all hopped out of the car, "We don't even know who this guy is."

"Maybe it would help," said Ziva, trying to make McGee feel better as the four of them headed towards the door to enter the building.

"Abbs?" McGee called, as he was the first one to see her and they all whipped around to see Abby getting out of her car.

"Abby, what are you doing here?" Gibbs said as he ran over to her and helped her over to where the team stood.

"I missed the team, and I got bored," Abby said as she gave Ziva a hug.

As Abby pulled away, Gibbs's gut started to scream at him.

"Well, let's get in side," He said as he wrapped an arm around Abby and gave her a quick kiss.

That was all it took. All of a sudden they heard a loud gunshot which drove Gibbs to hug Abby to him at tightly as he could, shielding her from the unseen shooter as the gun shots started to become more frequent, which was when Abby realized that Tony and Ziva were shooting back.

"GOT HIM!" Abby finally heard Tony scream and she saw over Gibbs's shoulder as the team turned around and looked as though they were in shock.

McGee whipped out his cell phone with Tony and Ziva ran to where Gibbs and Abby stood. Abby couldn't make sense of their movements as they supported Gibbs up against a car, Ziva under his arm supporting him. Abby couldn't figure out what was wrong, he looked fine, but he was wincing in pain and his breathing was becoming shallower.

"Ziva, pressure!" McGee called from where he stood in the middle of the parking lot, "Ambulance is on the way."

That was when Ziva flipped Gibbs around and showed Abby Gibbs's back, where Abby saw two small gunshot wounds low on his right shoulder. Ziva pressed in on them and Tony appeared at Abby's side immediately, before she could run to Gibbs's side. The ambulance sounds were blaring. In seconds, the EMTs had Gibbs loaded up in the ambulance and the ambulance was speeding away from her.