Sleep Through the Static

Author's Note:

This is the story of Mary Alice Brandon Cullen, from childhood to where she is now. The story opens with what is happening at the very moment in her life, and the rest will be a flashback type of thing. Another note, this was also written before the publishing of Breaking Dawn. Also, I claim no ownership to the characters, and the title is from an album called Sleep Through The Static by Jack Johnson.

I do hope that you enjoy! I know that it has been fun to write.

"Yes, Edward, I would in fact, happen to know." I say as my eyes scan the beautiful wedding dress of my creation, hanging as if waiting patiently for the moment that Bella would step into it, not long from now.

My brother (who couldn't seem to understand the word no today, for some reason), stares at me with furious ochre eyes, as if not only mind reading was a talent, but he was suddenly acquired the ability to use heat vision against me, as well. I quickly close off my mind from anything that he might find of particular interest. Absentmindedly, I say, 'By the way, Edward, I'm kicking you out when she gets here. Which is in…" I close my eyes for effect. "exactly twenty minutes, fifteen seconds." I open my eyes and grin, flashing pearly whites and tipping my head to the side innocently. Sometimes, torturing Edward is fun.

Okay, so it's fun more often than it isn't.

"Alice, you can't force me out of my own bedroom." Edward groans, and sighs, starting to become seriously bothered by my antics today. And maybe I shouldn't be torturing him on his wedding day … but that's what sisters are for, right?

"You're right," I say as if this fact has suddenly occurred to me out of the blue. "that would be rude."

"Thank you." He says, glad to have won.

I grin. "I'm kicking you out of the entire house."

"What? Mary Alice Cullen, I swear…" He uses my full name as if it would scorch me alive.

"Do you know nothing about weddings? You're not allowed to see each other until the moment of!" I clap my hands at the end of the sentence.

"I'm going to kill you." He annunciates every word as if I'm incapable of hearing him today. It's selective hearing, actually.

"You're too late."

"Alice, please. You know how important this is to me." He pleads with me, and I imagine him begging me on hands and knees – it's not a vision, but I could very well make it come true, with how desperate for information about Bella he is, today.

"Oh, really? See, I couldn't tell that from the apparent panic and stress in your voice."

"Congratulations, Alice. You can come up with a retort. Really, bravo." The sarcasm runs heavy in his voice. Jasper would be having a fit.

"Come on, Edward, you're just all worried and anxious because I won't spill the beans about your future with Bella." I have the childish urge to stick out my tongue.

"It's not very lady-like to be rude, Alice. It isn't lady like at all." Neither was the tongue he saw me stick out at him in my mind.

"It's very lady-like of you, all of this pestering me about Bella." I pull out a draw full of make-up. "Turn around." I tell him.

"Why?" He says as he turns around anyway, already hearing the reason in my mind.

"Because you can't see what I'm planning." I can hear him sigh. I pull out various makeup things and set them down on the counter. I've literally run out of room in my own bedroom – there are things all over the place. So Edward let me set up in his room, and when Bella gets here, I'm attacking her via makeup in my bathroom. So I was kind of at Edward's mercy right now, but I wasn't going to make it easy for him. "Yet, I can see what you're planning, and no matter what you do to torture me, I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag."

"How long until you force me out of the room, Alice?" He says, still facing the wall, but no doubt listening to my mind. I do believe it's time for some fun… Hmm, maybe I'll make her goth….

"That's not funny, Alice."

"To you, not so much. But to me… I slay myself."

"Would you like me to make your job easier?" He says, not amused at all. I have to press my lips into a tight line to avoid laughing and really provoking him… it's all fun and games until Alice gets hurt.

"I do already have my work cut out for me. Look, if you're going to be here, make yourself useful."

"What do you want me to do now, Alice?" His voice is exasperated, and for once, I'm being the nice sister – keeping his mind off of things. The wedding isn't the only thing on his mind. I'm sure that what must come after the wedding is bothering him too.

"Go hunting, Edward. It can't hurt." I say it offhand, as if it's a suggestion, and not a command, but of course he panics anyway.

"Why? Did you see something?"

"Yes. Me absolutely going bonkers on your behind in about .01 seconds, if you don't do something besides bother me."

Its not like the whole thing hasn't been bothering me … yes, I did want Bella as a sister – a true sister, a true Cullen – but of course, it would bother anyone, I think, to watch their wife, sister, best friend, in my case, writhing in pain for three days. I feel my throat tighten in an entirely human way when I think about Bella in pain, and know that there is no medication that would be able to help that. I don't remember it myself … but I know from the others that it is pretty bad. And, knowing Edward, he'll be in just as much pain, watching.

It is Bella's decision, though. I think that is why I haven't looked to see how it will happen, when it will happen… I just know that it will happen. That's enough for me to know, for now… but of course, other people have different ideas.

Take my brother, for instance.

Oh, crud.

I'd forgotten that he was in the room while I was thinking … not a very good thing, with the topics that had been going through my mind. I quickly hum some type of music (I think it's by some person with Dogg in their name, and God knows that bothers Edward enough to get out of my head) as I search his face. It doesn't give anything away … almost. There's some kind of new emotion on his face … not quite fear, or anger, or even hurt. He's not upset… I don't know what it is, so I try to drop the subject.

"Just go hunting… it'll take your mind off things."

"And who will take your mind off of things, Alice?" Crud. So he did hear me.

"Bella will." I answer the first thing – or name – that comes to my mind. "Like I said, I've got my work cut out for me … the way she struggles, I'll have to strap her down to get her too cooperate."

"Lovely, Alice." He plops himself down on the bed that almost nobody has ever used – stretching across it and pinching the bridge of his nose. I see he's truly distressed now, and I abandon my makeup stuff for five seconds. I've lived forever, I've got some time to spare.

I throw my tiny self down next to him, grinning sympathetically and stretching out my arms across the golden fabric. His eyes flicker to me, and he smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes, so I curl up next to him and rest my head against his side. In a big brother type fashion, he puts an arm around my shoulders.

"I'm sorry." I finally break the silence with those two words, and they seem to slither across the time that it takes him to respond.

"It's alright." He says, but the words don't fully agree with him, and they come out chocked and strained.

"It's not, though." I'm not letting myself get off that easy. "I'm ruining your wedding day."

"Alice Cullen, if you sincerely think that you're ruining my wedding day, I will leave this room." He smiles briefly. "You can't possibly ruin my wedding day."

"Then I'm sorry for … thinking." It comes out stranger than I'd intended, and before I can press my lips together, he laughs. It bubbles up from somewhere deep inside him, and suddenly, his entire chest is shaking, and I go along with it, cautiously, laughing along with him. I don't know what's funny, but if he's laughing, it can only be a good thing.

"You truly are an odd one." He tells me, shaking his head ever so slightly.

I would have bowed if I had been standing up. "I try." I respond instead. A smile twitches across his lips as I hoist myself off of the bed, returning to my makeup and letting him think. A truly nice part about being a psychic is that I can see how badly my decisions will come out without going through the pain of them… not that I ever make mistakes. Or, see myself making mistakes.

Time passes in a vampire like fashion: I don't know if you're a vampire, but when you are, time doesn't pass in a normal way. It stretches out, like it is endless, but at the same time, it passes by so quickly that you don't know if it was an hour or a minute that just passed by.

"Thanks." His word shocks me, I hadn't seen it coming, which is odd. He must have just said it out of the blue.

"You've trumped the psychic. What am I being thanked for this time?" I say cautiously, one eyebrow raised as I turn around to find him in the exact same position as I left him.

He props himself up on one elbow to look at me. "Thank you for not telling me about Bella."

"You're very welcome."

"I'm serious, Alice."

I roll my eyes. "I don't need Jasper to tell me that." I jump up and sit on the counter, swinging my legs as I talk. "It's creepy sometimes, knowing the future. You're never surprised." I look up to meet his eyes. "You don't have to worry, I've already proven that I would tell you if she did something real talented… take, jumping off a cliff, for instance."

"Oh, and look where that got me."

I smile. "My point has been proven. If something was really wrong, you wouldn't need me to tell you. You would know. Because you love her."

His answering smile is all the confirmation that I need to tell me that I've said the right things to calm his nerves.

And can successfully get back to annoying him.

"Now, out. This instant. I've got ten minutes, out, out, out!" I return to my Chihuahua with a serious case of napoleon complex attitude, pointing to the door and bouncing with each 'out'.

He laughs, no longer worried, as he springs up easily and heads out the door, shooting a few last words in my direction, the words that will trigger everything. "You're insane, Alice. Absolutely, one hundred percent crazy."

The words are airy, light, something any brother might say to a sister, but at once that odd feeling comes over me. I'm somewhere else, but still here. I can hear Edward's concerned shouts as my body goes numb, all of my muscles give way, and I crumple.. This vision, if that is what it is, is different from any one that I've ever had. No, it isn't a vision.

I'm not sure if I ever hit the ground.

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