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The adventures of 4 Fan Girls and a Cyclops Fish

Chapter 1: Jashinists Rock!

"Is she coming?" A girl said turning to a girl with dark brown hair with Pinks bangs. She turned. The girl who had asked the question had Hazel eyes and long brown hair, she was currently hugging a doll she made herself. This doll was of her childhood friend.

The other girl sighed. She had long black hair that went to her waist. "Hopefully she does. I mean she is your sister, Riku." The girl with the pink bangs scoffed.

"Its not my fault she is still an elementary student. She goes to a school half way across the damn town. Not. My. Fault." They all sighed.

"Neh, Neh Kokoro!" The girl with the plush said poking the black hair teen.

"Yes?" Kokoro replied, sighing.

" I hope she comes in time so we could all watch Naruto together. Im hooked now that Ku-chan and yourself showed me the Manga and Anime!" Kokoro just stared at her.

"What ever you say Kate," Kokoro sighed looking down the road for Riku's sisters bus. Riku, Kate, and Kokoro are not their real names. They go by nicknames. Their real names, Breann, Alyssa, and Regina, are not cool thus they go by nicknames.

Riku pulled out her iPod and started going through the mass amount of songs. "Tch. You know I have over 500 hundred songs but I only listen to ,like, 20 of them." She sighed and picked one of her favorite songs.

"What 'cha listin' too?" Kokoro asked sweetly, looming over Riku's head and looking at what was currently playing. Kokoro could tell by the blasting music that 'Shotgun Wedding' by Panic! At the Disco was playing. She also knew that on her screen was a picture of Sasori And Deidara kissing. Hey, she couldn't blame the girl it was one of her favorite Yaoi pairings. And lastly she knew that Riku was currently drooling while looking at the picture.

They heard the screeching of tires and looked up to see and little yellow bus (A/N: No pun intended!) Stepping out of the bus was a girl who was around 12. She has brown eyes, which were different than her sisters whose was a bright blue. The girls hair went down to her shoulders and was curly. She smirked at her sister.

"Whats up idiot…. Idiots friends?" She asked the people around her who were so used to her insults that they were practically immune to them.

"Nothing Cameron, lets go…" Riku trailed off, still listening to her iPod but now listening to 'Yura Yura'.

"Come on, we are going to be late!" Kate squealed while dragging the people to Riku's house. They all sighed and fallowed on their own.

They where finally in Riku's house and went into the sisters room. Yes, they shared a room. Actually they shared it with another of their siblings but she wasn't in the house at the moment. Riku took out her Jashinist necklace out of her Jewelry box and put it on.

"Why are you putting that on?" Kokoro asked, heaved up on Cameron's bed. Cameron, her self was mad at them. She had just previously made her bed to have one of her elder sisters friends ruin it in a moment. She sighed, knowing it was impossible to pry Kokoro off her bed.

"I don't know. I just have a felling if I put it on, right at this moment, something good is going to happen," she said musing to herself.

"Yeah, but Riku, you don't believe in any god, especially an evil god…" Kate said, rolling her eyes. Cameron just sat there. She hadn't watched the Shippuden Series yet or read the manga and was stuck watching the dub.

"If my Hidan worships him, so will I! I want to be immortal and go to the Narutoverse to meet him!" Riku cried. Her sister and friends sighed.

"Im going to go get Cy…." Cameron trailed off walking over to the sisters closet. She pulled out a clownfish puppet that had only one eye. The eyelid was missing, which was making the puppet a bit freaky. This was The Cyclops Fish, or Cy for short.

Cameron walked over to the friends and made Cy eat Kates hair. "Fear the fish! Mwahaha!" They all looked at her and if they could, would sweat drop.

"Oh, its coming on~!" Kate sang, totally engrossed with the show now. Riku looked at her friends.

Why me? she though at her Jashin pendent started glowing. "What the?" She said quietly as she noticed it floating off her head and over to the TV. Her friends noticed it just floating in front of it.

"Guys," Riku said as she looked at the TV. "Go back to your houses and pack I feel at if this is going to be a long adventure." After she said this. Her friends went to their houses and packed.

DS? check. iPod with Yaoi on it? Check. Hidan T-shirts? Check. Jashinist Necklace? Check. Riku was going over the list of things she needed. She had decided to not take her Naruto Manga because she felt like it could be very bad if they learned the future in that world. She looked over to Kate who has a huge duffel bag with dolls of her friends and pictures of her favorite bishies, which included Itachi because she found out that he was an Uchiha and that they where very good in fire Jutsus.

Of course, since Kate herself was a pyromaniac she respected him and his brother. Kokoro on the other hand, hated Sasuke's guts….


Kokoro was sitting at her computer, crying her eyes out. She had just read the chapter where Itachi was killed by Sasuke. Of course, she wasn't a huge fan of Sasuke, but when he left the village it had gotten to her, and now this?! Riku walked into Kokoro's computer room.

"What wrong?" Riku asked, putting a hand to her friends back. Kokoro in turn pointed at the screen and Riku herself had a tear escape from her eyes. "Its Okay" She hugged her friend and they where like that for about 10 minutes. That was when Kokoro's huge hatred of Sasuke came into play.

End Flashback!

"I will rip his guts out…" Kokoro muttered with malice as she put her stuff into her bag. Riku stared as she noticed her friend put a Tobi plushy in there. Riku would be a huge Tobi fan, still is, if Kokoro hadn't claimed him for herself. They had a rule that they couldn't fan girl in the same person from the same series.

"Yay, meeting Naruto!" Cameron said smiling. She had watched Riku watching Shippuden once and saw Naruto. Needless to say, even though she was 12, she though older Naruto was hot. She put her iPod in her bag as well as her DS. She also put her DVD player in the bag as well, she just hoped they had TV in the Narutoverse.

"Okay! Everyone ready?" Riku asked as everyone nodded. The Pendant got brighter as they walked into the white light.

Itachi, Hidan, Kisame, Sasori, Tobi, and Pein sat on the couch, watching Konoha's most wanted on their TV. It was a re-run and they found it utterly boring, seeing how it was about Itachi and killing his clan, and blah, blah, blah!

"This is boring…." Itachi said, unemotional as always. Everyone heaved a huge sigh as they continued watching the show.

"This is so freaking' boring!" Hidan muttered, he turned to Pein. "Leader-sama! Let me sacrifice someone for Jashin's sake!" How bored could one immortal Jashinist get? The Akatsuki may never know! "No…" Pein said not taking his eyes off the T.V for a second. Hidan huffed and went back to watching the show.

Suddenly they saw a flash of light and right in front of them where 4 girls. One of the girls looked around, and spotted everyone in the room.

"Oh my Jashin, we are in the Akatsuki…."

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