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The adventures of 4 fan girls and a Cyclops Fish

Chapter 5: Surprise! Damn there are too many of them….

Hidan woke up, having had a great dream about Jashin taking over the world. When he tried to get up, something was hugging his chest, and slightly breathing into it. He looked down to see an asleep Riku, who was muttering about cakes.

He blushed silently. Okay, he backtracked, I woke up in the middle of the night to knocking, then Riku appeared and said she had a nightmare. He finally relised they did nothing an s sighed. She was just scared.

Riku slowly got up, rubbing her eyes from the sleep. "Mmm, what time is it Hidan-san?"

Hidan looked over to the cock in his room, then replied, "8AM" Riku nodded, then smiled.

"Thank you for last night. I didn't know you could be so kind…" Riku muttered. She giggled, then ran out of the bedroom, ignorant of the run in Pein had last night.

Riku walked into the kitchen, the walked over to the cabinets to get a bowl for her favorite cereal, Ninjaos. When she saw there was no bowls left she slowly turned to the sink that was stacked with everyone's dirty dishes.

"#!#!!!!" Riku screamed afraid. Back at home she had to do the dishes for her family. Here she was not cleaning up after 9 grown men.

"I feel so bad for Konan-Nee…" Riku muttered. She looked around, then ran out of the room. Yes, she was definitely eating out for breakfast.

"Im home!" Zetsu sighed. "Angela, where art though my Angela!"

Everyone appeared, sweat dropping at the fact that Zetsu just recited Shakespeare. Ah yes, that wasn't the creepy part.

When Kate gave him the plant, which turned out to be a Venus fly trap, he hugged it very hard and actually started crying.

Kokoro just started laughing out loud, earning many strange looks from the men and Konan. Riku sighed, and Kate giggled. Cameron? Well, she had no idea what was happening.

"S-sorry", Kokoro said whipping away a tear ", Our friend has the same name, and she was a huge Zetsu fan. If she found out what was happening right now, she would be so pissed!"

"You have more friends that are fans of us?" Sasori asked, one wooden eyebrow raised.

"Yup, she was originally a Kisame fan, but we all know he is a loser fish…." Riku laughed pointing at Kisame who was now crying in a emo corner.

"Poor Kisa-kun", Kate said walking over to him and handing him a plushy of himself. Kate smiled innocently. "Now get out of my damn corner…." She then walked away leaving Kisame in a stunned silence.

"Okay….? Her name is Angela?" Pein asked, bored since he couldn't kill anyone right then and their.

Riku nodded. "We call her Kana though. Actually I call her Kana-Pickle," Riku giggled out. They all gave her a strange looked and dismissed it as normal.

"I wish she came with us…" Riku mutters before going into her room for her laptop. She came out and turned it on. Most of the members didn't know what it was, except Hdan, who knew what it was but never used it.

"Whats that and how much did it cost?!" Kakuzu growled as all the girl rolled their eyes.

"A laptop. it's a computer. You can see pictures, videos, and other things. And it didn't cost anything. It came from our world." Cameron stated. They all nodded, not really understanding. Riku sighed as it finished loading. She turned it around to show them.

As the desktop, Hidan stood in all his sexy glory. Riku pulled up a picture of the Akatsuki. "See? With this I can contact my old world. I just don't feel like it. Man, never thought I would have to explain a computer to anyone…"

Pein strode (AN: Oh, strode!) over to Riku. "Mind if I use it?" Wow he was being nice today.

"Sure, just don't break it OR go into the file named 'Naruto Videos' got it?!" Riku growled, serious for once.

Pein nodded his head, and took the laptop when she handed it to him. He learned the controls rather quickly and went to google.

'I need to know about Twin demons' He though as he typed in what he wished to find. He found a website, and quickly scanned the information. When he came to one line his eyes widened in shock.

'Twin demons slowly kill their host, so its best to get rid of them quickly.'

Pein thought he should tell Riku, but if he did, he would be killed by Daichi.

Jeez it was hard to be the leader of a criminal organization…

Riku sat, in her bedroom, on her bed. Next to her, cleaning his scythe, Hidan sat. Riku smiled at him and thought about last night, immediately making her face red.

'He's just a character in a manga. He is not really. If he is then… but it is possible…. OMG he is so cute!" Ah yes, Riku is scatterbrained. If Riku's face could be any redder it would be.

Hidan looked up from his cleaning. "What the hell is wrong, Riku?" Even though he was cursing, she knew he cared. She saw right through to the real Hidan.

"Its just, im so bored. Life was so exciting with Kana around. You know, if she was here I bet she would scream-" Riku started.

"Im a human, not a damn plant you bastard!" Came the scream of a pissed of voice.

"Oh crap", Riku muttered as she and Hidan ran into the living room. They saw a girl there. She was about 5' 1" and had long green hair that went down her back. Her light yellow eyes looked around pissed.

She looked at Riku who was standing next to Hidan. "Riku-chan!" She screamed, happily glomping the poor girl.

"Kana-Pickle!" Riku replied back.

"…" Everyone was quite.

"How did you get here Kana!" Riku asked.

"My plant started to Glow. So yeah, that it…" She replied lazily.

"Oh…." Everyone sweat dropped.

"But, yay, Kana is here. Cue all the fun!" Kate screamed glomping them. Kokoro ran up to them and glomped them as well.

"So, where are we?" Kana asked Confused.

"The Akatsuki…" Cameron sighed, obviously bored out of her mind.

"Really?" Kana asked. Riku gave her a grin.

"Who are you fangirling in now?" Riku asked quietly.

"Sasori!" Kana screamed glomping the poor puppeteer. "I would have done Hidan, but you claimed him so…." Riku blushed, when she saw Hidan grinning evilly at her. She turned around.

"Let hell begin!" Kate giggled. Pein sighed.

"Remember you have to meet the Hokage tomorrow. Kana…" He turned to the green haired girl. "I will give you your cloak tomorrow…"

"Hai… Pein-sama."

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