"Annabeth" I sang sitting down next to her by Zeus' fist.

"What do you want" she cantankerously replied.

"I'm sorry" I bowed my head. I wasn't sure what I was sorry for but I figured I'd done something to upset her so if I said I was sorry maybe she would tell me what I did.

"What for?" she laughed her golden hair waving in the breeze. I had the urge to touch it but I sat on my hands to stop them.

"Well I don't really know, you seemed upset and I just, you know, figured I must have done something so I thought I'd apologize" I explained sheepishly. She laughed again.

"You didn't do anything, silly, you know calling you seaweed brain is an insult to seaweed! They have a much higher brain capacity than you do Percy" she said throwing her hands in the air.

"HEY!" I punched her arm.

"Just kidding, no need to get violent! Jeez Percy" she rubbed her arm wincing.

"Are you ok?" I moved her hand away to look at her tanned arm. An ugly purple bruise took up a large portion of it.

"I AM SO SORRY" I squeaked, I had hurt her!

"Seaweed brain I'm fine, you didn't do that!" she cried.

"Then who did? Who hit my Annabeth? They are so dead" I was furious, who in the right mind would hit her!

"No one did! I got attacked by a hellhound, and since when was I your Annabeth" she pushed my hand away.

"Since forever" I frowned slightly.

"Last time I checked you didn't own me" she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Well then who does? How much do they want?" I joked.

"No one owns me! And if someone did I'd be worth like five pennies" she rolled her eyes. I disagreed with that, Annabeth was worth everything I owned.

"Well I've decided to kidnap you then! I own you" I wrapped my arms around her waist and we started wrestling.

"HELP KIDNAPPER" Annabeth half yelled, half laughed for the empty woods to hear.

"WHAT?" Grover came running out of the woods, twigs in his curly hair.

"Grover it was joke" I sighed.

"Sorry I don't mean to interrupt" he turned a furious red and tore his eyes away from us. What? Then I noticed Annabeth was kind of on top of me. She immediately jumped off, her cheeks flushing.

"You weren't interrupting anything" I said as the heat began to creep to my face. But he had already ran back into the woods.

I sat back down next to the fist and Annabeth sat down next to me. There was a very long awkward silence, sort of like an awkward hour. The conch shell ended it. It was dinner time. Annabeth stood up, dusting off the seat of her jeans and straightening her t-shirt. She offered me her hand and pulled me up.

We walked toward the dining pavilion hand and hand. I hated how we had to sit with our cabins. I had to sit all alone and it was terrible. I hated being alone in general. I'm just not one of those people that likes to be......alone. We made it to the door. I slipped my hand out of hers and was about to head to my table when Annabeth caught my wrist.

"For the record Percy I'm ok with me being ya know……..yours" she said softly and her cheeks tainted pink. I grinned.

"And I'm all yours Annabeth, all yours, no one else's" I said to myself as she spun on her heel.