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Percy's Point of View

Being dead is not fun.

I can tell you that. There are no video games, no swimming pools, no oceans or beaches, no sports, there's no television, no parties, no blue chocolate chip cookies, no cokes, no nothing. Most of all, no Annabeth, no Grover, no Chiron, no people.

Ok, yes, there are people, there's a lot of people but here's the thing: they're dead. Who wants to hang out with dead people? Call me crazy, dead people aren't very lively.


I refuse to admit it. I am alive. No, I'm not in denial. I am not dead and if I am, I'm going to find a way back up there. Why? Not for me. Not for my friends. Not for the prophecy but for Alex. I just have this urge to pound his skull in, yeah know? Once I injure him I can die in peace.

Now I've seen some pretty cool people down here, Hercules, Achilles, George Washington, Billy Mays, Michael Jackson (ok he was actually a little creepy), Benjamin Franklin, Jackie Robinson, my Great Uncle Joe, and a bunch of other really important people that would probably have Annabeth jumping up and down, and I'm still on this ridiculously long river with Charon going on and on and on about being overworked and underpaid. I was ready to rip my hair out.


I snapped my head up from my day dreaming, my eyes wide. That voice. That voice was the voice that haunted little children in their sleep. It's the scary movie bad guy voice. It's the creepy, insanely scary monster under your bed voice.

It was Hades, my uncle.

"Um, Lord Hades!" I stumbled to my feet and managed a bow.

"Come, boy."

Hades is a scary man, a very scary man. Not many things scare me, ok a lot of things scare me, but not many things scare me enough that I can't muster up the courage to face them. I thought I could muster up enough courage to face the frightening god, I really thought I could but looking at his swirling cloak of lost souls and his gaunt sunken face and his thin lips I was very scared. It wasn't just the creepy cloak, sunken face and barely there lips though, if that was all there was it would have been just scary. But that wasn't it, it was his sad, sad eyes that made me not want to get up. He just looked so heartbroken and it made my heart break because I shouldn't be afraid of someone this sad. It made me feel almost guilty.

However, I am Percy Jackson and he is my uncle and it's silly for me to be afraid of him so I stood up and allowed him to grab my arm and "zap" us to his palace.

Hade's palace is not a pretty place. It's a scary place. Everything is all dusty and covered in spiderwebs and there's skeletons lurking in corners and bats flapping near the high, vaulted ceilings and everything black and grey and red and just plain scary, like pee your pants scary. The floors were dusty and stone and it sort of reminded me of a dungeon. I'm not so big on dungeons

"It's so empty here without Persephone, I hate summer…" He trailed off murmuring under his breath.

"Um, sir, not to be rude or anything but is there something you want?" I met Hades eyes as he sunk into a bone chair, talk about creepy, huh? And then, get this, he offered me a bone chair! I politely declined, nor siree, no bone chairs for Percy.

Hades rubbed the bridge of his long nose and emitted a long sigh. "I'm giving you an option."

"What kind of option." I asked.

"Percy, would you like to live again."

I just stopped breathing, no kidding. Seriously if I wasn't dead already (yes I've finally accepted the fact) I would have died of….um, what'd you call it....... maloxygenation? Yeah, that's a word….I think. Oxygen is key when you're living, not so much when you're….deading? Haha, I'm just full of wonderful words today.

"Well…..duh!" I cried. Of course I want to live! What is he crazy?

"Is this duh a….slang term?"

"Yes Uncle Hades." I resisted the urge to snort. "It means, like, obviously."

"So you mean yes."


"Yes it means yes or yes to wanting to live?"


"Yes to meaning yes or yes to yes to wanting to live?"



"Uncle Hades, yes to everything!"


I shifted my weight from foot to foot and rubbed my temples. That really hurt my brain, really, really hurt my brain.

"So, urm, Lord Hades how do you propose that I live again?"

"Well I am a god!"

"So what are you waiting for? Make me live, dude!"

"Dude? Is that some sort of slang word?"

"Yeah, it means, like man."

"So you mean 'make me live, man?'?" He raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the left, chewing on his lip, utter bewilderment written across his face. You would have thought he'd keep up with the modern things. I guess being isolated and surrounded by dead people from the past kind of keeps you in past.

"Yes and don't you dare go off on another tangent!" I wagged my index finger at him.

"Yes sir, I mean….wait, don't tell me what to do!" He hung his head in shame and then lifted it again, realizing that I probably shouldn't be ordering him around.

"I'm sorry Lord Hades."

"Good, now as far as making you live again, I can't just… it. That would be unfair and everyone else would want me to make them live so I can't just do it. Capeesh ?"

"Capeesh, so how do you propose to make me live again?"

"Well that little girlfriend of yours –"

"Annabeth is not my girlfriend!" I blushed a furious shade of red.

"I didn't even say Annabeth." He raised an eyebrow at me before continuing. "As I was saying. Annabeth, who is not"-- he rolled his eyes-- "your girlfriend is on a quest to bring you back. Apparently the world can't go on without Percy Jackson"-- he rolled his eyes again—"And my stupid son went off to go help."


He lowered his voice and leaned in closer before continuing. "Percy, Nico cannot be the prophecy kid. He's too young, too confused. Kronos has aged him and in seven days, two days after your birthday, he'll be sixteen. We can't let him get to sixteen before you. I'm going to er-speed up their journey and make it a littler er-easier for them to 'bring you back.'"


"He aged Nico, he's fifteen, nearly sixteen."

"How could you let that happen?"

"He's not my responsibility!"

"He's your son!"

"I don't have the time to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble!"

"Lord Hades, with all do respect, isn't keeping your son from being the prophecy kid, saving the world pretty much, worth your time?"

"Who's making you live again?"

I fell silent.

"You are, sir."

"That's what I thought."

I fiddled with my thumbs. Don't mess with the guy bringing you back to life, it's logical really and without Annabeth here I have to be logical on my own so I shut my mouth.

"You are dismissed, Percy."

"Thank you Uncle Hades."

What if Nico didn't make it? What if Kronos got to them before they got to me? What if for some reason they decided Nico was good enough and they didn't need me anymore? What if they just left me here, dead…..

I was scared. I was scared to be dead, scared that I wouldn't see the people I loved ever again, scared that for once in my life I was completely and totally helpless because I couldn't help, I couldn't be there to jump in front of Nico when a sword was coming, to put my arms around Annabeth when she cried. I couldn't be there. So yes, I was very scared.

I think though that being scared is ok, because you can still be courageous because being courageous isn't about not being afraid of anything, being courageous is rather about facing things that you know you're afraid of. So I stood up, leaving behind my uncle and his palace and I strode towards Elysian with my head held high.

What would I give to punch Alex right now?

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