Chapter 47: Slipped Away


I brushed kelp and weeds out of my way as I dived deeper and faster when I began to see some of Kelsey's hair trapped in the weeds.

I reached the rock the plant life was anchored to and began to fan out, searching. I saw a break in the ferns that the current was making and dove for it.

Kelsey was falling, sinking innocently to the rock. She hit it with a smack that even I heard, and I winced, swimming over, and hovering above her, unsure.


I desperately hung on to the force field as the blows came. I had to keep it up, Eric would die or be encased in rock for who knows how long if I let go. I slipped dangerously after the first blow.

I couldn't take much more. The second blow came. I fought with all my remaining strength, but when I hit something cool and soft, I lost focus, and it slipped away, and somewhere far inside me, I felt it shatter.


I fell, feeling things brushing past me as the energy I didn't want came rushing back. My whole body lurched as I slammed into something, something hard. After a second, I unwillingly opened my eyes.

It took a minute for the writhing black tunnel vision to fade. Then I couldn't believe my eyes. Eric was floating above me, and I was underwater. His face was so worried as he floated down a little farther to me.

"Kelsey?" he almost whispered, I could see that he was terribly afraid. With a shaking hand, I reached up and touched his face. I had to be dreaming. I smiled and closed my eyes as my finger fell off his face.

I felt his cool hand grasp my wrist before my arm could fall limply back to my side. I felt his kisses on my hand, going down my arm. Then his strong hands were lifting me off the rock by my shoulders, then around my waist.

I felt him push off, and only supported myself a little. I was confused. What had happened to me, and how did he get out? The rock should have fallen and killed him.

I breathed when my head broke the water, and in less than a minute, Eric's sure strokes had led us to the banks. He pulled me easily onto the shoreline, and I could tell time had passed; the sun didn't dance on my eyelids.

Then his lips were burning their shape into mine, and my eyes fluttered open in surprise. He had propped me up, and was kissing me like he had wanted to before. Hesitantly, and after some struggle, I put my arms around his neck, and let him pull me to my feet, lean me against the rock, and kiss me some more.

I let my arms slide down to his waist, and I had to catch them there with my hands grabbing onto his shirt. I was exhausted and leaned against the rock limply.

He hoisted me back up as I started to slide, and when I didn't hold myself up, he caught me, now concerned.

I was breathing in slow, careful gasps, and was dead limp again; but I wasn't slipping away again. I was just tired, and confused. He slid down the rock, holding me, and we landed with a slight bump into the sand, and my eyes focused on the rest of the family making their way over.

Carlisle was there first. His hands were lightly skimming my forehead, rubbing my temples. I closed my eyes, wiped.

"Kelsey…are you alright? Does anything hurt?" his voice broke through my quiet daydream, and Eric rubbed my shoulders.

"I'm tired is all." I tried to say, but the whisper died on "I'm." I weakly lifted my hands to sign, but Edward beat me to the punch.

"She's exhausted." He said, his voice radiating surprise. I let my hands fall into my lap once more. Eric swept me up bridal style, and I only lifted my head to tuck it in-between his arm and his side.

All I did was close my eyes and breathe the whole way home.

As I look back on it all, a month later, I realize that I'm glad I evolved. I'm glad because I never would have met Eric. He is everything to me now, and we take care of and support each other.

And who knows? I might just keep evolving, not just genetically, but mentally, physically, and emotionally. Romantically. Metaphorically.

Who besides Alice, knows what the future will hold?

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