Ren's Birthday

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" " is talking

' ' is thinking

* * grudge kyoko (not in flashback)

Chapter 1

"Ano, Tsuruga san..." Kyoko's voice died a quiet death after seeing the look on Ren's face. She went back to sitting stiffly straight, facing the road as they drove to L.M.E. 'I can't even bring myself to ask him what's wrong. He doesn't seem to be angry, but...his face looks so...' She snuck a look at Ren's face, which had an ever-changing expression.

Kyoko had never seen anyone who could change their aura so quickly. From sad, to happy, back to sad, then depressed, then hopeful, then ecstatic, then crestfallen. It went on and on...

Finally, Kyoko couldn't stand the silence and her own curiosity any longer. She cleared her throat, straightened her shoulders, and without turning to face him, said, "Ano, Tsuruga san, I know it's not my place to ask... but ever since we left the Dark Moon set, you've been acting strangely. I-I was just wondering—" *Ah, I feel it, this anger feels sooo nice.* Her anger antenna suddenly popped out, freezing Kyoko into a block of ice. *It's coming from over here, over heeere...*

The ice cracked as Kyoko slowly turned her head to look at Ren, 'Oh no, I shouldn't have asked, I shouldn't have opened my mouth.' Kyoko mentally cringed when she saw her anger antenna lovingly wrapped around Tsuruga san as he aimed a dazzlingly bright smile at Kyoko.

"Yes Mogami san? Just what was it you were wondering?" The brightness increased as Kyoko cowered back in her seat.

"I'm sorry!" She burst out crying, "I didn't mean to make you angry Tsuruga san!" she wailed, startling a surprised laugh out of Ren.

"What makes you think I'm angry? I'm just in a bit of a thinking mood, that's all..." Ren murmured, lying through his teeth. Focusing back on the road ahead of him, Ren sighed as he went back to the thoughts that had been churning around in his mind ever since Lory Takarada, the president of L.M.E., had called him at the Dark Moon set, and told him to bring Kyoko back with him to L.M.E.


"Okay everyone, that's it for today," Director Ogata clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. "We'll be finishing up the last few scenes in Episode 18 on Saturday, so have a good evening!"

As Ren turned to talk to Yashiro, he caught sight of Kyoko's bandage on her right wrist and hurriedly said. "Yashiro san, wait here for me a moment."

Yashiro shook his head and replied, "I have to take care of some business in L.M.E. right away. I'm going with Director Ogata since he wants to talk to the president about Dark Moon's ratings. I'll see you tomorrow." He slyly nudged Ren in Kyoko's direction, who had finished changing into her regular clothes and was getting ready to leave. "I know you want to have a chat with her about her accident, so I'll leave you two alone. Don't screw up this chance!" and with that, Yashiro left quickly, a gleeful smile curving his mouth in, what some would say, a sinister manner.

Ren watched as Yashiro disappeared from sight, sighed, and turned to where he'd seen Kyoko, only to find her outside talking to Momose chan, who played the part of Mizuki, cousin to Kyoko's Mio. He smiled to see her so animated, but quickly wiped the smile off his face as he remembered his reason for wanting to talk to her in the first place. Instead, pasting on the fake smile that was his trademark.

"Mogami san," he called, as he walked up to them, "I'd like to speak to you for a minute, if you don't mind."

Kyoko glanced at Momose, who smiled and nodded her head graciously. "Go ahead, I'll see you on Saturday," and with that, she left the two of them alone in front of the entrance.

Kyoko looked at Ren warily, but then, she usually did nowadays whenever he smiled at her like that. "Eto, what's the matter, Tsuruga san?"

The fake smile faded suddenly as Ren asked, "Why didn't you tell me before about your hand? From what I've heard from Director Ogata, it happened over three weeks ago. Even though there haven't been any Katsuki vs. Mio scenes lately before today, you still could have called me..."

"I'm so sorry Tsuruga san!" Kyoko said earnestly, "I just didn't want you to worry about me, that's all. Besides, the doctor said that my wrist should be completely healed by Monday, so that's a relief."

Ren sighed as he look down upon Kyoko's smiling face. "I still can't believe you fell down the stairs though. I didn't think you would be that clumsy."

Kyoko laughed nervously and replied, "Well, I was carrying a few drinks in hand for lunch, and I was on a diet for Natsu, so I was more careless than usual." Kyoko bowed deeply, "I'm so sorry, really, I know it was extremely unprofessional on my part. I promise I'll be more careful from now on. I've already been scolded for protecting the drinks over myself, so, it won't happen again!"

Ren's eyes narrowed, 'she's hiding something again,' but before he could voice his suspicions, his phone started singing a soft melody. "Excuse me for a minute, it's from the President" he said, as he answered the phone. Ren heard Kyoko breathe a sigh of relief and thought that they would definitely continue this conversation later.


"Ah, Ren, good evening. By any chance is Kyoko chan with you at the moment?"

Ren glanced over at Kyoko, who was pushing her bike over to where Ren was standing, "Uh, yes, she's here."

"Good, good." Lory chuckled, "Bring her with you to L.M.E now, would you? I need to talk to you about the photo shoot you're in next Tuesday; I've recommended Kyoko chan to model in it as well."

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