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It's a burden. Remembering what no one else does.

My name is Tsukino Usagi, and when I was only sixteen years old I saved the world. Yes, clumsy, scatter brained, always late Usagi saved the world. Because, you see, I was once the pretty Solider Sailor Moon. I destroyed the evil Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom, and as I lay dying I made one wish upon the Ginzuishou; for everything to be peaceful again, for everyone to be happy again. For the world to be safe again.

And I actually got my wish.

I woke up the next day, in my bed! I was late for school, and during the day no one mentioned Sailor Moon. No one mentioned the strange attacks that had been happening, the people who had been drained of energy. Nothing. And I didn't have my Senshi anymore.

I went to school and Ami wasn't there in class, ever ready with the answer. Makoto and Minako weren't waiting for me under the tree at lunch. I didn't see Rei sweeping the steps of the shrine on my way to the Crown. I didn't see Haruku's sports car zipping past with Michiru and Hotaru in the passenger seats. And I certainly didn't find Mamoru waiting for me at the Crown when I finally walked through the doors.

I think that's what hurt the most.

So it truly is a burden remembering what everyone else has forgotten, when you have to remember what you've lost. But fate didn't completely forsake me. Slowly, one by one, my Senshi came back to me.

After I defeated the Dark Kingdom I found I had a new lease on life, so to speak, and I finally buckled down in my studies. The summer I turned seventeen I went away to a special camp for honor students, and that is were I met Ami again. That fall I was volunteering at a soup kitchen and found Rei; we ended up arguing over who would serve the food, and who would bus the tables (we both lost and ended up on dish washing duty).

When I enrolled into University I met Makoto in my English Lit. class. And I found Minako in Art History. She had been fairly successful in her acting career, so she had a small circle of famous friends, including the amazing concert virtuoso Kaioh Michiru, and her partner, the racing champion, Tenoh Haruka. They had adopted little Hotaru shortly after I met them.

Now it's been six years, I am twenty-two, living in a fabulous studio apartment in down town Tokyo, and am co-owner of the very popular night club "Elements." It's part bar, part lounge, and we have regular bands that perform. Makoto and I opened it as soon as we were old enough. I have grown out of my clumsy stage… mostly. But I still have my odangos!

Life is pretty good, in addition to my wonderful Senshi, I also have the Shitennou now. Guardians to the Prince of Earth, and soul mates to my Inner Senshi.

Kunzite, the stoic leader.
Nephrite, the mystic.
Zoisite, the brains.
And last, but certainly not least, Jadeite, the heart.

But of course there is one missing piece to the puzzle; their prince and my soul mate, Endymion. Known now as Chiba Mamoru, but known to me simply as Mamo-Chan.

I have searched far and wide for him, but it's proven impossible. You would think I would be able to find him. I've asked everyone I could think of, I've searched school records.. Do I even get a tiny morsel to chew on? Nope. The only thing I found was an old news article, about a family that died in a car wreck a several years ago on August 3rd. I know his parents had died in a car wreck on his birthday. But there was no way, no how, that he had died too. I would know. I would feel it in my soul. So I continue my search for him…..

So here we are today: Saturday, October 14th and I am late. Scratch that. Very late.
I had been handing out fliers earlier for the band audition later at the club, and had completely lost track of time. I ran all the way back to my place to change for the night; now I'm off again with another stack of fliers just in case I run into someone who might be interested.

I really hope Rei isn't around to mock me, I haven't been late in years! I glance at my watch to see exactly how late I am, and BAM! I quite literally run into someone. Fliers go, well, flying, everywhere and I scramble to get them back in order, all the while making profuse apologies.

As I'm gathering up the last of them I finally notice the person in front of me, well, I noticed their shoes. Sneakers, grey sketchers to be exact, looking a little worse for the wear too. Slowly my eyes slither up long legs encased in green ER scrubs, up to a lean waist, broad shoulders (covered by a black leather jacket), and a long, surprisingly elegant neck for a man (for the body I am looking at is entirely masculine). Further up still I find myself looking at a strong jaw with a dark five o'clock shadow, high cheek bones, a royal looking nose, and finally… finally my cornflower blue eyes lock onto the deepest, darkest, midnight blue eyes I have ever seen. Eyes I know all too well.

I finally notice that he's holding out a stack of fliers to me and I take them slowly. When the hand still remains in front of my face, I realize I'm supposed to take it, and he gently pulls me to my feet. All the while I'm still staring at him wide eyed.

"Are you alright?" My stomach did a somersault at the sound of his deep, rich voice.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah! I'm fine, th-thank you! I'm sorry I ran into you, but you see I'm late and I was thinking about how angry my friends will be that I wasn't watching where I was going. You see there's an audition later, for the band, and I'm supposed to be there to help set up and open the bar and everything, but I was handing out fliers and just lost track of time…" Oh Kami! I'm rambling. Stop rambling Usagi!

"But thank you again! Here!" I hold a flier out to him clutching the others to be my chest, all the while staring at the ground because I find I can't look at his face anymore. "You should stop by, it might be fun, unless you're not into that kind of thing, which is cool." Oh Kami, oh Kami, oh Kami! You haven't seen him in years, you've been waiting and now you can't stop babbling like a moron. What is wrong with you Usagi!

I slowly back away, heading toward the club; not really wanting to continue this travesty one might call a conversation, but not really wanting to leave him either.

"Are you in the band?" He asks curiously glancing at the flier.

"Me? Oh no! It's my friends band, I love music, but I have no talent for it. I sound like a dying cat when I sing." Mouth meet foot.. Mm tasty.

"But really you should stop by, you can have a drink, on me! As an apology for running into you. Unless you have something better to do? If not, just ask for Usagi!" I duck around the corner, stop, and quickly backtrack before he can leave; "I'm Usagi by the way!" And I'm gone again around the corner, but I can hear him laughingly call behind me; "I gathered that much. My name is Mamoru!"

I was on cloud nine all the way to the club.

"OI! Usagi you're late!" Rei screeched as soon as I entered walked through the door. Aww, it was just like old times! "I can't believe you're this late either, you haven't been late since you were in junior high!"

"Oh give her break Rei-chan, and besides you didn't even know her in junior high." Makoto cut in, while unloading a create of beer into the cooler. Rei paused at the comment. Oh, might she actually remember? Come on Rei, you out of anyone should be able to remember when you were a Senshi! Come on, come on!

"No, I didn't, but I've heard the stories." Rei finally drawls, sticking her tongue out at Makoto's back.

Fine, better luck next time. In the long run, it doesn't really matter if they remember, since I have them all in my life again. But it would be nice to have someone to reminisce with, and someone to understand this gaping hole in my heart… but that might soon be filled….

"Why are you late anyway?" Rei asked turning back to me.

"Oh, well, I lost track of time handing out fliers, and then I crashed into someone and the fliers went all over the ground…"

"Ran into someone? A male someone!" Minako practically pounced on me. "Was he cute? Did you get his name? Number?" She was bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Oh come off it Minako, you don't even know who she crashed into, and why does it matter anyway?" Rei crossed her arms and looked down her nose at Minako.

"Be-cause!" Somehow, even at twenty-two, Minako could still sound like a teenager. "She is my wonderful, dear friend and I want her to meet someone nice. Someone to make her happy. Someone who will treat her like a.. a princess!" She finished with a triumphant fist in the air.

"Mmhmm, and some random man on the side of the road is going to be it?" A perfectly sculpted black eyebrow arched high.

"He could! You never know when love might strike! Look at you and Jadeite, complete opposites, but completely perfect for each other." She wiggled her eyebrows, and Rei had the grace to blush. "Now as for you missy!" Minako whirled around on me, "spill!"

"There's nothing to spill. I ran into a guy, fell on the ground, cleaned up my fallen flies and was on my way again." Minako and Rei both glared at me, I never was any good at lying. My eyes get shifty. It was at this point I noticed Makoto listening intently behind them, along with Ami. Where the heck did she pop out from anyway?
"Oh fine! I ran into a completely gorgeous man dressed in medical scrubs. His name is Mamoru, he is tall, with silky black hair that falls into his amazingly deep midnight blue eyes and I made a complete fool of myself. I couldn't stop babbling, but I did manage to give him a flyer and invite him here for a drink to apologize for running into him. But he won't come because, as I said, I made a fool of myself." I sank down onto a barstool, and started my internal freak out. What if he didn't come! He didn't know me, didn't remember me. I was just some crazy girl on the side of the street who never shuts up. Oh no. oh no, no, no, no.

"Oh, Usagi! Don't say that. You're beautiful, any man would love it if you asked him out for a drink!" Ami gave me a reassuring pat on the back.

"Yeah! I would totally do you!"

"Jadeite! You pervert!" Rei bellowed at her boyfriend. He, along with the rest of the guys had come waltzing through the doors. I looked at the clock above the door and realized how late it was now; they would have to start setting up soon for the auditions.

"What? I'm just saying, she's very attractive. If I were a single man I would definitely ask her on a date." Jadeite gave Rei a full on grin and a cheeky wink. Her eye twitched.

"I think it would be best if you just shut up now and didn't speak for the rest of the night, Jade." The ever wise Kunzite said before giving Minako a quick kiss hello. She in turn wrapped her arms around his waist and practically melted against him.

Sometimes my friends made me nauseous.

About half an hour later the band had finished setting up, and Makoto and I had finished our normal chores for opening. The only thing left was to wait for the people to come. The band, otherwise known as, Psyche, consisted of Jadeite on the drums, Nephrite on Bass, Rei on keyboards and backing vocals, and Minako on lead vocals. They were currently auditioning for a new guitarist. The old one had moved away because of a family emergency, or something, it had all happened quite hastily.

Kunzite, their manager, had had the ingenious plan of the using the club for the tryouts. They all wanted Zoisite to join, but as he had pointed out, he hadn't played since high school nor did he have the time to practice, as he and Ami had their hands full starting their internships at the hospital.

The afternoon progressed slowly. My goodness but some of the people were bad. I don't even think I could be as bad as them. I giggled to myself, maybe I should give it a shot! Just as I was about to suggest it to Kunzite I got a sharp jab in the ribs. I turned to glare at Makoto, but she only hissed at me to look at the door. I turned around and was met with the most glorious of sights! Standing there, silhouetted against the setting sun, was my Mamo-chan. He came after all!

He was dressed in black jeans and a royal blue dress shirt that brought out his eyes. The leather jacket from before still covered his broad back, and his eyes were darting around the room looking … they finally stopped on me and he gave a small smile before making his way over.

"Hi." He said while taking a seat in the vacant stool in front of me.

"H-hi." I couldn't help it, but I knew I was grinning like an idiot.

"So, you're the guy that Usagi plowed down today? I'm Kino Makoto, her friend and business partner." Makoto stuck out her hand. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.. must she bring this up now?

"Yeah, I guess I am. Chiba Mamoru, pleasure to meet you." He shook her hand. "Business partner you say? You two own this place then?" He asked while he looked around.

"Yup! Been open over a year now." Makoto smiled proudly and turned back to Mamoru. "Are you new around here Mamoru?"

"Yeah, kinda, I just transferred to Tokyo General a month ago from Boston. I grew up in Japan, but I've been in the states for the past seven years, since I was eighteen." He shrugged. Well, at least that explains why I couldn't find you! Off in the states, I should have known…. heh.

"Oh! Have you met any of the interns yet? We have two of them over there, Ibana Zoisite and Mizuno Ami." She pointed to where the couple sat in the lounge area pouring over some new medical texts.

"Yes, I actually met Zoisite-san yesterday, and I've heard quite a lot about Mizuno-san, she's bit of a prodigy, isn't she?" Mamoru nodded while turning back to Makoto. I could see Makoto revving up to start her grilling process, she should join the police I swear, but I interrupt her before she gets too carried away.

"I believe I owe you a drink Mamoru-san." I smiled brightly, which he returned. Yay!

"Well, you offered it as an apology, but why you need to apologize is beyond me. I can think of far worse things than running into a beautiful woman." I blushed before haltingly asking him what he would like. "A beer would be great."

I pulled the draft quickly, and three of us had a nice little chat. I actually spoke semi-intelligently with minimal babbling. We talked about the auditions going on, how we started the bar up, and how the group of us met. Mamoru talked about school in the States and life as a doctor. It was quite nice. Mamoru had asked Makoto about her growing up in orphanages, something they shared in common, but just as she was about to answer him Kunzite came lumbering up and sat down heavily on a stool.

"Give me a shot." He barked moodily.

"What kind?" Makoto asked sweetly, throwing a bar towel over her shoulder.

"Any kind! No, something one hundred proof? This has been the most agonizing day ever." His head dropped to the bar top with a sickening thump.

"Oh now Kunzy! They weren't all that bad.." Jadeite breezed up, patting Kunzite on the back while taking a seat next to Mamoru.

"You're right, they weren't 'bad'; they were horrendous!" Kunzite shot the blond a death glare. "Things were going to so well with Yuuichirou; he was good and he worked well with the group. Now we have to find someone else and hope they can gel with you lot. Hey, thanks Mako-chan." Kunzite brightened up slightly as Makoto slid him a shot of bourbon.

"Eh, Yuuichirou was over-rated if you ask me. Besides, he couldn't ever keep his eyes off Rei." Jadeite grumbled.

"Oooooh! Is that jealousy I hear in your voice Jadeite? I never thought you were the type." Minako bounced up and leaned against Kunzite's back.

"Jealous? Of him? Please! I just didn't like the way he looked at my woman."

"Your woman? I am not an object Jadeite-baka! You are such a pig! Besides, I always thought he was kind of sweet." Rei finished with a wistful twist of her hair.

Jadeite turned his back on her and slumped over the bar muttering, "well if you like him so much, why don't you just move away with him then?" Rei leaned over, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed the back of his neck. Jadeite shuttered. "Because I like it here with you…. even if you are a pompous baka half the time."

Oh yes, my friends definitely made me nauseous.

Rei, realizing that they were in a public place, disengaged herself from her boyfriend and cleared her throat nervously.

Slightly awkward silence…

"Oh! Are you guy that Usagi almost killed?" Thank you Minako, can always count on you to liven things up.

"Apparently I am." Mamoru smiled, giving me a wink, and my knees are jelly. After a quick round of introductions, and re-introductions in Zoisite's case, since those two finally decided to join the group. Ami seemed a little flushed though. I have this feeling the new medical texts weren't the only thing they were studying. Such hentais those two. Tsk, tsk.

A round of drinks, and much ice breaking later, I've had no time alone to talk with Mamoru. But he does look very nice tonight, I wonder if he did it for me? Oh, he must think I'm cute. Score one for me! Oh, Nephrite is saying something, better pretend like I'm paying attention…

".. really, you did? Why don't you go give it a try? You honestly can't be any worse than anyone else we've heard today."

"I guess I could, no harm right?" Mamoru shrugged before draining his beer and standing up. I watched as he slowly made his way down the few stairs to the dance floor and walking across to the stage. Oh my Kami. He's going to play the guitar? I wonder how he would feel if I played groupie? I watched as he took off his leather jacket and hung it on a nearby chair… maybe I could throw my bra on stage?

"Uh, any requests?" Mamoru asked tentatively while settling the guitar strap over his shoulder.

"FREE BIRD!" Jadeite yelled at the top of lungs while throwing his hands in the air. Mamoru chuckled softly before starting to bob his head a little, finding the tune, and picking it out on the guitar. Hey, he's actually pretty good! Yay Mamo-chan! Definitely need to throw my bra on stage now.

"Now do Stairway to Heaven!" Nephrite ordered.

"Can't you guys think of something slightly more original?" Mamoru grumbled before starting the chords of that song as well.

"Oh fine, your majesty, if you don't like our suggestions play your own damn music." Nephrite muttered under his breath while crossing his arms over his chest.

"So I'm the entertainment now? Yeesh. Did you want me to sing too? Maybe a little dance?"

"Can you?" Minako piped up. "Sing I mean! Oh, if you could that would be great. We need a male that can sing in the group. I have this duet I'm working on!"

"Well, I guess I can sing, but I don't know if I'm all that good." Mamoru rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"Oh! Give it a try, you can't be any worse than Usagi!" Aww, thanks Minako, I love you too. I swear I will get eye strain from rolling them so much with her around. When I bring my eyes back to ground level I find Mamoru looking at me very intently. "Alright," he says slowly, "I'll sing."

He settles down on the stool on stage and starts picking out a song, it seems familiar. After a few chords I realize it's an old Beatles song. He really is very good at this guitar thing. Then he opens his mouth to sing…. I'm dead. He's too sexy. His voice is deep and melodious.

"I've just see a face,
I can't forget the time or place
That we'd just met, she's just the girl for me
And I want all the world to see we've met
Mmm mmm mmm m-mmm mmm

Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way
But I had never been aware
And as it is I'll dream of her tonight
Di di di di-n'di

Falling, yes I am falling
And she keeps calling me back again"

I listening intently while he sings the song. It's a little slower than the original but about five times sexier. Gods how I love him.

At the end I notice that the girls are all swooning, and the guys are looking slightly annoyed, but also impressed. I watch as Minako jumps up from her seat, all the while screaming "Oh! Oh!" She hops down to her beg by the stage and picks out some sheet music. "Will you please play one song with us? Just one, it'll be fun!" She thrusts the sheet music in his face as she says all this.

"Sure, just let me see it for a minute, okay?" He takes the paper from her hand, and she starts motioning for the band to come on stage. The rest of us make our way to the front of the stage and take our seats. Mamoru grabs a stand to hold the music and starts fiddling with his guitar. "You know, this is really good." He says before he starts humming the tune softly.

"I know, Rei and I are geniuses." Minako boasts as she sets up her mic stand. "You and I? *ahem* I was the one who wrote it, not you!" Rei tosses her hair over her shoulder and starts the first few notes of "Oh Starry Night."

I am lost in my groupie fantasies as they play but all too soon the song is over. Encore, encore! Preferably it will be just me and Mamo-chan back at my place… Oh Kunzite's talking now, better listen.

"Will you please join the group? I will get on my knees and beg if I have to, and anyone here will tell that is no small feat!" Kunzite looked imploringly at Mamoru.

"I don't know. It would be fun, you guys are great, but I just started my residency. How would I ever find the time?" Mamoru shrugged.

"We'll make time for you! We'll work with your schedule… then when we hit it big you'll just have to quit." Minako smiled sweetly up at him, batting her doe eyes at him.

"Besides, band members get free drinks at Elements, that 's always a plus, right?" Jadeite suggested.

"Mmm, I don't know Jade, if he keeps flirting with Usagi he might not need to be in the band to get free drinks." Nephrite mused… loudly. I accidentally stepped on his foot... hard. "Ow! Son of a…!" He cursed hopping on one foot. Makoto was more than happy to kiss his hurts away. Funny, when I was little my mom always kissed the boo-boo, not my lips. And look, I'm still nauseated.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Minako clapping loudly and I turned to see Kunzite throwing his arm around Mamoru's shoulders. "Welcome to the band, mate!"

Ooooh! This means I'll being seeing more of Mamoru. More time to get to know him again, to make him fall in love with me.. again. Of course he sang that song to me so he must like me already.


As the night went on the club began to fill with people until it was packed, and I sat watching Usagi flit around serving customers. She was gorgeous. I barely knew her, but I felt this strange connection with her, something I've never felt before. I watch her mixing a drink behind the bar; silky blonde hair swaying behind her from two bizarrely fitting odangos on top of her head.
I turn around when Usagi waves to someone who had just entered the club, and spy a girl around Usagi's age with red hair; she walks behind the bar, and exchanges a few words with Usagi. Quickly I realize she's Usagi's replacement for the night.

Usagi finishes mixing up two drinks and makes her way to me. Well, not to me exactly, but to the table I'm sitting at with her friends.

She sits down beside me and slides one of the drinks toward me.

"You looked thirsty." She says over the bar noise, close to my ear. "It's one of our specials; a 'Silver Moon'. Try it, you'll like it." She urges gently and I take a sip. It is quite good, smooth, sweet, but not overly so. I take another sip.

I join in the conversation, but only half heartedly, I'm mostly watching her. I'm memorized by her shining smile, clear blue eyes, and her laugh; her sweet tinkling laugh. Rei is teasing her now about something and I turn to see Usagi's reaction, but she's not paying one bit of attention to what we're saying. She's staring at the entrance of the club and then she bolts out of her seat and runs up to some.. Man. I think I growled. I'm not really sure, but I must've made some noise because Minako is elbowing me in the ribs.

"Down tiger." She winks at me.

"Is that some old boyfriend?" I ask. Oh please be an ex-boyfriend, and not her *gulp* current one.

"No, she isn't Usagi's boyfriend." Minako giggles at me, stressing the 'she'. I turn back to Usagi and this person, and see that I was wrong. I quickly realize that the person she is talking to is most definitely female, but with her blond hair cropped so short and her more masculine clothes, I feel it was an easy mistake to make.

"Or girlfriend for that matter. That's Haruka, and the girl with the aqua hair standing next to her is her partner, Michiru. They're probably having a night out while the rug rat is at home." Minako takes a dainty sip of her Pine Colada. "So nothing to worry about stud, Usagi is as single as single can be." She adds in a sing-song voice.

I stare at her, mouth agape. She just pats my cheek.

"I can see right through you Mamoru-san, you have the hots for our dear Usagi. But I'll let you in on a little secret." She motions for me to lean in closer. "She has the hots for you too!" Minako stage whispered in my ear. I'm sure my eyes were as big as saucers.

"I think.." she trails off, and I realize two things; one: she is more than a little bit tipsy. And two: I don't want to know what she thinks. "I think when Usagi comes back you should ask her to dance."

"Yeah, it'll be a nice slow song by then." Rei added from the other side of Minako. Now how long had she been listening?

"How do you know that?" I ask her skeptically. "I just do," came the mysterious reply. And for some insane reason, I believe her. I look around the group and realize how comfortable I feel with them; like I had known them for years. It felt almost like a.. a family….

After a nice little chat with Haruka and Michiru, and an update on little Hotaru, we made our way to the booth in the corner. I quickly introduced Haruka and Michiru to Mamoru and just as we were about to sit down, Mamoru stood from his seat and asks me if I would like to dance. Well, now how could I say no to that?

He took my hand and I can still feel that bolt of electricity shoot through me. He led me down to the dance floor and I'm only barely aware of the song that's playing, something with a lot of bass. He takes me into his arms and I realize that another song is starting. The Moonlight Densetsu? What the.. I glance over to the DJ and see that Minako and Rei are hiding in the shadows. How on the Moon did they get a recording? Have I ever shown either of them my locket? I'll have to grill them later, right now I have far more important things to concentrate on.

Like resisting the urge to kiss Mamo-chan.

I rest my head on his shoulder and just let him lead me around the dance floor. The song is over far too soon and another one starts up, something more pop-y, and we continue to dance. I'm not sure how many songs we danced to really, all I knew was how it felt to be in his arms again.

After a particularly fun rock song from the states I started to get tired and the room is stifling hot.

"Wanna get some fresh air?" I suggest over the thumping bass.

"Sounds like a good idea." I grab his hand and lead him to the stock room behind the bar. We wind around the boxes and extra chairs stuck back there before emerging in the back ally. It's quiet, and cold! I shiver almost immediately. Mamoru wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls my body against his. I stare up at him. "You looked cold." He shrugs. Never mind the fact that we could've just gone back in side.

"Where do these come from?" He asks, gently tracing one of my buns with his free hand.

"I've just always worn them; it's my thing." I giggle lightly.

"They look like odangos…. Hmm. Odango Atama. I think I like that." He chuckles gently.

"Mou, don't call me that Mamoru-baka!" I let out a breathe, which comes out like a puff of white smoke in front of my face, and cross my arms over my chest indignantly.

"I think it suits you, Odango." He reached out and tweaked one of the buns for effect, a peculiar look in his eyes. We stood in silence for a few moments, watching the stars. His arm is still wrapped around my shoulders protectively, and I'm still pressed flush against his side.. not that I'm complaining mind you.

"You know Usagi, I think I would like to take you out on a date." He says slowly, still studying the clear sky above.

"You know Mamoru, I think I would like that." I answer while studying his profile. Slowly he turns to face me. "You're a very strange girl, you know that?" Slowly, almost cautiously, he brings his hand up to trace my cheek.

"Well that's a great way to get a date." I reproach gently, as my eyes gently flutter shut against the caress.

"I didn't mean it in a bad way, it's just I've never known anyone like you before. And I've certainly never met anyone that's made me feel such strong feelings before. Especially after only knowing them a few hours." I can feel his breath on my cheek, but can't bring myself to open my eyes. "Usagi.." he says my name so softly it's enough to break my heart, "I know I don't really know you, and you don't really know me, but I would like nothing more than to kiss you right now." I can hear him take a nervous gulp.

With my eyes still shut I answer him: "I would like that too."

I can feel him slowly close the small gap between us, and then his lips are on mine. It was like our first kiss again, all those years ago. My head is swimming. The only thing that exists in that moment are his warm lips slowly, sweetly, caressing mine. It's a very chaste kiss really, and way too quick for my liking.

My eyes drift open slowly as he pulls away, his own are clouded, and as dark as the night sky above us. I smile while wrapping my arms around his waist and snuggle against his chest. I can hear his heart beating erratically against my ear.

"Did I proficiently make up for my blunder? Will you join me for dinner tomorrow night?"

"I would love nothing more than to join you for dinner." I whisper against his chest. I pull away slightly to look into his eyes. "How about you pick me up at seven, Mamo-chan?" I can feel warmth creep up my cheeks as I realize I let the nickname slip. Mamoru eyes me carefully before gracing me with a large smile.

"Sounds good. Just don't be late… Usako." He laughs before claiming my lips again.