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"So, Mamoru, what did you want to talk about?" I asked once we got to a quiet part of the hospital.

"Well, you know how at dinner we planned on attending your Halloween party together?" He started to shuffle his feet. "I have to cancel. I just had a meeting with the director and I was chosen to go to this large conference in Osaka. It's kind of a big deal, since they only ask three doctors to go, and it's usually the older residents that get picked."

"But that's fantastic Mamoru! Congratulations! When do you leave?" I offer him a genuine smile because I am happy for him, and proud.


"This Thursday?"

"Yeah, the conference goes from Friday to Saturday, so I won't be back until Sunday. I'm sorry Usagi; I feel like an ass. After all that's happened I feel like I'm just stringing you along, but I'm not! I mean, I don't want to. I like you."



"Shut up. It's fine. Are you off tonight?"

"I could probably work it out."

"Good, take me to dinner tonight then go home, pack, do your little doctor thing and we'll figure things out when you get back." I giggle at the flabbergasted look on his face. "What? I like you too."


"Yes, really. I don't normally let men I don't like make out with me in bed." I tease gently and he blushes bright red.


Mamoru took me for a nice dinner that night, which turned into breakfast, that turned into lunch, that turned dinner again. It was amazing to spend time with Mamoru, but it also made it that much harder when he had to leave on Thursday, but I showed him off with a brave face and dove head first into coordinating the Halloween Party.

I made sure the invitations were sent, the decorations bought and put up - and given the fact that I was trying to distract myself, I may have gone a little overboard on that. I made sure the schedule was set for the party, and the stock room was full. All in the all the days flew by, which brings me to the present time. It is Saturday the 28th, about four-thirty and I am making a mad dash around my apartment.

I had decided, for some crazy reason to be 'Selene' for the party, which consisted of the dress bought on the shopping trip with Minako, some sparkles on my arms and chest, and my hair is down. There's a gold crown atop my head, and I'm looking for the left shoe that completes the outfit.

Unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found.

I need to hurry up and get down the bar to help Makoto with the final preparations. It was nice to have her back in full health; since her Senshi powers were fully awakened she healed very quickly. Ami discharged her the day Mamoru left, and now she showed no signs of what had happened. Nephrite had healed quickly too and had had his cast taken off the same day Makoto was discharged.

I looked under my bed and finally found the missing shoe, along with a box I had shoved under there years ago. It had only two small items in it; my hensin pen and the star locket.

I gently pull out the locket and let it play out its melody. The music washes over me bringing back many memories, both good and bad, happy and sad. I can feel a tear slip down my cheek, but I quickly wipe it away and stand up. I shoved the locket into my beg, jammed my foot in the shoe and rushed out the door.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into dressing up." Ami grumbled into my ear.

"Like you could get out of it? At least I let you pick this year." I nudge her slightly before opening the door to the bar.

"True. I prefer this much more than Dr. Frankenstein and the Bride." She sauntered through.

"I thought the wig looked very becoming on you." She responded with a small 'humph.'

"Hey guys!" I look up to Minako who is waving us over; she's dressed in some half torn white dress and appears to be hostess for the night. We slowly make our way though the throng of people and stop beside her.

"Who are you supposed to be?" She asks with a tilt of her head.

"Marie and Pierre Curie." Ami answers, while motioning to her long brown skirt and black shirt. I nod in agreement, quietly stroking my fake beard.

"They discovered radium and polonium." Ami tried at Minako's blank face. "Pioneers of radioactivity?"

"Scientists." I supply when Minako still doesn't get it.

"Oh! Well leave it you to be something geeky for Halloween." She rolled her eyes.

Ami only sighed before asking, "who are you Minako? Marilyn Monroe?"

"Tsk! No! I'm Fay Wray!"

Ami only seemed confused. Bless her heart, genius IQ when it comes to science, but zero IQ for pop culture.

"Oh come on Ami! You know! King Kong!" Minako put the back of her hand to her forehead and screamed in silent terror. Ami still didn't get it.

"Oh for the love of! KUNZITE! Come here!" Minako bellowed over her shoulder. I glaced around her shoulder where I can see Kunzite sitting at the bar in some sort of hairy black costume. He looked up from his drink at Minako's scream, grabbed something off of the bar top and meandered over to us.

"You rang?" He asked slowly.

"Yes, Ami doesn't know King Kong. Demonstrate. " She ordered.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes! Put on the head."

Kunzite gave a defeated sigh before jamming the ape mask on his head. He roared half heartedly while pounding his chest. "Happy now?" Came his muffled voice behind the furry face.

"Yes, you're dismissed." Minako waved her hand.

Kunzite seemed only too happy with this, and went back to the bar and his drink.

"So, Ami! Do you get it now!"

"Yes." Ami said, but I could tell she only said it to stop Kunzite from any further embarrassment.
Minako started to lead us over to a table; she and Ami were chatting about something that I quickly lost interest in. I surveyed Usagi behind the bar, looking elegant and regal. She was dressed in a beautiful white dress that bellowed down her legs, there were gold circlets around the bodice, and her long hair was hanging in waves down her back. She looked every bit the princess I remember from the Silver Millennium; it's a shame Mamoru isn't here.

I look over to Makoto and Nephrite talking with Kunzite. Makoto is dressed up in a two-toned green velvet dress, with a long gold belt, bonnet and her brown hair is in perfect curls. While Nephrite is dressed in a black, long tailed suit, gray vest, and ascot. His own hair is slicked back and there's a small mustache on his upper lip. Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler. Nice choice.

As we come to our table, I hold out Ami's chair while greeting Rei and Jadeite. Rei's long hair is slightly curled and she's dressed up in a long black dress that hugs her curves, and a slit high up her thigh that shows off a ruffled garter with a small pistol tucked in it. Jadeite's hair is combed (a miracle in itself) while he's in a simple black business suit and a crisp white shirt without a tie.

"Lovely to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Smith." I smile at them.

"And you.. Uh?" Jadeite trailed off.

"Pierre and Marie Curie."

"Oh, Ami chose this year, I see." Rei giggled.

"Yeah, I was pushing for a Sultan and Belly Dancer, but she didn't seem too pleased with that." Ami glared at me while the other two laughed.

"Hey, is that Haruka and Michiru?" Jadeite nodded toward the doorway as the couple came waltzing in; Haruka was dressed in an old fashioned mohair suit, a pair of patent leather shoes and fedora, and a fake machine gun hung at her side. Michiru was elegantly dressed in an a-line skirt, button up sweater with a small matching belt, and a beret.
What I can't figure out though is the small figure next to them, but taking a closer look I realize they had just snuck Hotaru in.

She was dressed in a gauzy black dress, black boots and tights. There was a small hood pulled over her head, with a black halo attached, and creepy black wings on her back. She smiled shyly at us as they walked over, there was a plastic, but very real looking, scythe in her hand.

"Bonnie, Clyde, so happy you could make it." Rei greets them. "And who is your little friend?"

"I'm the Angel of Death." Hotaru stated happily. Haruka laughed at Rei's raised eyebrow. "She's a funny kid, what can I say?"

"Are you sure it's okay to sneak her in here?" I can't help asking.

"I hope so, she insisted on coming. We'll just make sure she isn't served anything." As soon as the trio sat down Usagi came bounding over carrying a tray full of drinks.

"Hey minna! You all look great!" She started to set out some fizzy drinks in front of us.

"What is this?" Ami asked while picking up her glass and taking a quick whiff.

"Witch's Brew, special of the night. It's really good, Makoto came up with the recipe." She smiled and placed a tall, red drink in front of Hotaru. "And a Shirley Temple for the squirt."

"You guys are playing some songs later, right? I know Mamoru isn't here to play guitar, but I was hoping maybe Zoi might step in?" Usagi waggled her eyebrows at me.

"I'll see what I can do. Don't you have a bunch of bands lined up though?"

"I have a couple local ones playing some sets, but you know all of the regulars love Psyche. Well enjoy your drinks! I need to work." She bounded off happily toward the bar.

Eventually Nephrite and Kunzite joined our table. Minako, Usagi, and Makoto would stop by every so often to chat. It was an enjoyable night, the bands were pretty good, and it was fun to see all of the different customs.

After we had been there for an hour or so a group of three guys walked in dressed up as Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers. As I watched them walk in, I could've sworn I saw Mr. Voorhees nod toward Jadeite.

"Do you know them?" I ask, leaning over so he could hear me. Jadeite watched the trio for a moment and then nodded.

"Yeah. Can you keep a secret?" I nodded at him. "It's the Three Lights. I worked with them in the studio last week and they had read about the party in the paper. We got to talking about it, and I told them how fun it is, so they decided to come. But you can't tell anyone, least of all-"

"Jadeite!" Minako hissed, after suddenly popping up between us. "Did you just say the Three Lights are here!"

"Minako." Jadeite finished lamely. "Mina, you can't tell anyone, they wanted to come and enjoy the party as regular people, not pop stars. Please promise me you'll be on good behavior?"

"Of course I will! But I think you should introduce all of us. They might want to have fun with some people, instead of standing in a corner alone."

"I'll go ask if they want to join us, but I won't force them." Jadeite drained his drink before leaving our group.

Minako sat down in Jadeite's vacant seat and appeared quite pleased with herself. I shake my head at her, then I notice Makoto and Usagi coming over to us with a fresh round of drinks. They both take a seat, and I notice that their replacements for the night are now behind the bar.

At a later date and time, I will remember this moment as the beginning of the end.

While Jadeite was talking with the Three Lights, a man dressed as a Samurai came up to the table. A certain ex-guitarist for Psyche.

"Yuuichirou!" Rei smiled at him brightly. "I didn't think you would make it!"

"Like I can miss out on the party of the year!" He says while giving Usagi and Rei each a quick hug. "Look who I found outside." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, and behind him stood Zorro and an auburn haired woman dressed as a Spanish Senorita.

"Oh my gosh! Motoki! Reika!" Usagi squealed while giving them each a bear hug. "I can't believe you came. How are you! It's been too long."

"We're great! You look gorgeous Usagi, who are you supposed to be." Zorro, or Motoki asked.

"Selene. Goddess of the Moon. Here, have a seat." Usagi quickly went about scooting another table next to ours to make more room. Motoki's family ran the Crown Parlor, a favorite hangout for Usagi from Jr. High until two years ago when Motoki had moved to Africa with his then fiancé and now wife, Reika.

While they were all chatting and catching up, I couldn't help but notice that Yuuichirou had taken a seat next to Rei and seemed to be very intent on every word she said. Jadeite's not going to like that.

As if on cue the blond came up to the table with three horror kings in tow.

I noticed Jadeite's eye twitched when he saw Yuuichirou was there but he managed to graciously introduce everyone as the Lights removed their masks. I watched them carefully, after all it's not every day that one meets a group of pop stars, but as I watched I most certainly did not like what I saw.

Especially how the one named Taiki, seemed to linger longer than was necessary on Ami.

"Marie Curie?" He asked while surveying her costume.

"Yes! She's a hero of mine." Ami's eyes glowed.

"Mine too, she was a brilliant mind." Taiki said while taking a seat next to her and before I knew what was happening they were engrossed in a deep conversation. I snarled, but no one could hear me over the booming bass of the song currently playing.

I took a rather large gulp of my drink and noticed that Minako was engrossed in a lively conversation with the one called Yaten, while Kunzite glared at the back of the man's head. Jadeite was seated in-between Nephrite and Makoto, watching Rei talk with Motoki, Reika, and Yuuichirou; who had the gall to throw a cocky look toward the blond. Maybe Yuuichirou had a death wish?

My eyes then landed on Haruka looking very annoyed, with her arms crossed over her chest. I look over to where her eyes were fixed and I saw Seiya flirting shamelessly with Usagi, who was giggling and blushing. Not good.

I was brought of my musing when Ami taped my shoulder. "Zoi? I'm going to talk with Taiki-san over there, it's quieter." She didn't even wait for my reply before standing and walking to a corner booth with Taiki. Wait just a minute! No way I'm going to let some pop star sit in a dark corner with my fiancé!

Before I can stand up though there's another interruption; this time a lanky young man with short brown hair dressed up as a pirate.

"Makoto? Is that really you?"

The brunette's head snapped up and she looked at the young man for a moment. "Shinozaki?" She asked. When he nodded his head she jumped out of her seat and hugged him, much to Nephrite's dismay.

What is this? Night of the living girlfriend stealers?

Makoto was too engrossed in her conversation with the man to bother introducing him. "Come on! Let's go get you a drink and catch up!" She laced her arm through his and lead him over to the bar. Nephrite watched her go with his mouth hanging open.

"What was that?" He asked.

"Shinozaki, he was her best friend years ago. I don't think she's seen him since she was in high school though." Minako said before going back to her conversation with Yaten. Kunzite continued to glare.

I took a sip of my drink and tried to decide my next course of action in getting Ami away from Taiki. I watched as Michiru, Haruka, and Hotaru left to refresh their drinks. After another moment Motoki and Reika excuse themselves to have a dance.

"Rei, want to dance too?" Yuuichirou asks suddenly. Oh he definitely has a death wish. Rei shoots Jadeite a wicked smile. "I would love to." She gracefully placed her hand in Yuuichirou and they left for the dance floor.

"Oh! Yaten-san! Do you want to dance too?"

"With you? Of course."

"Excellent! We'll be back in a few!" Minako jumped and rushed with Yaten to the dance floor. I look to Kunzite, who signals over a waitress.

"Could we get a bottle of scotch and four glasses, please?" She gave him a questioning look before disappearing to fill the order. I look around and find that it is indeed just the four of us now.

"Where did Usagi and the singer go?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ah, there over there somewhere." Kunzite waved his hand vaguely. "He's trying to woo her or something. Thank you." He said to the waitress when she returned and sat down the bottle and glasses.

Kunzite quickly filled them up and passed one to each of us. "Here's to women." He mock saluted before draining his drink in one gulp. We all followed suit.

We all took a quick survey of the bar; Ami and Taiki sitting in a dark corner, Makoto and Shinozaki laughing at the bar, Minako with Yaten, and Rei with Yuuichirou on the dance floor, a bit too close for Jadeite and Kunzite's liking. And finally Seiya flirting with Usagi in a corner. I watch as he gently brushed some hair out of her face.

Kunzite refilled his glassed and drained it again in one gulp. Again the rest of us followed suit. We kept following suit until half the bottle was gone.

"What a sorry bunch of losers you all are." A voice commented above us, we all turned to look at the new comer only to see our prince. I mean really our prince!

Mamoru stood next to the table dressed in a black suit, there were silver greaves attached to his shins, shoulder plates with a cape attached, and a large belt complete with sword and scabbard; almost exactly like what he wore when he was Endymion.

"What are you doing here?" Nephrite blurted out.

"Well, the conference ended early; so I booked it here. I would have been here earlier, but it was hard to find a costume last minute. I finally found this in some vintage shop down town, La Lune something. It was a pain to put on, this stuff is real metal." Mamoru tapped one of the shoulder plates, which gave a distinct clink. "So why are you four all alone, drinking?"

He pulled out a chair and took a careful seat, a wry smile on his lips. "The Princesses giving you trouble again?" I'm sure we all did a double take.

"Excuse me?"

"You know, the Planetary Princesses; Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter, the Sailor Senshi. AKA the loves of your many lives." He picked up my glass of scotch and took a swig. When he sat it back down his midnight blue eyes were dancing with amusement.

"What? I had to remember eventually, didn't I?" He laughed. There was a pregnant pause as our slightly inebriated minds processed this information. Then we all leaped out of our seats and embraced our prince.

"Endy! This is amazing! We have to find Usagi!" Jadeite yelled, then stopped. We all did.

"What's wrong?" Mamoru looked at each of us in turn, before settling on something over Kunzite's shoulder.

"Who the hell is that!" He growled while shooting to his feet. He started to grind his teeth together as he watched Seiya leading Usagi out to the dance floor.

"That would be Seiya, he's the lead singer of the Three Lights. They decided to attend after Jadeite recorded them in the studio." Kunzite stated in his best military voice.

"So this is your fault!" Mamoru turned on Jadeite, who looked very uncomfortable.

"No, well. They were going to come anyway because they saw the advert in the paper. I only introduced them because Minako made me! Had I known this would happen I wouldn't have done it." He held his hands up.

"Fine, now to go get him away from Usako!" Mamoru turned to leave when Kunzite caught his shoulder.

"Sire, if I may? I believe all of us right now are feeling more than a little jealous and I think we need a plan."

"What kind of plan General?"

"I'm not quite sure yet. Shall we have a seat and strategize?" Kunzite asked, his eyes were flashing; he always loved a good military campaign. Mamoru chuckled and took a seat again.


"That's it?" Nephrite asked, incredulous.

"Yes." Kunzite shrugged.

"But it's so simple." Nephrite was aghast.

"Exactly, less chance of a fuck up."

Nephrite made a scoffing noise in the back of his throat. "I still say we just punch their lights out."

"Neph, we can't start a fight in the middle of the Halloween party." I chastised him.

"Oh, like it would be much of a fight." Nephrite glanced over to Shinozaki as he twirled Makoto across the floor. "One punch and he would hit the ground like a sack of potatoes."

"We're not ruining Usako's party, this means a lot to her." I tell him, and of course my word is final.

"Fine, fine. Can I still threaten him?" Nephrite cracked his knuckles.

"Be my guest." I smirked at him.


Before we can get our plan underway Michiru, Haruka and Hotaru interrupt us.

"What are you guys all doing over here? Shouldn't you be looking after your women?" Haruka sneered at us. I ignore her as Hotaru walks toward me, I have yet to meet her in this life, but I can clearly remember lives past.

She stops before me, her violet eyes peering at me cautiously. "Endymion?" She asks after a moment.

"Yes, Saturn?"

Hotaru offers me one of her rare smiles, "I thought it was you. I'm glad we're all together again."

"Me too. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get my Princess."

"Good luck! But I know you won't need it." She smiles at me again before taking a seat on Haruka's lap.

I flash her a smile before turning to my Shitennou. "Alright men, let's go."

I should be excited, ecstatic even. I mean, here I am dancing with a famous pop star who has spent the entire evening flirting with me.

I am flattered, but every time I look at him I can't help but think of Mamo-chan. I have tried several times to excuse myself, but I can't seem to get away. Seiya is nice enough, but he can't come close to my Mamo-chan. Humph. I wish he were here dancing with me instead.

I take a glance around and notice my Senshi are all on the dance floor, but none of their partners are the Shitennou. How odd. I bet the guys are seething with jealous right about now.

Seiya twirled me on the dance floor and I caught sight of Ami dancing with Taiki, slowly Zoisite came up to the pair and tapped the pop star on the shoulder. I watched while he made a few wild gestures, Zoisite always talked with his hands, Taiki seemed like he was disagreeing with whatever Zoi was saying. But Zoi just ignored him and grabbed Ami in a tight embrace and started dancing away. I watched as Zoisite whispered something into Ami's ear and she blushed crimson. Zoisite laughed and kissed her while they swayed gently to the music.

Next my eyes flit over to Makoto dancing and laughing with Shinozaki; Nephrite stalked up to them and pulled them apart with none of Zoisite's finesse. Nephrite glowered at the younger man and grabbed Makoto's hand to drag her away, but she was having none of that. She swung wide and Nephrite just barely ducked in time. I continued to watch out of the corner of my eye as she yelled at him, but slowly he started to explain while pointing at her left ring finger. There was some more back and forth between the two, and a very frightened Shinozaki backed away slowly. Seiya and I circled close enough for me to catch Nephrite's words to Makoto; "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" With that he hauled her up against him and kissed her deeply.

I swallow a laugh as they backed into a corner and start making out.

Then I spot Rei and Yuuichirou. They were dancing extremely closely, and ever so slowly Yuuichirou overstepped his bounds. I watched as his hand slowly crept down Rei's back but as soon as it made contact with her backside she stepped out of his embrace and slapped him right across the face. Rei yelled something at him before turning sharply on her heel only to slam into Jadeite; who looked ready to kill.

Rei quickly started to shove him away from Yuuichirou, who was quickly melting into the crowd but Jadeite's eyes remained fixated on the retreating figure; until Rei placed both hands on his face and turn his eyes toward hers.
I have no idea what passed between the two of them; only they know for sure. Rei opened her ruby red lips and said something to Jadeite. He smiled softly and kissed her soundly. Wrapping their arms around each other, they deepened the kiss and started swaying to the music.

A new song was starting and Seiya pulled me closer; I put my arms on his shoulders and glanced over his shoulder to Minako.

She was absorbed in her own little world while dancing with Yaten, but Kunzite appeared suddenly and tapped the shorter man on the shoulder. Kunzite bowed respectfully to Yaten, before turning and bowing to Minako. While still bowed he took her hand and kissed the back of it, murmuring something over it. Minako's only response was to put her free hand over her heart and sigh wistfully.
Slowly, Yaten completely forgotten, the two moved farther out on the dance floor and Kunzite took his lover into his arms. Their dance was slow, sensual even, but most important, it was loving. Minako was happy with this for a few moments before she stopped, lifted to the tips of her toes, and kissed Kunzite full on the lips.

I was so happy for my Senshi, my friends; my sisters. So immersed in my thoughts for them, that I didn't notice when a certain dark haired man stopped next to Seiya and me.

"Excuse me." Mamoru bowed suavely. "I don't mean to interrupt, but I believe I am owed a dance for the night, m'lady."

"Mm, yes, well excuse me, but who are you?" Seiya asked defensively.

"I'm Chiba Mamoru, and you are?…"

"Kou Seiya. As in the Three Lights?"

"Three Lights? Am I supposed to recognize that?" Mamoru raised an eyebrow wryly.

"We happen to be the biggest pop group right now."

"Ah, well then congratulations. Sorry for not being more enthusiastic, I don't listen to much pop." To say Seiya was offended was a mild understatement. He straightened himself up to his full height and tried to face off against Mamoru.

"Right, well, who are you to Usagi?" He asked.

"Her boyfriend." I honestly couldn't help the small gasp that escaped my lips at his words. Seiya raised at an eyebrow at that. "It seems she thinks differently."

"She's just not used to my saying the title. Now if you'll excuse us, we have some things to discuss." Mamoru made to grab my hand, never once taking his eyes off of Seiya.

I stiffened slightly in anticipation, but Seiya mistook it for apprehension.

"Look, friend," the word was hissed, "I don't think the lady wants to go with you."

"I don't really care what you think, she's coming with me." Seiya visibly bristled at that, and grabbed my hand, shoving me behind him.

"No, she's not! She'll stay here with me, so you can just leave."

"Look here, man, you don't really want to mess with me; especially over this. Just step aside and forget you ever laid eyes on Usagi. She belongs with me."

I placed a hand over my mouth and felt a bit dizzy. Why was he saying this? Does he finally remember? I watched the two as they stood toe to toe; Seiya whispered something to Mamoru, and it was all over.

Mamoru's eyes glowed like blue flames, he balled his fist, leaned back, and swung at Seiya full force. The shorter man went flying back into the crowd, and landed hard on the floor while grasping at his nose; blood flowing freely through his fingers.

Mamoru leaned forward to pounce again, when Nephrite and Kunzite hauled him back. "Say that again! I dare you!" He roared.
At this point everyone in the club had stopped to watch the scene, there was a moment of silence before flash bulbs started going off.

The press had arrived.

Seiya's brothers were helping him to stand and journalists were swarming in to get the story. I made eye contact with Kunzite and motioned to the storage room door. He nodded his assent before he and Nephrite made their way for the door while dragging Mamoru between them.

I caught everyone's attention and they all started for the door as well. I quickly followed while fending off the paparazzi; ducking through the door I slammed it in their faces.

I held it in place while I tried to figure out how to keep it shut since it didn't lock from the inside. Jadeite and Zoisite came to my rescue by piling crates up against the door. I muttered a quick thanks before continuing to the ally.

I opened the back door and the cool night air hit my skin. The ally was closed in by a gate with a padlock, so we didn't have to worry about anyone invading our privacy.
Everyone else was gathered in a small ring around Kunzite and Mamoru; the latter of which was yelling furiously.

"Why the hell did you do that Kunzite! You don't know what he said!"

"I don't care what he said! You, yourself, said not to start a fight and look what you did!" Kunzite jabbed a finger into Mamoru's chest.

"Whatever! I would do it again if I had a chance. How dare he say that about my princess!"

"Your princess?" I ask while breaking through the ring of people. I slowly walk up to Mamoru and stare into his deep eyes. "Endy?"

Gradually he lifted his hand to cup my face. "Yeah. It's me, Serenity, Sailor Moon, Usagi… Usako." The name was whispered so softly, I almost didn't catch it. A loud sob escaped my lips.

"Mamo-chan." I croaked out as he gathered me in his arms.

"Shhh, shhh Usako. It's alright now, we're all together again. Don't cry, please? I don't like it when you cry."

"I ca-can't help ittttt!" I wailed the last word. "I'm so happyyyyyyyyyy!"


I watch as my Princess is embraced by her Prince. They stand for a moment lost in each others arms, until inch by inch he lowers his head to hers. They share a sweet kiss in the moonlight. After a moment Mamoru dips Usagi back, and deepens the kiss.

All is right with the world; with the timeline.

I watch as the Senshi and Shitennou cheer on their Prince and Princess.

"Hey minna!" Minako shouts enthusiastically, "now we can all have a quintuple wedding!"

There was a long pause as they all started at Minako like she had grown a second head, before they groaned in unison, "MINAKO!"


I let out a soft chuckle before turning to my two companions, "well, shall we go?"

"Yes, I think we've done more than enough." Luna purrs in contentment.

"Are you sure we shouldn't try to help smooth out the Seiya mess?" Artemis asked while shaking his head.

"No, they need to learn to handle things on their own." Luna turned and started to walk away from the building ledge. "They are adults after all, right Setsuna-san?"

I looked down into her ruby eyes, "right Luna. How else will they inherit the earth, unless they learn to cope?"

The three of us turn, taking one last glace of the group behind us, before continuing off into the sunset, so to speak.

I look up the full moon; it will be interesting to watch the next chapter of their lives unfold. I laugh to myself softly. There really is never a dull moment when that group is concerned.

AN: There we go. I really hope this lived up to everyone's expectations; I'm not sure it lived up to mine. There are several parts throughout the story that I feel are rushed (the beginning of this chapter for instance). I think eventually I'll go back and fix things, but overall I am happy to have completed this, and I'm so beyond thrilled that you all enjoyed it, this has turned into something I never expected!

Thank you again to all who have read this, it's been a fun ride! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!