David McNorris sat at the table, doing his best to keep his eyes on Stacy. He had begun the questioning, and so far it wasn't going that good.

He felt that his opening statement was mediocre. He had stumbled quite a few times, but nothing really bad had happened.

Kurt on the other hand, nearly killed on his opening statement.

David felt Ben tap his hand from his spot next to him, and David snapped back into reality.

"Mr. McNorris….do you have any other questions that you would like to ask Ms. Young?" the judge questioned.

David swallowed hard. "Um…no. No more questions your honor," David said, with a reassuring smile.

"If the Defendant has no further questions, than the defendant closes its case here….Mr. Banks, do you wish to question the witness?" The Judge asked, turning to look at Kurt.

Kurt stood up. "You're honor, we would like to question Ms. Young…." He said. He pushed his chair in.

"You're honor, may I approach the witness?" Kurt questioned. The judge nodded once, and Kurt walked towards Stacy.

"Ms. Young, prior to this incident in this past March did you know Mr. Yerks?" Kurt questioned.

"Yes…he came by once for coffee but that was all…" Stacy answered.

"Did you not agree to go out with him when he asked you?" Kurt asked.

"Well…I…." Stacy paused, and looked towards David's direction. She saw David look at her concerned, before he turned around to look at Astera.

She looked at David, before looking up at Stacy.

Astera watched as Kurt turned to see what Stacy was looking at, before smiling slightly.

"Ms. Young?" the judge questioned.

Stacy turned back to look at Kurt. "Well, yes….but he said it was just for coffee…." Stacy answered.

"But you did agree to date him?" Kurt asked.

David stood up. "Objection. The Witness has already stated her answer to the question, he's badgering the witness…." He said.

The judge looked at David. "Over-ruled…" he stated.

David sneered slightly, before sitting down.

"Thank You, your honor….I'm all done with the questioning…" Kurt said.

Stacy nodded, before stepping down from the stand. She walked over to the witness's bench and sat next to her mother.

Kurt turned to look at the judge. "You're honor, the prosecution would like to call one last witness to the stand…" he said.

The judge raised his eyebrows in somewhat confusion.

"We'd like to call Detective Astera Kenmore to the stand…" Kurt stated.

There was a loud murmur that went through the crowd. Astera turned to look at Joel and Fearless, who leaned over the people in their row to look at her.

David stood up again. "Objection your honor. Detective Kenmore has not been involved in any of the prior events, infact she only arrived here about two weeks ago to assist in the case, from Philadelphia…" David said.

"You're honor, Ms. Young has confided almost all of the events in Detective Kenmore. I think she will be able to speak clearly more than Ms. Young. Afterall, at least Detective Kenmore is guaranteed sworn under oath…" Kurt said, smirking at David.

The judge nodded. "Detective Kenmore…please take the stand…" he said, after a moment's hesitation.

Astera stood up, and looked at Andrea. Andrea patted her arm before Astera walked through the small wooden gates.

David turned to look at her and they exchanged glances. Astera showed him a reassuring smile, before walking up the steps to the stand.

"Ms. Kenmore, do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" the baliff questioned.

"I do," Astera replied, before sitting down.

David tilted his head slightly when Astera said the words 'I do'. Something about her saying those words made his insides boil.

"Ms. Kenmore, did Stacy tell you anything regarding Mr. Yerks?" Kurt asked with a somewhat malicious smile.

"Stacy told me that she did agree to coffee once with Mr. Yerks. She wanted it to remain strictly platonic, but Mr. Yerks too it as something more. He continued to call her time after time. Stacy felt as though it had reached the point of stalking," Astera stated.

"Objection, that's speculation…" Kurt said, looking at the judge.

"I object to that objection, you're honor. Stacy did feel as though she were being stalked…" David stated.

"Your honor, the prosecution can't help but wonder if Mr. McNorris is allowing his emotion and feelings towards Detective Kenmore to cloud his vision," Kurt said, with a small smile.

There was a wave of small laughter that went through the crowd.

"Order!" the judge hissed.

Astera turned to look at David and her gaze softened. David smiled slightly before turning to look at Ben Fisher.

The judge turned to look at Kurt. "Mr. Banks, if you have no further questions of value to this case for Ms. Kenmore…" the judge trailed.

"Of course, your honor. I was just trying to lighten the mood…" Kurt stated.

"Not in my court," the judge retaliated.

Kurt smiled slightly, before looking back at Astera. "Ms. Kenmore…why do you think that Stacy confided in you?" Kurt questioned.

"Because I can relate to her. I understand what her situation is like. I invited her to open up with me…I guess we've formed alittle bond of trust…" Astera paused to smile at Stacy.

Kurt raised his eyebrows in slight challenge, before turning to the judge. "That's all the questions I have, your honor…" Kurt stated, before walking back to his table and sitting down.

The judge turned to look at the jury. "Will the jurors please commence and decide the verdict?" he questioned.

The jury all stood up, and walked into the back room.

Astera stood up from her spot, and walked back towards her seat. She smiled at David, before opening the gate and walking around so she now took a new place next to Joel.

Joel leaned over slightly. "That's one jackass," he muttered. Astera smiled slightly. "Took you that long did it?" she questioned.

After about five more minutes, the jury finally walked out of the doors.

"Will the plantiff and the defense rise?" the judge stated.

Astera watched as David and Kurt both stood up in sync, and their clients shortly after.

"Has the jury reached the verdict?" the judge questioned.

"We have, you're honor. We are ruling in favor of the defense," a man with short gray hair and a blue suitcoat stated.

Astera turned to look at Joel as the applause broke out, and they shared a hug. Astera then turned to look at David. Their eyes met amidst the crowd and they exchanged a smile.

It was then that there was the sound of a gunshot, and Astera's attention snapped towards the direction.

It was then that she saw Kurt standing in the middle of the courtroom, a silver handgun in his hand. He slowly brought it down from where it was pointed at the ceiling.

"The hell you did. Everyone down now!" Kurt yelled. Astera and Joel exchanged a horrified look, as everyone began to crouch down on the floor.

It was then that Kurt aimed his gun at Astera. "Except you…Katherine. Or should I just keep calling you Astera?" Kurt questioned.

Astera's eyes widened in pure fright.

"Oh shit…" she muttered.