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"Miss Swan? I need to speak with you." Professor Xavier's voice drifted out of his room.

Not bothering to reply I walk into his office and shut the door. "You wanted me, sir?" I ask politely, knowing he couldn't read my mind.

"Yes dear one, I have a favor to ask for you, and no, I will never ask that of you again" he adds while looking at the horror on my face.

"It's not my fault! Who knew that kids wouldn't like to see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?" I pout.

He just shook his head and continued "I was wondering if you would do an errand for me, I have had my eye on this 'family' for quite a while, but apparently they have trouble settling in one place. In the past four years they have moved at least five times. I would like it very much if someone would check up on them and try to convince them to move to the mansion. I have a feeling you would be just the person to do just that." He finished and looked at me expectantly.

"Sure! I would love to! Can I take someone with me?" Excited by the prospect of getting to go somewhere new. "Uhuh, just be careful will you? Oh, and can you take Logan with you? He's getting mighty restless." He adds looking out the window at Logan who, true to his nature, was throwing paper plates in the air and catching them with his claws.

I chuckled "Of course! I don't know why you seem to think that he is reckless. He is very responsible." I defend him.

I start to walk out and realize I don't know where I'm going. "By the way, where am I going exactly?" I question pivoting to face him.

"To a little town in Washington. Forks, I do believe it is called."

I nodded and stepped out in search of my bestfriend.

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