I don't know how you guys haven't like, killed me. I'm back! After like...three years. Sorry! D: It's been a rough three years.

Bella watched Edward carefully, knowing that he was the one to make the decision.

"We've..well, we're coming along. We have all been to high school over and over again, so why not try something new?" He said, uncertain with even his own words until he looked at his siblings and their somewhat concealed excited faces. "If you'd have us, we'd love to join your academy."

Rouge grinned at them as Logan grunted, as if he already knew what their answer would be.

"Perfect!" Bella smiled, her lips curving up in a beautiful smile, leaving Edward breathless, if that were even possible.

"Take your time packing up, we'll find a hotel until you are all ready to come with us. Oh, and Esme, Carlisle? I-" Bella's words were cut off as Xavier's thoughts flooded her mind, asking her to have them join as faculty.

"Sorry." Bella shook her head, smiling none the less. "Professor decided he had a thought he wanted to share. Anyways, he would like to know if you two would like to be apart of the faculty? Seeing as...well, seeing as we didn't know much about vampires, he believes that it would be fitting for you two to join along the rest of the teachers to help the youngin's understand."

Rouge chuckled, nudging Bella. "You're starting to sound like me, Bella." She muttered, grinning at her best friend.

Logan remained still, his arms still crossed causing his muscles to bulge as he stared down the family.

"We would love to, Bella" Esme smiled at her, her hand hooked at the crook of her husband's arm.

"I promise, not everyone at the school is as... unfriendly as Logan here." Rouge said, her southern drawl making it's way through her voice.

"No, Emmett. You can not take him in an arm wrestling match." Edward said out of no where, rolling his eyes as Emmett huffed, muttering about it not being fair.

"Oh my god! What should I pack! Rose, you have to come help me! You too Bella and Rouge!" Alice squealed, almost jumping from joy.

Bella stared at her before shaking her head slowly, coming up with an excuse almost immediately. "I have to report back. But I know Rouge would love to help." She said, pushing her friend towards them.

If there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was fashion. That's why she loved the fact that the X-Men wore uniforms. There was nothing for her to fret about!

"Gee, thanks Bella." Rouge rolled her eyes as she smiled, following Alice and Rose.

"Logan, can you please go out, search the perimeter for me." At his raised eyebrow, she added, "Humor me, please."

One could never be too safe.

Once the room had cleared, she noticed that she wasn't the only one left.

Edward stood in the middle of the room, looking at her, or more like...looking her over.

"See something you like?" Bella asked, smirking when his eyes snapped back to hers.

"I- uh. It's just..." Edward scrambled for his thoughts, completely unused to being caught off guard. Of course his Angel would be the exception to that rule.

"Nothing...I'll just...go..pack." He muttered, turning his body to the stairs, following his family, leaving her to call Xavier.