Note: They don't belong to me, but if they did the show would still be on! Set in my version of the Veritas 'verse.

Solomon couldn't remember a time when he had not been in love with Haley. It seemed to him that they had always known each other. They, in fact, had know each other since infancy since their fathers had been former college roommates who had stayed very close friends. So close to the point that they lived next door to each other when their children were very young, so Solomon could hardly remember a single day in his early years that didn't have Haley somewhere in them.

Even though Haley's family had moved around later as her father had to take different jobs, the families still stayed close – often vacationing together in some exotic place that was often tied to where Haley's father had his latest engineering job or where Solomon's father had his latest archaeological dig.

When Haley and Solomon graduated high school, they both were surprised and delighted that they had chose the same college. They wound up taking the same classes, and before their first year was over, Haley and Solomon found themselves falling deeply in love. Not just the brother-sister kind of affection that they had felt over their early years, but a deep, soul-jarring kind of love that compelled them to forge a commitment to be together forever.

Not even losing Haley's parents soon after, and her sister's living with them could shake this team. And when Haley gave birth to Nikko, a precious manifestation of their love together, the team of Haley and Solomon grew stronger.

However, the team was torn apart that fateful day in a cave in some remote part of the world. Solomon would forever regret his absence from that particular dig. He should have been there helping Haley on that day at the temple. But regrets wouldn't raise their son. Regrets would never bring Haley back to him. Regrets wouldn't find out the truth to the whole puzzle.