The FBI is having a partners retreat, what will happen when are favorite couple go up against other crime stopping duos- especially when Bones finds out that one of the other teams includes none other than the man with whom she nearly sailed away with...?

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"I don't understand."

"What's not to understand, Bones? The FBI is having a partners retreat, we're partners, so you are coming with me, your partner." Booth finished frustrated at the confused, concerned look on his partners face.


"Why what?" Booth asked angrily as he followed her out of her office and onto the platform.

"Why is the FBI sending all of its agents on a retreat?" Brennan asked sliding on a pair of latex gloves before approaching the remains.

"It's not like their sending every agent out Bones. There's a rotation and we're next. In fact we are on the last rotation, do you know what that means?" Booth asked eagerly.

"No." Brennan replied as she lifted a bone to inspect it more closely.

Booth hated competing for her attention, but didn't complain as Brennan was always quick to point out that she was quite capable of multitasking.

"It means that we are one of the best." Booth said rubbing his hands together trying to recapture the excitement that had slowly drained from him as he had addressed his partner.

"The best what? Clark, I need you to start a skeletal reconstruction so Angela can give us a face." Taking off her gloves Brennan turned back to him, finally giving him her attention.

" We are one of the best teams Bones. They always out the most successful partners on the last retreat, it always turns into a big competition to see which team is the best of the best."

"I'm not FBI." Brennan said confused again.

"No, but you are my partner, and I am FBI. And you know what else? You and I are going to kick ass."

"We'll actually be fighting the other teams?" Brennan asked, unfazed by the idea.

Booth frowned, " No, Bones, I mean, - never mind. Look there is something else." Booth took a deep breath, he didn't know how his partner would react to the news but it couldn't be good. There was bound to be hurt and anger when he told her but Booth didn't know who that would be aimed at, especially when she found out that he had chosen not to tell her. He was just trying to protect her, but after the whole getting shot, and fake death thing Booth wasn't sure exactly where he stood. She seemed to have forgiven him, but with Brennan it was sometimes hard to tell.

Bones sensed his hesitation apparently. Her head snapped up to read his expression, he knew her blue gaze would be searching for the answer, trying to find the reason for his concern. He kept his head down avoiding her eyes, she may not be able to read people but she did know how to read him.

"What is it Booth?"

Resigning himself to whatever was to come next the took another deep breath and began, "It's just that… well you see… one of the teams that will be going…I don't want you to be surprised is all…" Booth stopped he was making a mess of this, he knew how to break news to his Bones, he knew she would need to hear this stated factually without any implication as to her reaction. Bones liked to think that no one was close enough to her to know how she felt, to make a connection. Which was almost laughable after three years together. It was her way of stating in control and Booth knew that but it his knowledge of everything Dr. Temperance Brennan wasn't helping him today.

Be a man Seeley, you have faced worse than this, you were a sniper for god sakes, just spit it out.

"Sully." Booth said finally looking at her bracing for her reaction."


"Sully and his partner will be there. He's Back. He's been back."