I slid back into my chair and sighed at my sisters' taunting. "It's not like it's not good…" I interrupted. "Of course it is; it's amazing; it's just getting really…" I sighed again as I tried to think of the right word. "Repetitive."

Rosalie snorted. "That's why you gotta spice things up, Bella! If Emmett and I were still doing the same things in the bedroom as when we first met, we probably wouldn't be together anymore!" She laughed.

"She's right, Bella," Alice chimed. "You've got to start changing things up a bit, trying some new things."

I stared, unblinking, into the wall. "Like what? I love sex, but not enough to be creative with it."

Alice and Rosalie exchanged a sly glance. "We'll think of something for you." I gazed at her, a bit of uneasiness in my mind. Nothing turned out well when Alice was involved, let alone Rose. "But, you can't know until we're done," she laughed.

I groaned, and was out the door in a millisecond.

Carlisle, Edward, Emmett and Jasper were having a 'guys night' hunting trip. It was almost dusk as I danced outside, seeing Jacob and Renesmee from afar, chasing each other playfully. I smiled and went back inside.

After reading awhile, it was now nighttime, there was a knock on the door to mine and Edward's room. I sat up. "Yes?"

Alice trilled into the room, a paper in her hand. Rosalie stayed at the door.

"Now, Rosalie and I have made a weekly schedule for you," my pixie sister voiced, sitting at the edge of the bed next to me.

"A schedule? What?" I said, a bit alarmed.

Rosalie giggled at the door, but stayed quiet.

"Yes," Alice replied. "Here."

She handed me the paper that was in her hand. I stared at it, aghast.

"Monday: Role Play Night?" I questioned.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Trust me. Now, between each night we scheduled, there are blank nights, so you are free to do anything you want to, maybe mix up the ideas."

I read through the 'schedule' as I listened to her words; luckily, being a vampire, I could comprehend both at once.

Monday: Role Play Night.

Wednesday: Bondage Night.

Friday: Nature Night.

I met Alice's eyes once more. "I don't know about this.."

She smiled reassuringly. "Trust me, if I know Edward, he'll be jumping all over this opportunity."

I heard another stifled laugh from Rosalie before she walked away. I was glad she couldn't see the glare I gave the doorway where, a second ago, she had been.

Another sigh escaped my throat. Luckily, tonight was Saturday. I would have a little more time to prepare.