Apologies for the delay. New semester of school, so it's hectic, and I'll only be able to get out one, maybe two chapters a week. (of my three stories, anyway) Hope you enjoy this chapter. :]

"So, what do you think?" I asked, my fingers trailing up my husband's smooth, flawless chest. The warmth of his skin was still strange to me.

Edward chuckled. "I like it… I'm curious, though," he said hesitantly. "Were you getting… bored?"

I sat up to look into his face. "No. No, Edward, not at all." I stroked his pale cheek. "I just wanted something different, you know… something more." I buried my face in his neck. "I love making love to you. But, I also love fucking you," I said in a breathy whisper.

He laughed again. "Well, there's something I can agree with." He tangled his fingers in my hair, and his other hand was on the back of my bare waist.

"I want you to be my master tomorrow night," I told him, my arm around his neck.

"What?" Edward was confused. I laughed.

"Tomorrow is bondage night…" I leaned in closer and nipped at his ear. "I want you to take control of me like you did yesterday," I whispered huskily.

"Oh yeah?" He said to me, pulling me over him completely. There was no more conversation.

Again, Alice put together some sort of outfit for me to wear. I was in the cottage this time; I wouldn't risk being caught by my family again, and I made Alice promise to keep everyone away.

I was even more shocked at the- if you could even call it that- clothing that was brought to me on Wednesday evening- by Rosalie this time. I wondered how many animals had to die for this outfit.

There was a red and black vinyl corset, strapless. A pair of leather shorts, barely fitting the description as they were so small, with a zipper in the front and back. Some garters, black fishnets, black armwarmers and a pair of knee-high buckle-up boots with at least four inch heels.

I looked at Rosalie, wide-eyed. "Are you serious?"

She nodded and smiled. "Why not?" She leaned in close and whispered, "Your husband's the one who chose the outfit. Oh, and by the way, there's also a little surprise for you in your room." With that, she ducked through the front door and was gone in a flash.

It took a lot of wiggling to get into the vinyl and leather. I didn't dare look in the mirror. I strutted to my room, expecting Edward to be waiting for me. As I entered the empty room, I gasped.

The room was lit with nothing but candles- candles everywhere. There was a pair of chains hanging from the ceiling with thick cuffs dangling from the end, directly over the bed. And, of course, there was a whip curled up at the foot of the bed.

"Do you like what you see, love?" I heard Edward's hungry whisper from where he emerged from the closet. He wore nothing but black leather pants and black boots. I gritted my teeth to keep from throwing myself at him.

I nodded. He eyed me up and down, and I saw his tongue flick out to moisten his lips. Slowly, he sauntered over to where I stood.

"You… look absolutely…" he dipped his lips onto my neck, just below my ear. "delicious."

I stepped away. "Now, now. We have to stay in character, remember?" I gave him my sultriest gaze.

"Right." Edward smiled. "Bella, I want you to tell me if I do something you don't like, okay?"

I chuckled. "That's called a safety word."

"Hm. What shall it be, then? The word?"

I smiled at him. "I always wondered why a word had to be chosen… don't you think a simple 'stop' would suffice?"

He nodded. "Okay." His arms snaked around my waist. "I love you, my angel."

"As I love you." He kissed me, but broke quickly, and stepped back.

"Get on the bed."

I smiled and obeyed him. He grabbed my face roughly. "What the fuck are you smiling about?"


Edward's other hand slid to the back of my head and yanked at my hair, pulling my head back. "You will call me Master, is that clear?"

"Yes, Master." I could feel myself getting wetter.

"Raise your hands."

I did so, and he grabbed them, yanking them upwards toward the ceiling. He clicked each of the cuffs that were dangling from the ceiling into place over my wrists.

"You're a little fucking slut, aren't you," he growled in my ear, his hand pulling at my hair again as his other hand slid over my leather-clad center.

I exhaled sharply. "Yes, Master."

In a quick flash, he grabbed the whip from the foot of the bed and unwound it. A millisecond after I saw this, the thin leather struck my backside with a crack. I cried out in both pleasure and pain.

Edward laughed. "You like that, huh? You like when I hurt you?"

"Yes, Master. Again, please!" My voice was almost hysterical. I screamed again as the leather hit my skin. I must have been dripping with my own wetness by now.

His hands came around to the front of me and pulled apart my corset, ripping it off my body and flinging it across the room. He turned me around and his mouth connected with my left breast, sucking on it lightly before his teeth came down sharply. I whimpered.

I watched as he grabbed a candle off the nightstand next to the bed. He kneeled to my height in front of me, his free hand rubbing my breasts. Edward raised the candle and then dipped it forward onto my bare chest. I cried out when the hot wax connected with my icy skin, my back arching as I tried to mount his thigh.

"No, no, love," he chuckled. "You're not allowed to pleasure yourself unless I say it's okay. You got that?" The wax dripped onto my skin again.

I moaned, and whimpered a "yes."

He put down the candle and his hand was yanking my hair back once more, and his other hand was wrapped around my throat. "Yes, what?!"

I whimpered. "Yes, Master."

Letting me go, his hand dipped over my core. He still poured hot wax on my chest as he ripped off the garters, and pulled both zippers on my shorts down. The leather fell away to expose my lower half.

Edward let out a low, raspy chuckle as he inhaled the scent of my arousal, dipping his finger down over the glistening skin. I did everything in my power not to push myself onto his fingers. Almost every time I exhaled, it was in a whimper.

He leaned down onto his elbows and lifted my thighs over his shoulders. I cried out as his tongue dipped into my hot, aching core; I was insane with anticipation. I needed him now.

His mouth devoured every inch of my center, licking up the juices that he had caused. I thrashed above him, my hips riding his mouth as much as I could, my hands still bound above my head. He dipped two fingers into my aching flesh and that was all it took. I cried out his name as my orgasm rocked me, my thighs gripping him between them.

Sitting up, Edward's hands traveled up to mine. He bit at my neck as he undid the cuffs, and my arms fell around him quickly. I was afraid he'd not let me take control, but he didn't stop me as I ripped his leather pants open and slid myself onto him.

We both cried out at the sensation, and he held me in his arms as I worked up a rough rhythm on top of him. My hands twisted in his hair and he gripped my waist closer to him.

His thumb and forefinger pinched my clit and I screamed as I came. My walls clenched him tighter to me and he followed quickly after, my name coming from his lips in a moan.

We stayed connected like that for long moments as our breathing slowed. He whispered in my ear. "I like having you as my slave." We laughed.