Rating: K+
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Summary: Lois Lane is blissfully married to the love of her life, Clark Kent. But how does she feel about being Mrs. Superman? A bit of a twist on the future of Lois and Clark as we know it.

Note: Hey all—thanks for the support on my other stories! I should have Pick Your Label updated very soon. This will be short fluff with no major plotline. Hope you enjoy! Would love feedback!! R&R please!!


Being Mrs. Superman

Chapter 1

They were so well hidden, he practically tripped over them.

Lying on their stomachs on the back porch, their two dark heads were conspiratorially touching. With an intense focus on some unseen action just inside the walls of the house, they were listening with breathless anticipation.

He crept up behind them, a mischievous grin spreading over his lean, handsome face. After taking a moment to ascertain what was so fascinating to the two youngsters, he gave up. And asked. "What are you two doing?"

"Unca Ollie!" Lily Kent's head snapped around and her eyes widened in instant surprise and excitement. Out of all her parents' friends, Oliver Queen was her favorite. She immediately scrambled out of her hiding place and launched herself into his arms for a warm hug.

"Shhh! Lils, I can't hear!" Christopher Kent, Clark and Lois' foster son, tried to shush his young sister.

"Hear what?"

"Wev's 'dwroppin' on mommy and daddy." Four year old Lily explained as she hooked an arm around Oliver's neck. As the natural born daughter of Lois and Clark, she was a perfect combination of the two, with Lois' features and Clark's coloring.

"You are?"

"Shhhh!!" Annoyed, Chris shot the two of them a warning look.

Lily tried to lower her voice to a whisper as she bobbed her head causing her pony tail to bounce wildly. "Uh-huh. They's haffin' a strenews diffance of oponions'."

"I see." Ollie bit back a grin at Lily's expanding, but obviously difficult to pronounce vocabulary. He couldn't help but wonder which one of the two wordsmiths came up with that explanation.

The mischief in Lily's wide blue eyes was unmistakable. "And we's kweepin' scowre."

"Really?" A blonde eyebrow rose in curiosity as Oliver careened his neck to get a look at the two contenders. Their current position, however, didn't allow such a luxury. "So, uh…who's winning?"

"Daddy." Lily informed him triumphantly.

"Uh-huh. Mom is." The eight year old corrected over his shoulder.

"Whateva." The eyes were her father's, but the expression in their depths belonged to none other than Lois Lane. Then there were other attributes she acquired from her mother. Like, excitability and impatience. "Unca, Ollie? Did ya bwring us pwresents?"

Ollie grinned down at the little imp in his arms and tweaked her nose. "In the car, poppet."

"Yay!" Lily's impetuous hug and kiss nearly knocked Oliver off balance.

Ollie chuckled as he watched the four year old ball of energy sprint toward his car. He turned to Chris, his expression sobering. Though Chris had been part of the Kent household for over a year now, Ollie never really felt the connection with him that he did with Lily. It wasn't that he didn't try, but Chris was more distant emotionally and much harder to get to know.

Not that Oliver blamed him. After all, it couldn't be easy being the secretive, brooding Kryptonian foster son of a secretive, brooding Kryptonian Superman. Though not his biological son, Chris was more like Clark than perhaps either realized.

"Hey, Chris. I have something for you too. You want to go check it out?"

Though Chris' wary expression didn't change, a flash of warmth entered his eyes. He hadn't been forgotten after all. He glanced once more in the direction of the house before giving up his afternoon mission. "I guess." He shrugged nonchalantly. "Lily was blabbering so loud I lost count anyway."

"What are silly sisters for anyway, right?" Ollie queried with a grin.

Chris grinned back openly, unexpectedly. "Right." Chris turned to follow Lily's path then stopped and turned back to Oliver. "Thanks for the present…Uncle Ollie."

Oliver grinned and felt a new friendship begin.

Turning to the house, Oliver's smile faded.

Now, if only Superman and the Missus would remember that thing about not shooting the messenger…