Note: Well, I'm sad to see this one end, but it was time. This family definitely grabbed my heart in a way others haven't so I thank you all for indulging me in this story's journey. Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear your thoughts!




Chapter 18

Lois bit back a giggle as a wicked gleam danced in her eyes.

Slowly, carefully, she crawled up the bed and covered her sleeping husband's sheet draped body with her own. Gently, ever so gently, she applied baby kisses to the velvet skin of his shoulder, up his neck, against rumpled raven hair then teasingly nuzzled his ear till he began to stir. A heated whisper caressed his cheek when he did.

"I wanna do it again."

Eyes still shut, Clark chuckled at his insatiable wife's appetite for certain activities. He felt every tantalizing inch of her on top of him, lace and skin against skin. Whatever she was now wearing was clearly meant to entice not fully cover. He was dying to look. Then again, she probably knew that.

"How is it possible I'm the one with super powers, but you're the one that isn't tired?" Voice groggy with sleep, he flexed his back muscles then sank back into the mattress with a sleepy sigh. "Give me a few minutes and Clark Jr. will be ready and at your full disposal."

Slapping his shoulder, Lois sat up and exhaled in frustration. "Not that." A pointed finger impatiently waved at something on the table at the head of the bed. Her voice was breathless with anticipation. "Thaaat."

Clark blinked himself awake enough to see what she wanted. "Ooohhh. That."

That had been the subject of a heated debate that ended with both of them completely naked, utterly exhausted and beyond satisfied.

With any luck, a repeat performance is just waiting in the wings…

Clark grinned to himself. Reaching over, he grabbed the item then handed it to Lois over his shoulder. She immediately vacated her place on top of him.

Or not.

The grin vanished as Clark groaned in protest. "Heeey. Come back here. I'm cold now."

Lois' devious chuckle filled the room as she dismissed his request with a flip of her hair. "Warm yourself, Small-VILLE!"

His nickname became a shriek when, with the aid of his super speed, Clark yanked her back into bed and conveniently on top of him. A firm grip on her waist ensured her captive position.

"Clark!" She instantly complained with a pout.

"What?" Quickly taking in her attire, Clark grinned up at her with a shrug. It took an immense amount of effort for him to remain so coolly collected when he was being straddled by a goddess in a short sheer and lace nightie the likes of which she hadn't worn for him in a while. "You told me to warm myself. This is the best way I know how."

She contemplated him through narrowed eyes and pursed lips. "Your wicked streak has gotten worse with this connection thing, you know it?"

"Or maybe Lois-infected Clark is just making a latent appearance." Clark suggested with a tilt of his lips.

His heated gaze swept over her taking in every delicious inch. From the curve of her smooth shoulders down her ample breasts and tiny waist to those long, luscious legs, he was once again struck by the sheer exquisiteness that was his wife. Every inch of her was pure perfection.

And every inch of him was awake, alive and aching for her.

"Oh, hon…he's always been there." Focus suddenly split between her better half and the notepad in her hand, Lois grinned openly. "You just didn't want to admit it."

Clark's eyes narrowed as he watched Lois scribble furiously in the suddenly offensive notebook. They'd already experimented with downloading a few memories earlier. Which prompted Lois' all out quest to find material for the 'Lois and Clark's Greatest Hits Collection'.

And the aforementioned debate.

Clearly, Lois was focused. And just as clearly, Clark wanted to divert that focus in favor of a more tangible, hands-on team activity. "Or maybe you were just better at controlling him."

"Oh, you think I'm slipping in that department?"

"Maybe." Another shrug.

An accusatory eyebrow rose. "I see what you're doing."

"Yeah? And what's that?"

"You're trying to distract me." Lois noted with furrowed brows. She added a proud period to whatever words had made it from her mind to the page.

"Ever the observant one." His hands slipped from the curve of her hips, to encircle her tiny waist then moved up her torso. Slowly. Teasingly. "Is it working?"

Giggling, Lois slapped his hands away. "Not this time, Kent."

Clark responded with an overly exaggerated groan of disapproval. Lois merely smirked and slipped onto the bed next to him, one leg still gracefully draped over his thighs. She instantly buried her gaze in the notepad in her hand.

She was not, as she might appear to be, oblivious to the temptation of her husband. Lying naked. In their bed. Wanting her. No, not at all. In fact, the tickle of his fingers dancing lightly up and down her leg was more than enough to send a distinct tingle of desire to other parts of her body. And the heat radiating from him spiked her temperature a good five degrees.

But if Lois Lane had learned anything from her husband, it was patience. And timing. And the glorious results delayed gratification could bring.

She re-doubled her efforts and stared hard at the words suddenly doing a waltz before her eyes. "So, the last time…" She wiggled her eyebrows at him. "…it was pretty good, wasn't it?"

"Eh. It was ok." Clark shrugged, feigning indifference. Maybe if he played hurt, he could garner the kind of sympathy that would lead to personal, Clark-centered, intensive care.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noted the frown pulling his full lips downward. Lois smirked. So he was playing injured huh? So typical. It was always his first go-to whenever her focus trumped his desires.

She nudged him playfully and sent him a wink. "Oh, so this is a challenge now, huh?"

He sighed dramatically. "If you insist."

"Alright." Ignoring his obvious attempt to distract her from her mission, she made a play of trudging through memories, then chuckled suddenly. "What about the time we were caught making out behind the curtains in the Senate chamber?"

Despite himself, Clark's laugh was as instantaneous as the fierce blush across his cheeks. "Yeah, that was pretty good. I thought mom was going to die of embarrassment on the spot."

"She wasn't nearly as embarrassed by us being caught as she was your response."

Innocent ignorance fought with recollection, Clark gasped. "What? What did I do that was so embarrassing?"

Mimicking Clark, Lois crossed her arms in a classic Superman pose then repeated back for him word for word his conversation with the Capitol Hill police. "Just here to serve the people, Sir. How…am I serving the…?" She nervously cleared her throat. "Well, as you can see…she needed…help with um…with her um, her zipper. It's stuck. Her buttons? Why are they…un…buttoned?" She pretended to tug at the neck of her invisible suit. "Well, you see, officer…"

"And then you kissed me." Clark interrupted. Though he didn't remember it happening quite like that, his memory was perfectly clear on at least one point.

"And then I kissed you." Lois echoed softly, her eyes light with teasing remembrance. "I had no other choice, you know. You totally suck at improvising. And forget about the poker face."


"I mean, you were dangerously close to making Superman look like a lecherous fool."

He was tempted to be offended. He should be, in fact. And he would have been if, at that precise moment, Lois hadn't licked her lips. Slowly, tantalizingly. While looking intensely at his. And sighing as if the rise and fall of her world rested on the bowed pair situated directly under his nose.

Maybe I have a shot at a repeat performance after all…

"Hmmm, a fool in love is more like it." Clark admitted, his hand absently, gently caressing her bare leg then moving to the curve of her hip. His fingers curled in all the right places and sent tendrils of fire shooting through her in every direction. "Just so you know that still applies today."

"Yeah?" Lois leaned forward, a whispered smile on her lips.

"Yeah." Clark whispered back as his fingers slipped through the long dark hair falling all around him. Pushing it away from her hovering face, he secured it at the nape of her neck in a gentle fist. His gaze roamed every inch of her exquisite features as an unexpected confession escaped with his sigh. "The things you have the power to make me do…"

Oh. This sounds interesting. "Things? What things?"

"Well…" Pursing his lips, Clark's gaze drifted in thought. Then his lips tilted in remembrance. "The handcuffs, for one."

Lois giggled as her hand trailed up the center of his chest then back down again. Lightly. Teasingly. Her gaze followed its movement, brightening with every visible reaction to even the most innocent of caresses. "Riiight. The handcuffs."

"You know, it's a really good thing mom never knew about those." His apparent relief turned to confusion when Lois's laughter was suddenly muffled against his chest. "What?"

Pulling back to look at him, Lois' grin was teasingly radiant. "Hate to break it to you, Smallville, but not only did your mom know…she's the one that came up with the idea."

"What? No!"

"I swear on Lily's life." A suddenly serious Lois raised her hand as if making a solemn vow then grinned suddenly. "What did you expect? After all, it was her house we were destroying with our early morning wake up calls."

Shock gave way to a certain unsettled feeling that made complete sense. Despite certain uses for handcuffs in the bedroom, theirs had been fairly innocent. Namely, keeping them somewhat grounded in the middle of the night. An action prompted by Lois' penchant for rolling out of Clark's arms and landing with a thud and a groan some eight feet below.

And come to think of it, that solution presented itself right after an unexpected visit from mom...and a third cavernous hole in the bedroom floor in a month...

"Well, yeah, but…"

A sudden, accusatory gaze snapped up to meet his. "Hey. Speaking of...we haven't had to use those in a while."

Clark chuckled at her adorable reaction. "Is that a problem?"

"Well, maybe."

"Really? How so?"

"We don't spontaneously float any more." Lois announced petulantly, her brows knitting together. "Does that mean we're not as uh…"

"As uh…what?" Tables had turned. Thoroughly enjoying himself, Clark feigned ignorance.

Lois pulled back a little, sudden concern etching her features. "You know."

Oh, boy do I know. And if you only knew…

Gaze diverted to hide the sudden sparkle in his eyes, Clark bit back a grin. "Actually, I don't. Can you be more…specific?"

To which Lois Lane replied in a very unspecific way. "Do I still…you know? I mean…you….always for me. But have I slipped in that department…like, at all?"

Clark couldn't last another second. His laughter shook the bed and rang through the Fortress like a charming echo. Lois' irritated slap on his chest only added to his joviality.

"Hey. Stop it."

Tears of laughter slipped from his eyes.

"Clark Kent! If you don't stop right this..."

He stole the rest of her sentence with a kiss. Then stopped further protest with a whispered command. "Stay."




A whirlwind erupted around her. And covered her in shredded strips of cloth.

The bed dipped and Clark was kneeling before her, a grin lighting his eyes. "That's two."


Now it was her turn to be surprised.

"Sets of sheets I've ripped to shreds because of what you do to me. In that department." He grinned openly. "The living room curtains were near casualties as well." He leaned forward and sent her a wink before claiming her lips in a heart stopping kiss. "And it hasn't even been a day."

Eyes wide with wonder, Lois picked through the shreds. Blue. Green. Green. Blue. She vaguely remembered registering the colors as they'd tangled and swirled around her. Green. Tiny, closet-like bedroom one. Blue. Large bedroom two. Ripping sounds mingling with her name, torn like a sacred litany from Clark's strained voice, echoed through her mind.

Wow. Umm…wow.

A heated blush rushed over her cheeks. "So, that did happen. I thought I just imagined it."

Clark's lips tilted in amusement. "You weren't aware?"

Good God, she's actually…blushing.

"Well." Lois dropped the strips and leaned forward, her eyes dancing with delight. Their love making had always been passionate, intense and borderline out-of-this-world. But this? Visual proof of her power to make the strongest man in the world lose all control? Why, it was reminiscent of when they first began. When discovering each other was fresh. When every touch was a wonder, and every kiss filled with awe.

Looks like spontaneous floating is back on the agenda…

"You know that place you take me like….every time you…" She quirked an eyebrow meaningfully. "…you know, take me?"


A hand trailed lightly from taut stomach to sculpted chest over hunched shoulders then up the long column of his neck. A heated gaze followed its path. The breathless intimacy in her voice sent shivers across his skin. "Kinda hard to keep track of little things like sheets…breathing…" Her gaze snapped up to meet his. "…my own name…"

"I know the feeling." Eyes darkening quickly, Clark's admission was just as breathless.


"And desperately hope to know the feeling again." He leaned forward, mirroring her. "Very, very soon."

"Well…" Lois nearly purred as she languidly wrapped an arm around his neck and nuzzled his nose. "…in that case, I hope we have more sheets."

Wiggling his eyebrows playfully, Clark slipped from the bed and sauntered over to a side cabinet giving Lois a very good, very provocative view of his very defined backside. Swinging the doors open with a flourish, Clark turned to her and tilted his head in obvious indication.

Lois took one look in the floor to top sheet filled closet and burst into laughter. "Looks like we need to get busy..."

"I…" With one graceful bounce he was back on the bed ready to resume his previous position. "…couldn't agree more."

"...on the list." Lois clarified with a smirk.

Clark groaned and fell backward. "You're killing me, Lane."

"And I'm not even trying." Lois quipped, despite the lie. A satisfied smile quirked her lips as she sent him an affectionate wink. "You're hopeless."

"Hopelessly addicted to you?" She squeaked in surprised when is lips unexpectedly met hers in a breathless kiss. The squeak turned to a helpless sigh, then a groan when he pulled away with an arrogant grin. "Abso-fricking-lutely."

Lois giggled as she caressed the side of his face, a promise forming on her lips. "Work me with now and I promise, you will be rewarded. Very…" She nipped at his lips. "…very well."

"How well?"

"I brought the handcuffs." Lois informed with a wicked twinkle in her eyes.

He looked intrigued. Yet cautious. "But we don't spontaneously float anymore."

"Oh, baby..." It was her turn to deliver the heart stopping kiss. In this respect, she went above and beyond the call of duty. "…we will."

A beat.

"So, about that list..." Clark prompted eagerly.

"You are sooo easy." Playfully pushing him backwards, Lois teased before turning her attention back to the notepad in her hand. "Oh! I know! Our first kiss!"

Propped up on his elbow, a fully engaged Clark craned his neck to see what she'd already written down. His brows furrowed. "Which one?"

"Which one?" Lois repeated, her brow hitched questioningly.

"Yeah." He shrugged casually, his fingers making his points for him. "There's ours when we were fully aware of each other. There's yours and Red-K infected Clark at the Planet and then there's…"

"There was another first kiss?"

"Yeah, but you didn't know it was me."

"I didn't know it was…ooohhh!" Confusion broke, giving way to understanding. The vision Clark had shared with her of their Red-K infected selves. Much had been revealed that night, including Oliver's secret identity and Clark's complicity in keeping it under wraps. "That's right! I sooo need to kill Oliver Queen."

Clark chuckled as he laid back down, one hand behind his head. He grinned up at the ceiling. "Be my guest. He remembers your kissing expertise way too much for my taste."

She glanced over at him and her heart stopped. Hard, sculpted muscles. Smooth, bronzed skin. Large, strong hands. A face carved by the gods…

Head to toe perfection was lying mere inches away. Relaxed. Open. Vulnerable. And all hers.

Oh, this opportunity is just too good to pass up…

Lois' face suddenly obstructed his view of the starry night sky. Her body followed, as she moved to straddle him. More than a hint of teasing was in her voice. "Yeeaaah? You jealous?"

"Of Oliver? Puhleese." Clark rolled his eyes and scoffed.

"You sure?" She relentlessly probed. "Cuz, you know, he is pretty hot."

"You think?" Clark playfully questioned before wrapping his free arm around her waist, gently pulling their bodies together till she lying on top of him. A sigh of satisfaction. Skin and lace against skin once again. "Now why would I be jealous of a man that kept your interest for six months when I've kept much more than that for seven years?"

"Hmmm." Lois purred as she leaned forward to taste his lips.

Her body slid against his, slowly, provocatively. Softness and steel met. Pressed tightly against each other, she felt every inch of him. The ache inside her grew. She groaned at the intensity of it as Clark's tongue snaked out to pull hers into a battle that was long overdue. With the way her fingers raked through his hair, it was clear that Clark Kent was winning. He smiled against her lips.

She cut his victory short.

Seemingly unaffected, she pulled back to agree with his assessment. "Good point."

Having been aroused once again, an increasingly frustrated Clark was just about ready to take control and prove how good that point was when Lois shifted suddenly, pushing herself up into a sitting position. She was once again straddling him with the offensive notebook and pencil in hand.

Clark frowned.

The woman is either a machine…or she's somehow managed to inherit my famous will of steel…or…

He was starting to notice a subtle pattern. And wasn't at all sure that it wasn't intentional.

She's teasing me on purpose…

It took all her willpower not to crumble into breathless surrender. Truth was, she'd had the list completed in the first ten seconds of retrieving it. Now she was just playing. Now, she was pushing buttons. And with a certain growing hardness pressed against her thigh, it seemed like she was pushing all the right ones.

"Ok, then. Let's forget kissing." Lois announced as she marked through an invisible line on her paper. "I know what's better…"

"You know, I'd actually rather do that than remember it." Clark suggested with a mischievous tilt of his lips. His hands circled her waist, gently tugging her forward.

She slapped his hands away. Rolling her eyes in apparent exasperation, Lois thumped him in the center of his chest with the eraser end of the pencil. "What is it with you and the one track mind?"

"Given our current position, what is it with you and the multi-tracked mind?" Clark challenged back.

An appropriate frown puckered her lips. "Am I not giving you enough undivided attention?"

"Actually, no." Puppy dog eyes made a fierce appearance. As did a pronounced pout. "You aren't."

She nearly burst into laughter at his expression. Sometimes her man was just too adorable for words. And sometimes…words simply weren't needed. "Well, then. Let's see what I can do about that…" She winked. The notepad flew in one direction. The pencil in the other.

A slow grin began to form. Blue eyes bean to dance. Fingers curled reflexively around her hips. "But what about the list?"

"Ah, Smallville." Heated hands slipped from stomach to chest, chest to neck. Caressing, teasing. "When I said I wanted to do it again, what exactly did you think I was talking about?" The wiggled eyebrows and grin that slowly spread over her face was all the proof he needed she'd planned this all along.

Their bodies came together. Their lips collided. Their groans mingled into a perfect echoing harmony. A spontaneous, and increasingly familiar connection opened between them. Then unexpected images.

They both gasped, pulled back and spoke at the same time. "Lily's birth!"

"No fair! I wanted to do that!" Lois slapped Clark's chest in playful indignation.

"We can do it together." Clark breathlessly chuckled, tightening his hold on her. "Besides, I don't really trust you to do that one on your own."

Lois gasped in false indignation. "How can you say that?"

"Lo, it was my hand you nearly crushed during labor. And that's saying a lot given who I am. And as for the things you called me? Sailors would blush." His chagrinned gaze shifted. "Besides, right now, at this tender age, Lily still thinks I'm…perfect. I don't want her hearing your version to dispel that myth, ok?"

"Awww…honey." Lois cooed as she nuzzled her nose against his cheek. "You are perfect."

"Yeah, well, that's not what you said at eight centimeters." Clark responded flippantly.

Blowing out a breath of mock frustration, Lois pulled out of his arms and shifted to glare down at him. "Am I going to hear about this for the rest of our lives?"

"Uh…yeah." Clark was tempted to add 'duh' to that, but stopped when he saw her expression. "What? It's one of the few things I can legitimately hold over your head." He started to grin. "I'm using it till the day I die."

Swallowing hard, her eyes clouded. Her face darkened. "Clark. Don't."

"What?" Blinking up at her innocently, Clark was clearly confused by the sudden and unexpected shift in her mood.

"Don't even mention…" She slid out of bed and crossed to the French doors leading to her balcony-made-patio. An obvious shiver ran through her body. She wrapped her arms tightly around her in response.

Clark was at her back before she could take another breath. His warmth surrounded her as his arms circled around her waist and he pulled her back into him. His apology was a low whisper in her ear. "Lo, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything…"

Turning in his arms, she buried her face in the center of his chest and clung to him like her very sanity depended on it. Ear to heart, her eyes drifted closed. She counted his heartbeats and felt his warmth seep into her bones. "Just hold me."

He obeyed without question. Without hesitation. With complete understanding.

For even sometimes the woman strong enough to hold the strongest man straight in a spinning world, needed to be held in return.

The latest separation had been harder on Lois than she'd wanted to admit. Not to Clark. Not even to herself. Maybe it was the increasing connection between them, or the utter loneliness its silence created. Maybe it had been knowing just how deep the danger was this time.

But one thing was glaringly obvious.

Lois Lane could not exist without Clark Kent.

Even the suggestion of it left her cold and hollow. Bereft and numb. That Clark's touch alone was enough to right her world again was beyond amazing. It was a miracle.

"You ok?" Clark whispered after a few moments of silence.

Lois nodded. "Yeah. I just…" She pulled back to look into his eyes, hers clouded with the uncertainty of the recent past. "…these past months without you have been…"


She nodded again as she worried her bottom lip. "I mean, everything is so much better with the connection but even then…"

"I know." The warmth in his eyes, the empathy in his expression screamed that he'd felt it too. "That's why I couldn't wait to get you here. Where we could be together. Safe, Open. Free."

"Where we could have heaven."

"Yeah." Clark agreed with a nod of his head. "Heaven."

"So, that's why?" A small smile tugged at her lips. "And here I thought it was for the uninterrupted, mind-blowing sex."

Clark chuckled and tucked an errant strand of hair behind her shoulder. "Well, that too." His hands drifted lovingly up and down her back. She shivered in response. His gaze softened and filled. With desire, with love, with need.

He gauged her expression. All the worry lines had been erased. All the sorrow threatening to crowd her eyes had been beaten back. Only one thing remained.

His Lois.

And all that she was to him.

Strength and softness. Heart and soul. Love and passion.

"Speaking of…"

Lois chuckled and leaned into him. "You are so adorable when you're focused."

"And you are so absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful when you're under me." Clark's whisper sent shivers across her skin. His hand pressed against her lower back, pulled her body into him.

"What about when I'm on top of you?" Eyes shining with growing desire, Lois challenged coyly.

Clark flashed her a grin. "Well, then you're just smokin' hot."

"You know…" Her arms snaked around his neck. "…I could be tempted to think you just married me so I could be your little plaything." Her fingers dove into his hair.

"Lois Lane? A plaything?" His grin deepened. His hands slipped from the curve of her hips to cup her bottom. "Never in a million years. Besides, if all I wanted was a 'plaything', as you put it, you'd be the last woman I'd choose."

Lois gasped and pulled back.

"What?" Clark asked innocently. "You're too much trouble to just be a plaything."

"Ohhh, so I'm trouble now, huh?"

"You've always been trouble." The affection in his voice was thick as Clark nuzzled his nose against hers and grinned. "The best kind. The kind that guys like me lock down for life."

"And about this life of yours." Lois asked, searching his gaze, a hint of vulnerability in her eyes. "Do you have any regrets?"

Clark paused, not to consider the question, but to answer it with the seriousness it deserved. "When it comes to us…not a single one." An eyebrow rose. "You?"

"Well…" A frown pulled Lois lips down as her gaze shifted. "…maybe just one."

His questioning gaze prompted a whispered answer.

"I regret that we're too far from the bed."

A smile curved the corners of his lips. "Oh, well. We wouldn't want you to have any regrets now, would we?" Without warning Clark swept Lois into his arms and spun in the direction of the bed. "So, Mrs. Ke…

One arm hooked around his neck, Lois stopped him with a strategically placed finger against his lips. She suddenly looked a bit nervous. Which Clark found endearingly adorable. "I know it's…silly." A coy gaze full of so much love glanced up at him through long thick lashes. "But if you don't mind, can you not call me that here?"

"Okaay." Clark was clearly confused.

"Instead…" Lois hastened to enlighten him. "…call me…Mrs. Superman."

"Mrs. Superman?" Eyebrows hitched. The eyes beneath it began to sparkle. His heart swelled with love. With pride. "But you've never wanted to be called that before."

"That's because…" Gently cupping the side of his face, a glowing smile skipped across her lips. Her sigh echoed her words. "…I've never been so happy to be her before."

Clark beamed. "Well, in that case…" Her new name dropped like a prayer from his lips. "…Mrs. Superman…which do you prefer? Top…or bottom?"



"Which do you prefer?" Her question whispered across his lips before she claimed them in a heart stopping, breathtaking kiss. "Tearing sheets…or floating…"

Before she could blink, she was on the bed, pressed into the mattress by Clark's weight. Midnight eyes full of intense desire caressed her face. "Impossible to choose."


"But if I had to…" His voice was raspy with emotion. His touch tender, and full of love. "…floating with you in heaven…now that's a dream come true…"

Lois' eyes brightened with the happiness that breathed through her sigh. "A dream come true indeed."

The End

p.s. Well, that's it guys. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. And on that note, I do have a sequel planned IF you are interested. It'd be different in that it's not just one period of their life, but a series of snippets. Also, it's more from the things Clark deals with being, well…"Being Mr. Lane". I'll finish other stories first, but let me know if you're interested. THANK YOU for all your support and patience!!