Stone Cold Lethal

Summary: EO CHALLENGE. Drabble word – thermometer. Just another reason why Dean hates witches with a passion.

A/N: There are lots more of us in this drabble challenge. Go to Onyx Moonbeam's profile and check us out. This is the first of two drabbles I did with thermometer. The second one has Hurt!Dean. I couldn't resist.

Long johns? Check.

Fur parka? Check.

Consecrated iron stake?

Hell yeah. It's tucked inside his right sleeve. Spring loaded. Ready.

He misses sunlight. His freckles have gone into hiding. Sooner he finishes this, sooner he can head south, meet up with Dad.

Dean's breath hangs thick and white in the frigid air. He glances at the thermometer nailed into the tree trunk. Mercury's falling like a rock.

She's here.

The frost witch steps out into the open, ice blue, grinning happily.

Dean's the warmest thing around. And he's only human.

Five minutes later she's the deadest thing around.