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The bathroom light was the only one on in the Rodriguez's house at 4 o'clock in the morning. The girl in the bathroom flushed the toilet and scrubbed her hands under the warm water from the faucet. As Carmela looked out the window and into the backyard, dimly lit by the sliver of sun over the room tops, there was only one thought on her mind – get back to bed and sleep for 5 more hours. Then she saw something that made her do a double take. In the shadow of a tree, it looked like her younger brother was sleeping outside on the grass, and was cuddled up with someone else.

"What the hell?" she mumbled. Now half of her being the annoyed older sister, she felt like it was none of her business and she should just go back to bed. But the other half being the protective older sister, she also felt obligated to go down there and at least save those two idiots from being found several hours later by one of her parents. A short internal argument ensued and finally the protective older sister side won.

As Carmela was making her way down the dimly lit stair case, a happy thought crossed her mind. If her brother was indeed out there with another girl, then perhaps this meant he had finally gotten over loosing Nita. She knew it still hurt, even for her who had become close friends with both the Callahan daughters.

Carmela walked across the kitchen and slipped out the door onto the porch. The cold wasn't that bad, just a slight spring chill. She leaned out over the railing, her brother and friend now in plain sight. He was on his back, one arm wrapped around a slender brown haired girl. Carmela was at least glad to see they were both clothed. The girl had her back towards the porch so Carmela couldn't see her face but she still didn't think she knew her. Maybe it's that Anna girl… Carmela thought to herself.

"Kit!" she called, loud enough for him to hear but not enough to wake her parents. The boy stirred but didn't open his eyes; instead he snuggled closer to the brown haired girl. Carmela rolled her eyes. "Christopher!" she hissed and this time his eyes came open slightly and more movement was visible. "Care to explain why when I looked out the bathroom window I found my little brother curled up under a tree, sleeping with a girl?" she asked in an amused tone. "I know you're a ticking time bomb of hormones at this age but you could have at least found someplace a little more…secluded."

By this time, Kit was sitting up, blinking blearily. He saw his sister on the porch and gave a quick glance at the girl still fast asleep beside him. She could see his sheepish smile and slight blush even in the dim light. "Um...Carmela?"

"C'mon! Are you going to get going or what? You should thank your lucky stars it was me who found you first instead of mom or dad. Get you're friend inside or home or whatever." The girl was stirring too and Kit turned to touch her shoulder. She looked up at him as she woke then propped herself up beside Kit. Carmela still couldn't see her face because it was in the shadow of a tree and the masses of wavy brown hair didn't help. Kit whispered something to her and Carmela watched curiously as the girl nodded, then she took the hand Kit offered and stood up. Carmela noticed they didn't let go of each others hands, even after they were both standing.

Carmela was getting impatient though. "Kit, aren't you going to introduce me or something?" She wanted a face and a name for this girl who had somehow pulled her brother out of his ridiculous love coma. The two stepped out from under the tree and started towards the porch. For the second time that morning, Carmela did a double take. She could feel her jaw drop as she stared at the girl.

"Long time no see Carmela." Nita smiled tentatively. Even though Nita looked different, Carmela could now instantly recognize her. Her hair had grown longer and she had developed some nice curves (which Carmela would later look on with a touch of envy) and her eyes had a particular sheen to them that she hadn't quiet remembered but it was still Nita.

"Nita? Nita!" Then she rushed off the porch and swept her into a hug, one that Nita returned full heartedly. "You stupid, stupid, wizards!" Carmela said as tears threatened to overflow. She held Nita an arms-length away and gave her another look as if she needed once again to very that she was real.

"I'm back," Nita said.

"And it's about time!"


Soon they were sitting in the living room, talking in hushed tones so the adults sleeping on the floor above wouldn't wake. Carmela had demanded a full explanation from the both of them. Nita and Kit sat pressed up against each other on the love seat. She noticed with interest the way Kit was acting around Nita, as he was afraid she would be taken away at any moment. Their hands never parted. Carmela stayed silent through the whole story, quiet a feat for her.

"And then we were back," Kit finished sometime later.

Carmela was still in a state of mild shock. So she said the first thing that came to mind. "Does Dairine know yet?"

Nita looked sheepish. "I haven't gone home yet. I've been a bit…busy." She blushed and glanced at Kit.

Carmela gave a knowing grin. "Yes, I could see that."

Nita took on a fierce look. "How is she? Dairine I mean."

"She was pretty shaken up Nita when you…disappeared. We all were but it hit her especially hard." Nita bit her lip at this and a distraught look flashed in her eyes. "This is the best present she could ever be given though." Carmela added.

Both of them looked at her blankly. "What?"

"Oh, you probably didn't realize. Well I don't blame you. If I was trapped in a place like that I probably wouldn't keep track of the dates either. Today is Dairine's birthday."

A look of realization dawned on Nita's face. She turned to Kit. "I have to get home," she told him quietly.

He squeezed her hand. "Yeah," he said but the look on his face said he was reluctant to let her out of his sight.

"I won't disappear again," she promised him. Carmela politely glanced away as Nita gave him a swift kiss. Then she got up and ran a hand through her hair. "I'll be back soon," she told them. Then with a pop of displaced air, she was gone.


Dairine was in a semi state of consciences, halfway between deep sleep and groggy awareness, when someone else eased onto the bed beside her. She gave an annoyed groan and buried her head in her pillow. To her this was still dreamland. "No, I don't want it blue!" she mumbled softly. The person chuckled slightly and scooted closer.

"Dair," a voice whispered in her ear. "Wake up Dairine," it said softly.

"I said hold the tentacle….extra limes…" Sighed the redhead. This time the laugh was a little louder and Dairine become fractionally more awake.

"What the hell kind of dreams are you having? I'm gone a little while and everyone around here goes crazy."

Dairine moaned and drew the blankets closer around her shoulders. When she spoke it was in an irritated tone. "I'm trying to sleep Nita. Get out of my room."

"But it's your 16th birthday. You should be up bright and early."

"Nita, I know its – Nita. Nita? Nita!" Dairine sat bolt upright, her red hair a tangled mess. She pushed it out of her face and stared at person sitting on the bed. "Nita?" she croaked, confusion and disbelief thick in her voice.

"Happy Birthday runt."

"Nita!" Then the two sisters were mashed together, holding each other, both crying. Nita stroked Dairine's hair softly as her sister sobbed. "This is a dream. I know it's a dream. I'm going to wake up and you're going to be gone again!" Dairine squeezed her tighter as another sob escaped her.

"This isn't a dream Dairine. This is real. I'm real."

"I thought you were gone! Why did you leave me?! We all thought you were ---- you were gone for so long!" her words were barely decipherable past her sobbing. Nita just held her until she calmed down some.

Dairine finally took a deep breath and looked up at her sister. Her tears had made tracks down her freckled face. "This is real?"

"It truly is." Nita smiled

"You idiot!" Dairine said with no real anger. "You were gone for so long! I tried to find you but I couldn't! But now you are here. How are you here?"

"Do you think I'd miss your birthday?"

Dairine just squeezed her tighter. "I'm just so glad you're here Nita."

"So am I." Nita hugged her back.


[1 month later]

"Neets! We're going to be late!" A voice called from down the stairs and Nita Callahan grabbed her sneakers and dashed out of her room. "I'm coming!" she hollered, trying to tie her shoes while coming down the stairs. She narrowly avoided falling to her death but did succeed in getting her shoes on. By the door stood a familiar dark haired boy. Nita smiled brightly when she saw him and he reached for her hand.

"About time," he smiled. Then leaned down to give her a kiss.

A few seconds later Dairine scooted into the hallway. "Hey you guys. No sucking faces in the hall. It's gross."

The two broke apart and Nita glared at her sister. "Grow up Dair," she told her grinning little sister. As if to make a point she reached up to give Kit another sound kiss.

"Bleck," Dairine said, but she left them alone.

Kit smiled at Nita. "You know I don't think I mind this new form of younger sister torment," he teased.

"Down boy," Nita told him with a laugh.

He made an amused sound and leaned towards her again. Before their lips touched Dairine's voice floated back into the hallway. "Get out! You guys are going to make me sick. Plus you have a movie to catch right?"

"She has a point," Nita said ruefully. She grabbed Kits hand and hauled him out the door.

Before the door shut Nita heard Dairine yelling again. "And I swear Nita, if I catch a whiff of any idiotic plans you have of pulling a stunt similar to lasts months, I'll kill you myself. Have a nice time!"

"She is so supportive," Nita said dryly and Kit laughed. Nita smiled brightly and lifted her face to the sky. This just felt so right. The warm sun, the whisper of the wind, the trees swapping tales with their neighbors over the fence, and the feeling of Kits hand in hers. She squeezed it and he returned the gesture, turning to smile brightly at her. This was perfect. And she didn't want anything to change.


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