Familiar Faces

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Chapter One: Seattle


"Well heh-low, don't you have somewhere to be little lady?"

Oh joy! What's this? The 13th half-assed, cheesy pick-up line since I stepped foot in this dump, merely 20 minutes ago? Ah what the hell, I'm in a playful mood, I'll divulge the poor boy. "And where pray tell would that be?" I responded while turning my face to the right to actually get a look at this lucky number 13. I was sat on a bar stool, previously facing forward, when the guy had approached me on my right, leaned against the bar counter and tried his very hardest to not be too obvious about the blatant eye-sex he was using me for. Yeah right. Now that I had redirected my gaze towards him and he got the full picture, Mr Obvious seemed to be having trouble forming any words. This got old about half a century ago. I decided to play nice, it wasn't this guys fault really, I had plenty of memories of being tongue tied whenever I was around a certain breathtakingly beautiful vam… - but we won't go down that messy path right now. So I cleared my throat and that seemed to bring him out of his trance.

"Huh? Oh yeah, er, what was I saying? Right yeah, so you shouldn't be sat at this bar all alone. You should 5 blocks from here, in this nice bed I just happen to own…"

Poor guy. Well he gave it ago. He failed. But at least he tried. I had scanned the room when I first arrived for anything to entertain me but every thought had been vulgar, unoriginal and based around me. How very boring. So I had shut them all out. I still could not help but notice the usual stares and failed attempts at approaching me before backing out. "I'm sorry, truly, it was a valiant attempt. But I really must be off now. Goodbye." With that I was gone. Off home. Hmm, home? I guess the correct way of putting it would be to say I was returning to my house. My brand new apartment. Situated right in the centre of Seattle. Perfect for me in so many ways.

When I exited the club it had ceased raining but I could distinctly smell the preparations in the sky above for the next round of wetness. I decided I would walk home. At a human pace. I had plenty of time to spare after all.

It was 5am when I eventually reached my appartment. I fished my keys out of my small, black, Chanel - yeah I know, long story - clutch and unlocked the front door to my new sanctuary. It was on the top floor of the newest block of contemporary styled apartments which had sold out within 1 hour of being on the market. I had to use a little charm but I very fairly managed to got myself the penthouse flat. I no longer have my 'human' aversion to money, in fact it seems incredibly ridiculous to me now that I am aware what truly matters in this vampire existence.

Once inside, I slipped off my cream coloured trench coat, hung it on the peg located near the door and placed my keys and clutch on the kitchen counter top to the left of the entrance. I just stood and took in my new surroundings. Only yesterday had I moved in and so was not yet quite getting that 'comfortable, homey feeling'. I probably won't be around long enough to really settle anyway. I never am.

Two and a half hours to go. What to do? I decided to take a long shower to remove the stench of male, human sweat and cheap beer. As much as I like to feel the pain that comes when the venom leaks from my eyes when crying after drinking a beer, I really can not stand the stink.

When I was sufficiently de-beered, I stepped out of the shower, wrapped my white cotton towel around myself and headed towards my closet. After 85 years as a vampire I had accumulated a rather large closet full of clothing; but being the vegetarian vampire that I so proudly am, I make sure to always be up to date with the latest fashion. Can't go mixing with the humans when wearing any old thing now can I? So I entered the closet; grabbed my navy blue Victoriana lace, short sleeved, pin tuck blouse; my favourite pair of low-ride, snug-fit jeans - which shape my eternal ass perfectly even if I do say so myself - followed by my black leather ALIX Chelsea platform boots. I laid out my forthcoming outfit on top of my king size four poster bed, and proceeded to dry my body and my hair. I got dressed quickly, applied minimal make up - light mascara and some lip gloss, left my hair down in its natural waves and went out in to the living room.

As I walked to the next room I remembered to stop and check my appearance in the mirror. Hmm. I guess I don't need to hunt just yet then. My eyes were their usual satiated, yellowy self. We had never been able to determine reasons behind some of my little 'quirks', as they were known.

Some vampires I have known have considered themselves monsters or freaks. Ha! What would they say if they were to know the truth about me? Me, the True Freaky Vamp. My funny little quirks are what make me that freak.

My eyes for example are very strange. The eyes of vegetarians are considered odd enough with their butterscotch, golden colouring; however I just have to go and take it one step further don't I? Yes my eyes are golden but they are different, like pure gold combined with molten glass. In passing I have 'heard' them described as more alluring, inviting and full of depth. But I really do not see it myself, all I see is the glaringly obvious difference between myself and every other freaking vampire in this world.

Then there is my freakish control. Of course I am extremely grateful for that one particular quirk but it does nothing to help my odd-one-out annoyances. When I first awoke after my transformation, sure there was a thirst, but nothing near the bloodlust I was led to expect. I found that every time I came across a human I could just stop, get control of myself and move one. After 85 years they have almost no effect upon me, unless I want them to. My powers, yes plural, are an altogether other story, so confusing, so aggravating yet so useful too at times.

I sat and read for a while before finally relenting and returning the ancient book to its shelf. I headed over to the pegs holding my most used jackets and coats near the front door and retrieved my black leather jacket. Once that was on, I picked up my shoulder bag, slung it on, grabbed my keys off the counter and left my sanctuary.

I was headed for the one place no teenager ever wants to return to. Yet I go willingly. Why? Simply for something to do to occupy my time. High School. You ready?

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