Titel: Super-Jedi
Author: Lora Kael
Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. Really. And money? I'd wish I was paid for writing this stuff, but alas no. So read it, and tell me what you think. :)
Notes: Just an idea that popped up in my mind, when reading a part of Surviver's Quest.

Mara said: "Skywalker, you're not going super-jedi on me again, are you?"

Luke looked at her innocently. "Me? Never."


He grinned at her. "Only on special occasions, Mara."

She couldn't help, but smile back.

(Some years later on a different planet in the middle of a war between to neighbouring planets)

"Lovely," Mara murmured, "I just love to be caught in the middle."

"Well, what is life without some challenges?" Luke said.

Mara glanced at him. They were literally in the middle of the two armies, and it was difficult to avoid seriously harm someone.
"This is a bit more challenging than I like," Mara replied. She took the time to glance at the others; besides herself and Luke, Corran Horn and Saba Sebatyne were here, too, as well as two older apprentices. The latter had come along so they could get some real-life experience. And they were getting that plentiful right now.

"Any ideas on how to solve this?" Mara asked. "If we keep going like this someone is gonna die, sooner or later."

"I'm open to suggestions." Luke replied.

"I thought you did the thinking!" Mara hissed between her teeth. Even with six jedi this was difficult, especially since they couldn't kill the troopers shooting at them and each other. She hated this kind of assignments.
"This wouldn't be so bad a situation to go super-jedi," Mara commented.

"Super-jedi?" Corran said questionly. "How do you go super-jedi?"

"Super-jedi: can solve anything with a flick of his hand."

"Or her hand," Luke said. "I was beginning to think you'd never ask, Mara," he added with a smile. "And if you don't mind, it's not going to be with a flick of my hand."

Corran looked even more questionly, and both students looked perplexed. Saba just barred her teeth in a grin.

"This one would like to see Master Skywalker go super-jedi."

Luke smiled slightly and refastened his lightsaber to his belt. He closed his eyes and stood quite still in the middle of the other jedi.

Suddenly several things happened; the heavy weaponry suffered a mass malfunction, the snake-plants, that covered all the ground, grew up around the troopers legs, giving them something else and more immediate to worry about, and their hand weapons flew out of their hands. Those who tried to hold on to them, ended up lying sprawled on the ground, because of the snake-plants. The small weapons were covered by the plants.

It all happened in a matter of seconds, and seemed very surreal.

"Is this super-jedi enough for you?" Luke asked.

"Impressive," Corran commented. "Most impressive. Especially the plant thing."

"Master Skywalker iz good az a super-jedi," Saba said. "Very good."

Both students looked dumbstruck, gaping openmouthed at Luke.

"Why, thank you," Luke said. Then he added; "You two better close your mouths and look a little jedi; we do have a reputation to think about."

"Lovely," Mara said again, and this time she meant it. "What's next?"

"We go over and invite the leaders to a little chat. I think they should be a little bit more cooperative, now they've seen this."

Luke suited words to action and Mara went with him.

Corran shook his head. "You think you know him, and then he comes up with something new. How does he do it?"

"He iz Master Skywalker," Saba said simply.