The Beginning of a B.E. Friendship

Kicking a rock as he walked around the play ground, with his hands stuffed deep into his blue uniform slacks, the young boy with blue sad eye's and messy blonde hair, let out a long sigh. It was his first day of kindergarten at Hartford's Sunrise Private elementary school. Not knowing any of the other children, he stayed on the disserted side of the playground, apparently all of the kids had taken a liking to dodge ball that particular day, seeing as how they were all standing in a huge circle screaming. Pouting he kicked the rock as hard as he could.

Shouted a girl a few feet in front of him. The young boy looked up at her with wide eye's as she rubbed her ankle, tears filling her eye's.
'What did you do that for?'

Not wanting her to cry, he rushed over to her side and bent down to touch her ankle, tears stinging his own blue eyes.
'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Are you Ok?'
He looked to the girl next to him and was caught in the curiosity her blue eye's held.

Apparently forgetting her ankle the girl pushed her bangs away from her face and swiped quickly at her cheeks.
'It's OK. Why are you walking all alone? Why aren't you playing with everyone else?'

Not worrying about the subject change he shrugged his shoulders and stuffed his hands back deep into his pockets.
'Nobody wanted me to play. Why are you all alone?'

The young girl's soft features suddenly became irritated. She crossed her arms over her chest and stomped her foot indignantly.
'I was playing but den tupid Paris got me out.'
She glared in the direction of a small blonde girl who was still standing in the circle, the girl seemed to be taking the game very seriously and only looked in their direction long enough for the two little girls to both stick their tongs out.
Suddenly looking back at the boy, the little girl slapped her forehead.
'I know who you are! You moved to the house next to mine!'

'You have the pool with the slide?'

She replied proudly.

'Cool. I keep asking my Mommy for a slide but she says no cuz they are to danerous for me.'
He rolled his eye's, causing the girl to laugh.

'Not my Mommy! She's way cool. She let's me slide down all by myself!'


The little girl wrung her hands behind her back and twisted the tip of her shiny black shoe against the cement shyly.
'You wanna play a game with me?'

The boy's eye's grew.
'You wanna play with me?'

She laughed happily.
'Yea why not?! I like you! Your nice - even though you hit me. But it was a accadent so thats OK. My mommy says if you dont mean to do someting bad den your not bad. Jus clunsy.'

'Whats clunsy?'

The little girl paused thoughtfully then shook her head, her big curls swinging back and forth.
'I dont know but my Daddy says dat, dats what mommy is cuz shes always doing bad things on accadent. So do you wanna play with me?'

His blue eye's brightened and he smiled excitedly.

'K come on!'
She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the sand box.

'Where are we going?'

'To the swings. Hey maybe ater school your mommy will let you come over to my house and we can go swimming!'


'Yea! I mean if we're gonna be best friens then we ha to play an stuff!'

'We're firends?'

The little girl stopped and stared at him suddenly inscure.
'You wanna be my friend dont you?'

Smiling happily, the boys eyes seemed to brighten again.

She stared at him some more.
'Hey your eyes change colors! That's so cool!'

'They do?'
As she nodded, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

'What's your name?'

The little boy smiled proudly and puffed his chest out.
'Twistin DuGwey.'

'Cool. Well come on lets go play!'

The little girl took off running leaving him behind for a second before he took off after her.
'Whats your name?'

Not pausing to answer the little girl spun her head around just enough for him to hear her.
'Rory Gilmore!'

Smiling he continued running after her.

'I have a best friend!'