E/O Challenge: Thermometer

Word count: ...let me know :)

I really just wanted this to happen to Dean. I'm so excited I got to do it!

Your Fault I'm Sick!


"Sam open your mouth and stop being such a bitch!"

"Not until you admit this is all your fault jerk!"

"No way!" It was only partly Dean's fault Sam was sick. He told Sam to leave him alone and let the sickness run its course, but his brother insisted upon playing Nurse Sammy.

"You threw up on me! How is this not your fault?!"

"You knew I was sick Sam."

Sam sat back, arms crossed and opened his mouth. Dean smiled and leaned in sticking the thermometer's tip under Sam's tongue.

"I knew you'd see it my way."

With a brisk movement, Sam removed the thermometer and sneezed on Dean's face.

"My mouth was open!"

"You knew I was sick." Sam said smugly.