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Jacob was pacing his room. He was starting to get worried. Was Edward going to keep his promise? Was he really going to show up?

Just as Jacob was getting ready to give up on the vampire, there came a slight tapping on his window.

"Jake?" Edward whispered.

Jacob threw the window open in a flash. "Come in!" He exclaimed to Edward. When Edward was in the room, Jacob looked quizzically at him. "What's up with the trench coat?" He asked.

Edward smirked. "That's a surprise," he told the young werewolf seductively.

"I don't like surprises," Jacob told him.

Edward moved closer to Jacob, pressing his cold, lean body against Jacob's warm, built one. "I think you're going to like this surprise," Edward told Jacob, running his fingers over Jacob's chest as he traced his ear with his mouth.

Jacob shivered. "Well then I want to see it," he commanded. "Now."

Edward complied, sliding off the bed and slowly undoing the buttons of the long coat. Jacob looked up and down his body, noticing the red pumps at last. At the same moment, Edward dropped the coat, revealing the lingerie that Alice had given him.

"You," Jacob began, swallowing nervously, "You wore that for me?"

Edward gave Jacob a sexy smile. "Do you like it?" He asked with mock innocence.

"Like it?" Jacob asked quickly. "Hah, yeah, I guess you could - er - say that."

"Good," Edward said with a smirk. He moved to sit on the werewolf's lap. "I was hoping that you would," He whispered, nipping at Jacob's ear.

Jacob stood up suddenly. "Ouch!" He exclaimed.

"What's wrong, my Jakie-poo?" Edward asked, his face alight with concern.

"You bit me!" Jacob said, pointing accusingly at Edward.

"And?" Edward asked. "It was part of my seduction."

"Well it hurt!" Jacob countered. "Look, Edward, maybe you'd better go. I'll call you."

Edward looked at Jacob. "If I could produce tears, I would be sobbing like the woman that I am right now. But, as I cannot, I guess I'll just have to leave instead of make you feel like a jerk. Goodbye, Jacob. I hope that you really do call me. Remember, you already promised to save me from Bella."

Jacob sighed. "Yeah, I'll protect you from that little twit, don't worry, my love. It's just that I need time to recuperate from your biting. Vampire venom is poisonous to me, you know."

"Oh," Edward said, looking down in shame. "No, I didn't know that. I'll keep my teeth to myself next time. I love you, you sexy little werewolf." Edward pressed himself to Jacob for a long, sensual kiss, and then leapt out the window and sped away.

Jacob shook his head. Vampires, he thought to himself. Can't live with them, definitely can't live without them.

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