Her dreams in the past months had been more like nightmares. Sometimes it was Long Shadow lunging at her, eyes wide and hungry with hatred. Sometimes it was Gabe shocking her with a stun gun and almost having his way with her. When she had a really bad day it was her holding a soda can, scanning the room and her life flashing before her eyes just as it explodes. Or, her body being maimed and mangled as a wooden stake pierced through her side. And on really, really bad nights her nightmares were filled with Bill attacking her, feeding on her, raping her... and still the worst. Eric, running down the side of the road, his memory gone, his body bleeding. He would stop and look at her as she gently tried to coerce him into her car. He would turn and walk to her as if he was accepting her help, just as he had done almost one year ago. Only in her nightmare he would leap on her at the last minute, brutally attacking her and sinking his fangs into her jugular. She would always wake up in a cold sweat just as he was about to ingest the last drop of her life sustaining blood.

Not last night, last night she dreamed. She dreamed beautiful, fabulous dreams. She was flying, her arms stretched out at her sides as she felt the wind dance through her fingers. The air was intoxicating, it was exhilarating. As she stretched her arms out even further to see just how large she could feel, a hand gently covered hers and guided her through the night air. It was Eric, he was with her, holding her hand, showing her the way. It was ethereal, peaceful, it was perfect.

She had not dreamed such perfect dreams in months. Her slumber was uninterrupted. If she could see her own face as she slept she would have been able to see the smile still there. The one that graced her face the minute her mind heard the words escape Eric's lips. The word's that she had longed to hear, but had accepted would probably never happen. "I love you". He had really said it, and she knew it to be true because she...felt it. In her sleep she dreamily tightened her arms around his massive body, he did the same to her, careful not to wake his sleeping beauty. He did not want to let go, he was secretly afraid that he may not feel this again. Her body wrapped in his, their pure happiness with each other. He watched as her chest rose and fell as she breathed in and out. He really did love her.

He knew his time was coming, he would have to pull himself away in order to get back before the dawn. It hurt his body to remove himself from her bed. He was able to do this so smoothly that she didn't even move. She was dreaming and he could feel this through their bond, she was truly happy. He laid a kiss on her forehead and smoothed her hair, gathered his clothes, and took a moment to write her a note.


It pains me to have to be away from you when you wake. Please know that I will be dreaming of you, and the moment I wake, I will be thinking of how quickly I can return to you. The memory of last night will forever be a part of me. I will come to you again as I know you will be tired after your evening of work. There are still things to discuss, I will be counting the minutes until we can become one again.



PS- I hope you don't mind, I decided to keep a little memento of our evening together.

He folded the note, kissed it, and placed it on the pillow right next to her. He took one last moment to take in her beauty, her silent, perfect beauty. He knew he was only delaying the inevitable, he had to leave to make sure he was safe before the sunrise. He disappeared silently, as if he had never been there. The house was once again silent. It would be several more hours until she awoke, she needed the rest after such an eventful night. Eric pulled into his drive in Shreveport a few minutes after the sun had risen, he had a very slight burn on his face because of this. Worth every bit of pain he thought, those extra minutes he got to spend next to her were far more important than his well being. He was inside and asleep for his daytime slumber within minutes, he dreamed the same dream as she.

When she began to become restless she rolled over and absently reached for him, only to snap open her eyes. "Eric...Eric" She was still half asleep. She had not yet registered that the sun was up and it was morning. "Oh, he's gone. I really was out of it. God, I had the most incredible dream." She thought as she looked around her slightly disheveled room. She spotted to folded piece of paper on the pillow and touched it as if it would disappear. She opened it up and read it, the words, his words made her entire body ache for him again. Then she read the post script. "Memento, what is he talking about. What could he have taken. There is nothing here that he even likes." She said this out loud, completely dumbfounded as to what he possibly could want.

She got up and threw on a nightgown and robe. Amelia was still out, even though it was almost 11am. She looked around her house and saw that Eric had had the courtesy to clean up the mess that they had made. The bathroom did not near look the state they had left it in. The living room had also been put back to rights. He apparently left her room as is in order to not wake or disturb her. She put on a pot of coffee and sat at the table as she impatiently waited for it the brew. Her mind absently drifted back to the previous evenings activities. For once she did not feel nervous about being with him, she felt relieved. She felt, loved. "He loves me", she said, "He loves me", she said again in a different way. And finally she shouted, " He loves me", she was actually giddy.

As the final exclamation escaped her lips Amelia stood in the doorway, looking like the cat that ate the canary. She had been so involved in her revelation that she never even caught Amelia's brain activity in her mind. Plus, she hadn't had any coffee yet. Her cheeks flushed as Amelia had heard her shouting like a middle school girl who just picked the last petal from a daisy and it happened to land on He loves me, instead of He loves me Not.

"Well, well, well. Looks like I'm not the only one who got lucky last night. So I hear He Loves You" She teased her and walked over to the coffee pot. She pulled two cups from the cupboard above her head and made them both a steaming cup. She brought the cups to the table and sat down. "Spill, everything, I want details." She was not going anywhere until she got what she wanted.

"There really isn't that much to tell, we talked" She looked into her coffee cup and not at the witch.

"Um, excuse me. Sookie, when I came in here you were practically doing the happy dance and yelling he loves you. There is much to tell, and, if you don't tell me I'll be forced to take drastic measures." She winked at her and nodded.

"Really, you know I can take you" she laughed as she took a sip of her coffee.

"Yeah, yeah, but your no match for a truth spell. Before you know it I could have you singing like a dove. Don't make me go all witch on you."

"Alright, alright....I'll tell you. I hate you for this, but, I'm dying to tell someone. Amelia, it was incredible, he was incredible. We were so honest, it was....cleansing. We talked about everything that had happened between us." She daydreamed at the memory of the past night.

"Yup, talked, whatever, I want to know about the sex. How was it? Was it as great as you remembered? Was it worth the wait?" She interrupted her and cut right to the chase

"Amelia, how do you know I had sex with him? Maybe we talked all night. Maybe he left and decided that we were better off waiting." She was a little irritated.

"I can tell when someone has had there fair share of...attention. You look like an entirely new person, you look more rested than I have seen you in months. You look....happy and relaxed. There is nothing wrong with the fact the you had sex with him, it's about time. You needed it, and from what I hear, so did he." Her words were gentle and they were true.

"Thanks for noticing, did I really look that hard up?" She thought about her recent appearance. "Anyway...the sex was amazing. It was better than I remember, it was absolutely perfect. Oh, the things we did...is that enough for you" She hoped so because she was blushing and was never fully comfortable discussing such personal acts with other people.

"I suppose it will do, for now. I'll get more out of you later. Don't you worry. Now, what about this love stuff. Tell me about that." Her eyes were bright with the story that awaited her ears.

"Well, earlier in the night he had told me that we could be happy again and that he could love me." Amelia's hand went to her heart and she let out a romantic breath. "Wait, it's get better. Many hours later..." She winked at her to let her know how those hours had been spent, "we were in my bed and I was so tired. We were laying there and he was holding me. It was so nice Amelia. I was almost out of it and he kissed me, he whispered in my ear that he wasn't honest with me." Amelia started to move in her seat afraid of what she was about to say. "He said that when he said he could love me he was lying, and that the truth was that he already did. He told me he loved me". Her eyes were tearing with the memory of his words in her mind, the way they sounded and the way her body felt as she heard them. "Amelia, he told me he loves me", she was so happy.

"Sookie, that is amazing. Of course you said it back and then you made love until he had to leave, right?" She waited for what she thought was the obvious response.

"Well, not exactly. I kind of fell asleep, and I mean asleep. I didn't wake up until like twenty minutes before you got home." She was very matter of fact.

"The big, gorgeous viking told you he loved you and you go to sleep? Sookie, I hope your only excuse was that you were just so worn out from all of the nights sexcapades. Tell me you didn't have one of your mental debates involving the pro's and con's of saying the words back? Tell me you didn't, please." She pleaded with her eyes and her mental broadcasting. I know she's not that stupid Must have been the sex He'd tire me out too I wonder if they had sex on this table, Ew

"Amelia, it was complete and total exhaustion. Besides, do you really think if he thought that I was ignoring his declaration of love he would have really let me go to sleep. This is Eric were talking about. Think about it, no way." She reassured her.

"OK, good to hear. Did you tell him about Hunter? Did you talk about what you're going to do about that?"

"No, I started to, but he wasn't in the mood to talk. He wanted me to rest, guess he knew how much I needed it." She got up from the table and walked towards the bathroom. "Oh, and Amelia..no, we didn't have sex on that table. At least not last night." She winked at her and closed the bathroom door.