A/N: This is a story about Jacob and Bella. This is as if Edward had never come to Forks and Bella's life would have just taken its course and she is with Jacob. Where the story starts, Bella and Jacob have been dating for 3 years. Bella is 19 and Jacob is 17. They are madly in love and living in an apartment together. Jacob graduated already and will be turning 18 soon. Charlie and Billy are thrilled that Jacob and Bella are together. Charlie and Sue are married and living together. Billy found someone to and her name is Lisa. Everyone in the pack has imprinted on someone and Jacob imprinted on Bella. In this story Billy was a famous football player until he got paralyzed but when it happened he was already a millionaire. Jacob and Bella are not going to college but Bella works from home and Jacob works at a place in town. There is no need for them to really work because of Billy's money. Sam and Emily have 2 kids, Jeffery and Anna. R&R and I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

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Ch1. The Engagement

Jacob's POV

"Bella are you almost ready? The reservations are at 6."

"Yes just give me a minute."

"Hurry up."

"Shut up I'm coming." Bella came walking down the stairs in the most beautiful color dress. It was just the right shade of blue and she had gold shoes on with it. She looked so beautiful.



"You look amazing."

"Thank you. You clean up pretty well yourself Mr. Black."

"Well thank you. Ready?"

"Yes." I grabbed her hand and bent down and gave her a light kiss. We went outside and got into the Rabbit and went to the restaurant.

They sat us at the perfect table. It was in the back with a single candle on the table. It had a deep red table cloth and not a lot of other people close by. Perfect.

We sat down and we ordered soon. When we finished they brought out the dessert and the music started to play. I took her hand and got down on one knee.

"Isabella Swan you are the most amazing person that I have ever met. You are like my second half and I could not live without you. Bella will you make me the happiest man alive and say that you will be Mrs. Jacob Black?"

"Oh Jacob, yes! I love you so much." She said yes. I picked her up into a hug and kissed her. She started to cry a little and then I set her down and put the ring on her finger.

"Oh Jacob this is the most beautiful ring. I love it, I love you."

"I love you too." I kissed her again and then I took her hand and we went and danced on the dance floor. We danced and danced. She was so close to me but it was amazing. I was so happy that she was going to marry me.

"Jacob what took you so long to ask me?" She giggled out.

"Well I didn't know if you were ready."

"Jacob Black I was ready the day I met you." All I could do was kiss her. This was the best day of my life. When we were done with dinner and dancing we were on our way home when we got hit. I felt the car spin around and then start to flip. The car finally stopped and I was trying to breath.

"Bella?" There was no answer.

"Bella?" I looked next to me and she was knocked out. I tried to move to help her when a pain shot through my entire body. I reached for my cell phone slowly and dialed 911. They picked up and all I could say was help. I knew they could track the call and find us.

"Bella? It will be okay I promise." I heard the sirens and then everything went black.