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Ch.16 I'm Sorry

Last Time: "Jake, stop she is going to be ok."

"Why did we have to lose the babies, why?!" I was so mad I couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Jake let's just go back to the hospital and wait until you can see her."

"I can't handle this"

Jacob's POV

"Jake come on"

"Leave me alone. I need to be alone!" I started to run the opposite way and then I went to the creek and jumped it.

"Jake come back! She isn't stable! She needs you!"

I turned around super fast and took off as fast as I could back to the hospital. I phased down and got dressed really fast. I ran back into the hospital and Emily was waiting at the front doors with Sam and Emily had tears in her eyes.

"Jake she needs you…" is all Emily could say.

I was running to the 3rd floor. "Isabella Black?"

"Room 294"

"Thanks" I was taking off before she could hear me. I ran to the room and the door was closed. I opened it and Bella had a bunch of tubes hooked up and a nurse was pushing me out of the door. "Mr. Black we will tell you when you can come see her."

"What's wrong with her?! What happened, you said she was stable!"

"Her lung collapsed and we are trying to get it fixed. You have to get out."

"Help her, tell her I love her"

"Ok Mr. Black" I walked out of the room and sat right next to the door and prayed. It was the only thing I could do, pray to God that my wife would be ok, that everything in this world that was wrong would fall into place. She needed to make it through this and I would give anything in my power to make sure she made it. I felt someone sit down next to me.

"So how is she doing?"



"I didn't think that you even cared."

"Of course I care. I may not act like I like you but you are my brother and when you hurt we all hurt and Bella is the sweetest thing ever."


"Dude I just want you to know that me and you might not have had the greatest past but I will tell you that Bella is like my sister and I would hate for something to happen to hurt."

"Thanks Paul, really thank you"

"Yep now how about we go and wait for the doctor to come out and tell us what's going on because sitting here thinking about the negative, instead of going in that waiting room with your family and thinking about the positive and how you and Bella are going to be great parents when the right time comes, maybe this just wasn't the right time."

"Ok" We got up and went and waited in the waiting room. When the doctor came out everyone stood and I walked up to the doctor with Emily and Sam on my side.

"Mr. Black?"


"Come this way" We followed him to the same room as before and he sat us down. He went around and sat at the desk and started to talk.

"Bella's lung collapsed but we got that taken care of, she is in critical condition. We are optimistic about her recovery but we are not out of the water yet. For now she is doing well but we are keeping a close eye on her."

"Thank you so much for everything you and your team have done for Bella."

"You guys may go and see her but I don't suggest a lot of people at once and Mr. Black you and one other person may spend the night here and switch off during the night if you would like."

"Ok thank you"

"I will leave you guys alone for a moment to talk and I will come back in a few minutes to bring you to see Bella."

"Ok" as soon as he left I turned to Emily and Sam.

"Emily would you spend the night here and then you and Sam can switch off? I'm staying here the whole time."

"Ok Jake" the doctor came back in and Emily and Sam went back to the waiting room to tell the guys what was going on to leave me alone with Bella. The doctor brought me in and as soon as I saw Bella I noticed that she still had the baby bump and I almost started crying again but I stayed strong. The doctor left the room and I went in and went and sat next to the bed.

"Oh Jacob, I am so sorry."

"Baby I should be the one that is sorry, I am so sorry that I wasn't there to stop her and protect you and the babies."

"No Jake as the mom I am supposed to protect them and I couldn't even do that."

"Bella you can't beat yourself up about this, she was a vampire, and you are a human."

"I know but I still could have tried harder."

"Baby you did everything you could."

"I know but still…"

"The good thing is that Bells, you're ok" I bent down and kissed her forehead. "I was so worried."

"I'm sorry"

"No I'm sorry"


"I know," I kissed her again. I sat down next to the bed and held her hand and told her to get some rest. So she fell asleep and I stayed there with her. The guys came in out just to see that she was ok but she slept threw all of it.