I've only wrote one CSI story on here and that was ages ago. I've been re-watching all my CSI DVD's, backwards in seasons, for some odd reason, LOL. I've been catching up with newer episodes on the net. I was heartbroken to see Warrick die but was impressed to see it bring Sara back, even if my happiness only lasted two episodes. Grrr! I've heard some pretty great but sad rumors for the new season, more precisely upcoming episodes.

Anyway this story came to me and I really wanted to go with it, however in this, Sara is returning and Warrick did not die because that was just too sad.

Summary: Sara's returning to Vegas with a surprise for Grissom. However, when he's due to pick her up from the airport she doesn't show. Where could she be? With a couple whose pregnant daughter was murdered, they've been looking for a replacement and finally they have one. It's a race against time for the team to find her before Sara's baby is born and the couple have what they want and can get rid of what they don't…Sara…

Disclaimer: Not mine if you've seen them on CSI. This is just for fun and no profit is being made.


Sara walked across the room she was being forced to stay in. Her pains were getting stronger, and no matter which or what way she tried to breathe, the pain just got worse.

She whimpered as she banged on the door. "Let me go, please, I need to go." she cried. "Please!" she yelled as she banged harder. "Please," she cried, begging.

She pushed herself away from the door. She wiped her tears away. She knew she had to try and stay calm but that was becoming harder and harder to do. She made her way, slowly, back over to the bed in the middle of the room. It was the last place she wanted to be but it was comfier than standing.

The tears refused to stop, and as the pain continued to get worse, she was too worried about what was about to happen to try to stop them or bother wiping them away.

She placed her hands on her swollen stomach, cradling it protectively, "Oh, sweetheart, stay in there just a little longer." she begged.

- - - - - -

Grissom had never drove so fast in his life, well maybe a few times, however he had never drove with such fear clouding his thinking. He was skimming cars, dodging them by inches, leading the way as the rest of the team and a bunch of police cars tried to keep up.

He knew they were running out of time. He prayed he'd get there in time. He wasn't about to lose Sara, nor their unborn baby…


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